How To Run Mass Email Campaigns In Jira Service Management

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Jira Service Management (JSM) is a handy choice for IT teams across numerous industries as it supports the DevOps approach in delivering service. Powered by the concept of enterprise service management (ESM), various teams including customer support, marketing, HR, and many more can significantly improve their performance with the help of JSM. In this article, we will find out how Jira Service Management works with emails and how exactly Proactive Campaigns for Jira can help with mass email campaigns.

But first, let’s dive a bit deeper into what Jira Service Management is.

What is Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Management is the evolved form of Jira Service Desk. Created by Atlassian, it is an end-to-end service management platform for IT teams that deal with service requests from both customers and employees.

JSM works based on the principles of DevOps and Agile and is an excellent choice for high-velocity teams who want to deliver value to the business. It has very flexible processes, highly intuitive workflows, improved team collaboration, and shorter decision-making paths that make it the best tool for your teams.

Features of Jira Service Management

JSM, like many other products by Atlassian, is a feature-rich software aimed at streamlining the working processes across various departments. Here are some of the key ones:

  • Service Management: JSM has numerous features to help your team provide excellent service — from various channels for submitting requests to service desks that users can easily access from a portal. Users can also manage requests from any channel and prioritize issues to tackle the urgent ones first. Besides, JSM offers custom dynamic forms, self-service, and various integrations to make the experience for both employees and customers outstanding.
  • Knowledge Base: with JSM, you can take the advantage of a Knowledge Base with FAQs and various thematic articles. This way, your team can get the needed information fast and provide customers with instant and valuable responses that will improve customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Configuration Management: with this feature, you will be able to keep your IT infrastructure going no matter what. This becomes possible by seeing all the dependencies and changes that can compromise your system. And if the problem occurs, you can use the Jira’s Insight tool to see the history of assets and be able to troubleshoot issues fast.
  • Incident Management: JSM is a centralized place for all the incidents that arose with the ability to escalate them if necessary. Besides, you can also take advantage of the analytical feature to skyrocket your incident management even further.
  • Automation: Jira Service management comes with great automation capabilities, meaning that you can easily customize your own workflows for any of your service teams. Plus, this process doesn’t require your teams to have some technical background or skills.
  • Plugins: JSM can be tailored to your needs with lots of free and paid plugins that you can get on the Atlassian Marketplace. There, you can find anything you need — various integrations, reporting, analytics, or automation tools.
  • Change Management: implementing changes in JSM is very easy thanks to custom approval workflows, improved transparency, and informed risk assessments. It also works based on continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) approach. This means that the system will keep working thanks to approval processes that help avoid interruptions because of the updates that were not supposed to be made yet.

Can You Run Mass Email Campaigns in Jira Service Management?

As you see, Jira Service Management is a powerful software that can help enhance the work of many teams within your company. But what about its ability to run mass email campaigns? Will it be useful for email marketers as well?

Unfortunately, the default capabilities of JSM don’t allow sending emails. However, there are numerous apps and plugins that can help you with a problem like this. Proactive Campaigns is one of them.

What is Proactive Campaigns for Jira?

Proactive Campaigns for Jira is a handy tool for enhancing email marketing for teams who use Jira Service Management. What is very important about this tool is that it doesn’t collect any personal users’ data, so you do not need to worry about the safety of your data. All the campaigns are launched from a browser, and no confidential information is collected during this process.

Among the main features of Proactive Campaigns for Jira are:

  • Creating customer lists and sending bulk emails from Jira

You can inform your customers about any upcoming event such as various events, updates, tech issues, expiring subscriptions, special offers, and many more. You can also create whatever bulk email campaign you need in just several clicks in your Jira software and send it to your customers.

  • Using filters with your customer lists

You can easily sort out your target audience by applying various filters or choosing certain criteria for your contacts.

  • Creating proactive email campaigns

You can send bulk emails to the created lists of customers and then proactively follow up in bulk with your customers too.

  • Crafting engaging emails

With the help of a robust email editor, you can build attention-grabbing emails that your customers won’t be able to miss out on.

  • Running your email campaigns from the backend

All the email campaigns are launched from the backend, meaning that you won’t be able to somehow crash it by closing a tab. What is more, you can run several campaigns simultaneously.

  • Scheduling your email campaigns

You can set the exact date and time when you want to start your bulk email campaign. This way, you can run your email campaigns even if your shift isn’t the best time for it.

Wrapping Up

Although Jira Service Management lacks such a necessary feature as sending emails, Proactive Campaigns for Jira has got your back. It is a very useful addition to JSM that helps send mass email campaigns, proactively follow up, and create mailing lists based on certain criteria. If you opt for this app, you will be able to enjoy having your customer support and bulk mailing in one place.

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