How To Grow Your Business And Lead Generation With An Online Forms

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2 years ago

Do not try to grow your business and lead generation with traditional online form methods. You have been told repeatedly by online marketing that things like sign-up forms, pop-ups, notifications and all that nonsense helps to grow your business and your lead generation by X amount, but it just isn’t true. The only websites that benefit from those that where people will endure pop-ups and sign-up requests in order to reach the website. This article details ways you can grow your business and lead generation with online forms, but the downside is that it is going to take a lot of work from you. You will need to make the process as efficient as possible, such as by using a cloud based service like that offered by Headless Forms, so that you may automate as much as possible as you work to grow your business and create warm leads.

The “We Want Feedback” Trick

When in court, lawyers will trap defendants by cornering them with their answers and then giving them two undesirable options from which they cannot get away from. You have probably seen it on TV, where a bunch of seemingly innocent questions are asked until it boils down to the lawyer shouting, “So, were you at home killing your husband or were you out humping his best friend?” That is similar to what marketers do when they create a sales funnel.

A similar trick can be played with feedback forms. Offer the user an incentive to fill out your form, perhaps with Amazon vouchers, give them a time limit, and hook them with the feedback trick.

Just like the lawyer, all you do is angle the questions so the user “Decides” they liked your product. Most users are probably indifferent to your product, but with the right type of questions, you can convince them they liked your product.

You just have to be clever about how you phrase and frame the questions. It’s not a case of asking them to pick between “Do you love our product” and “Do you like our product.” You have to be more sneaky.

Instead of saying, “Would you recommend our product?” you say, “What is it about our product that you would recommend to friends?” The first question stimulates a Yes/No answer, but the second question forces the users to think about what they “Like” about your product.

Even asking for a five star rating is a trick because even if people are indifferent to your product, they are not likely to give you a three star rating. They will give you a four or five star rating, which is a subconscious way of them saying, “Yeah, I figure I liked it.” By giving people these feedback forms, you are actually tricking them into deciding they like your products or services.

Automate Your Sales Funnel or Customer Support

Automating your sales funnel is far too difficult to briefly run over in this article, but the short version is that you monitor and record the sales calls and sales experiences between your staff and your customers. You then ask yourself which of the salesperson’s questions could have been asked by a form rather than the salesperson. You then automate your forms to ask all the questions and follow-up questions required to either warm up a lead or to give the salesperson enough information to make selling a little easier.

As for customer support, you can actually save a lot of money if you automate a lot of your customer support through forms. You simply have the forms change based on what user is entering into the form. For example, if the user clicks the function to say he/she is a student, then your form changes to only offer the student options, and to only feature the sorts of problems that students will have with your products. Think of it as an automated trouble shooter. Only when the easiest answers and solutions have been suggested, do you allow the user to submit the form and then have a real-life customer support agent contact them.

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