How to Find the Best Online Progressive Slot

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Some of the most enormous winnings in online casino history have come from progressive slots. These slots have produced millionaires and multi-millionaires, like the British gentlemen who won 13 million pounds sterling in 2015.

Here is some info on progressive slots and some info on ways to find the best online progressive slots.

What Are Progressive Slots?

Before discussing ways to find the best online progressive slots, it’s imperative to explain what progressive slots are.

Progressive slots are the enhanced version of regular slots. They involve a jackpot called a ‘jackpot seed’ that increases with every wager placed by players playing the slot.

The progressive slot jackpot seed grows until someone wins the entire accumulated amount.

This feature in progressive slots makes it possible for millionaires and multi-millionaires to be produced from just a single spin.

How to Find the Best Online Progressive Slot

There are numerous excellent progressive slots available that cater to different players. The list from the authors of Superlenny is one of the online websites that we can visit to see the names of the progressive slots that are up there with the best.

It’s good to be aware of the different forms of progressive slots, so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

These Are the Different Types of Progressive Slots:

Standalone Progressive Slot

These types of progressive slots are not connected to any network or other casinos. These jackpots increase with every wager placed on that particular machine.

The potential prizes to be won in these types of jackpots are not as big as in local and wide area network progressive slots since the jackpot seed on a single machine takes much more time to grow to life-changing amounts.

These are perfect if you are on a constrained budget, and you want to take it easy and strictly have fun.

Local Progressive Slot

The local progressive slot is where things start to get more intense, and stakes become higher. These types of slots extend beyond one machine. Local progressive slots are connected by being located in the same casino.

There is a potential to win a large sum of money from these slots, especially where the online casino has linked all their slot titles so that there is a single jackpot seed that caters for all the slots in the casino.

The world has become smaller; therefore, people who play these slots are from around the globe. The number of people who play local progressive slots will produce a sizeable jackpot prize amount.

These are perfect for when you feel extra lucky and want to take a chance.

Wide Area Network Progressive Slot

When we think about progressive slots and the stories about the substantial sums of money that some people have won, we talk about wide area network progressive slots.

These types of slots are a connection of slots from across multiple online casinos. For example, take a game like Mega Moolah; this slot has been documented to produce multi-millionaires. That’s because Mega Moolah can be found on multiple online casino platforms.

The jackpot seed from slot games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune rake in money from multiple online casino platforms. That is why the potential prize money can reach amounts that are life-changing sums.

Usually, these types of slots will have a bet amount that you have to put up before playing. They can get expensive. But the risk comes with the potential for a monumental payout. .

These are perfect for when you are looking good in the pocket, seeking to have fun and hoping for the chance to win large sums of money.

Winning in any of the above-mentioned types of progressive slots is all about luck. The Random Number Generator (RNG) programmed in these slots ensures that the outcome of a spin is random.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Progressive Slot

You need to look out for several factors when choosing a progressive slot.

Bonus Feature

To make the most of your experience with progressive slots, you first need to select online casinos that offer good welcome bonuses.

It is always lovely to receive a free spin bonus or a first deposit welcome bonus for signing up and becoming an account user of the online casino platform.

Given that most of the popular progressive slots are wide area network progressive, they will be found in online casinos that offer this type of bonus.

Biggest Prize

We all enjoy the occasional fantasy about being rich and living in a mansion with a yard big enough to house an entire zoo.

Some of the progressive slots have jackpot seeds whose amount grows so rapidly that winning such an amount would make it possible to finance the lifestyle most people only dream about.

There is a list of the highest wins in progressive slots that we can look at just for context as to how much you can potentially win from the act of spinning a virtual lever.

When looking for an online progressive slot, you need to find one which has the potential to give you significant wins. This list from the authors of Superlenny provides information on the progressive slots you can choose from.


Given how our lives have become so reliant on the use of our smart devices, it is essential to find a progressive slot that is easily accessible.

With the pandemic still being an issue that looms in society, finding a progressive slot that enables us to play from our homes is gold.

Luckily for you, most of the best online progressive slots are mobile compatible. Both iOS and Android are compatible with most online casino platforms that house these progressive slots.

How to Win in Online Progressive Slots

First of all, you must understand that hitting the ultimate million-pound sterling jackpot that progressive slots are known for producing is a matter of luck.

It’s okay to strategize when you place your wager, but there isn’t a strategy that will help receive the jackpot, unlike in poker, where you can use certain strategies to win, like bluffing.

The random number generator constantly ensures that the outcome in every spin is random, which means that every outcome results from nothing more than chance and coincidence.

Most progressive slots have straightforward rules of what it means to win. You have to land a winning combination of symbols to trigger the jackpot and take home the prize.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that progressive online slots are fun and exciting and also present the opportunity to win a prize that can change your circumstances provided luck is on your side.

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