How to Choose the Best Edge Fall Protection Solutions Provider

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3 years ago

Workplace accidents can potentially tarnish any business’s reputation and disrupt its productivity. Therefore, employers need to take all the measures to make their workplace safe.

Slips and fall accidents cause several deaths every year. As per recent data, 36.5% of all workplace deaths occur due to an employee falling from heights. To reduce the danger of slip and fall accidents, you must choose the best edge fall protection solutions provider. Here are some factors to consider before choosing a proper fall protection solutions provider.

1. Multiple Options

Every industrial plant has different safety requirements. The edge fall protection solutions provider you select should offer a variety of options in fall protection systems like removable guarded rails, permanent rail systems, and active fall protection systems. Varied options will allow you to choose the proper fall protection for different dangerous zones in your industrial plant.

2. Consultation Service

Whether you need a rail system for your rooftop or a fall arrest system for your ladders, consultation is essential for risk assessment, installing the right kind of safety rails, and health and safety audit. The fall protection provider should ideally offer consultation services to help you choose the right fall protection products.

The consulting service can increase the employees’ safety knowledge and help them use the fall protection system in the best manner possible to avoid any accidents. In addition, the consultants can make employees aware of the different types of accidents at the workplace and the safety practices they need to follow to keep themselves safe.

Safety regulations change with time. So, the fall protection service provider should offer a variety of options to ensure your industrial plant complies with current safety regulations that apply to your industry. They will also provide employees with updated safety knowledge and know-how to prevent accidents to avoid being hurt at work.

3. High Quality Products

The safety rails are intended to protect your employees and equipment. Hence, it would help to look for a safety rail solutions provider who offers the highest quality products. Leading fall protection systems are heavy-duty galvanized steel with high impact capacity. These systems can support the heavy loads standard in industrial plants and last long.

Moreover, the products should have simple installation. For example, the security needs changes in industrial plants, and you might need to remove the safety rail in one location and install it in other places as per your current safety needs. Simple installation ensures the rails and the supporting base can be easily removed and fitted at different locations by professionals.

4. OSHA Compliant Products

OSHA is an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a government agency in the United States that has established safety standards for workplaces based on the activities conducted at these places. Employers are required to provide a hazard-free workplace and comply with the safety rules and regulations applicable to your industry.

OSHA personnel can visit and examine all the safety solutions installed at your workplace anytime. The fall protection provider should provide OSHA-compliant safety solutions to ensure your company complies with the OSHA safety guidelines.

5. Dedicated Customer Care

Dedicated customer care is essential to quell your doubts about specifications and questions related to safety solutions. Suppose your employees have any doubt regarding the use of fall protection systems. In that case, customer care should guide you to the resources that will impart necessary safety knowledge and the correct use of the fall protection system.

Thus, these are some factors you need to focus on when choosing the best edge fall protection solutions providers.

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