How To Choose A Tech Career In 2022

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3 years ago

When you are searching for the right thing to do with the GPA you’ve worked so hard at, a tech career in 2022 is a career that could last for decades. The demand is high in this growing field, where jobs are added every day.

Further, the number of kinds of jobs is also always growing, and there is a tech career for anybody that wants to develop the skills to be there.

Pick the career path that is most exciting to you, or matches your skillset or passion as you are wrapping up your studies. If you have a passion for a programming language, there are thousands of jobs out there for you. If helping people resolve their tech problems is your thing, there are thousands of jobs out there for you.

When you are looking for the tech job that will give you the most fulfilling career after graduation, there are plenty to choose from that provide the balance of skillset and passion. Learn more about some of the most popular tech careers here.

Dev Ops Engineering

DevOps is a field that works in the development and operations of networks and their applications. You speak in the coding language and develop the processes necessary to keep systems running smoothly. DevOps engineers have computer degrees and computer engineering backgrounds.

You should have a strong background in Linux and UNIX, but also be great with people.

Starting salaries in this field typically start at $95,000 to $140,000. Keep your coding and programming language up to snuff for this job.

Database Administration

Database administrators run the databases of their clients and employers. When there is a glitch in the system, you look at it and can diagnose it and correct it, or find the tools to, in just a few minutes. You know what managing permissions mean, and you have the passion for testing various methods of problem-solving. You also understand that success here requires collaboration, and you’ll work daily with systems managers and application developers. Starting salaries here are typically around $105,000.

Cloud Architects

The clouds in the digital universe are as big a mystery as the clouds in the sky to the layperson. As a cloud architect, you will be privy to those secrets for the rest of your life, as your training will help you to help others understand cloud computing. You will have the knowledge and the skills base to communicate cloud strategies to a team, and you will be able to manage the clouds from a base of operations.

For this job, you need automation, I & O training, specific cloud knowledge, and experience with a programming language such as PHP programming, Python, and Elixir to name a few. A background in IT is critical, and you’ll need to be a good decision-maker and be able to make them at high levels.

Technical Writers

Right now, there are millions of people going online to search for manuals, troubleshooting guides, technical documents, and help from an online help desk. For this job, you need to care about these problems, and have both the technical knowledge and writing talent to be able to write these guides.

The world uses millions of products, across hundreds of thousands of brands. There are many jobs to be had here. The starting salary is in the $75,000 to $95,000 range. The better you get, the more you will make, and that will come with time and product and technical knowledge you will gain on the job.

Programmer Analyst

A programmer analyst uses language such as PHP programming to code and develop new programs and the documentation required to run them effectively. Language such as PHP programming is used to source code, develop applications for the code, and analyze how all systems are working together. If you know what a systems analyst is and that job sounds boring to you, a programmer job might be up your alley.

In this role, you will both analyze and program, and it will be your job to merge the two concepts together to develop success patterns for your client and company. Salaries will start at $90,000 and could go well into the six-figure mark in a very short period of time.

Get a Job in Tech Today

You’ve been working so hard and can see the end game in sight now. Once graduation day arrives, you want to be ready. If it already is, now is the time to start seriously considering where you want to get your feet wet with an exciting tech career.

You’ve spent the last few years being taught how secure this field is. Now it’s time to put those skills to the test. Do your research to find the right career that will marry both your skills and your passion, and the rest of your life is just around the corner.

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