How Domain Authority Checker Helps to Position Your Website

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Domain Authority is a concept that has been taking an increasingly complex form over the years, before it was enough to have a certain amount of reference links. Today you must have more than that. It is incredible to see SEO consultants who still talk about PageRank to their clients as a positioning strategy when we are facing a present in which quality is the most important.

Secondary factors affecting the DA score

There are several factors that can affect your website’s Domain Authority score. For example, it could be that your link profile has not been captured by the Moz Web Index. The most common reason could also be that websites with the highest domain authority can experience significant link growth and thus skew the scaling process. If you have purchased links from a search engine other than Google, then by default, they may not be included in Google’s ranking and therefore, may not have the same type of domain value as other links that are ranked on Google, because Google is the largest search engine.

Reliable Measuring

On the other hand, if you’re at the lower end of the DA score spectrum, unfortunately, your site will be more prone to fluctuations. Today, the most popular and reliable metric for measuring the authority of a domain, site, or web page is MozRank. In fact, it is the most used by SEO professionals (Search Engine Optimization) as a reference value for search engine optimization. The internationally recognized company that creates it is called Moz and is dedicated to the development of SEO tools and other resources. 

Let us discuss other metrics that can guide you on the prestige of a domain on the internet, although you can currently say that MozRank is the most recognized reference. The MozRank (mR) is a value between 1 and 10 that measures the authority of a site or web page. The average value of a normal website is said to have a value of 3. In its classification, it uses two decimal places (3.77, 4.12, 5.45 …) which allows being better able to define the difference between different pages.

Quantity and Quality

MozRank is based on the quantity and quality of links that a domain or web page receives. The higher the quality of links received, the greater their value. The MozRank only takes into account one vote or link for each domain, so a web page will show fewer links than those reported by other tools. The tool that displays this rating based on feedback or links received is called Open Site Explorer (OSE). This analytical tool offers several metrics and through them, a user can assess the authority, prestige and reliability of a domain or website.

The Metrics

The Moz metrics for cataloging the importance of a page or website are:

  • mozRank (mR)
  • mozTrust (mT)
  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Page Authority (PA)

In addition to Ahrefs, Alexa is another domain authority checker that is based on traffic statistics through web analysis of millions of users who use its toolbar (Alexa Toolbar). If you use its toolbar, it constantly sends information about the websites you visit. From the number of users, it makes a forecast of visits and thus elaborates its classification. This checker can help to make an estimate of the visits that a website receives, but it is limited when collecting the data of the users who have installed its bar.

Better Positioning

The Google PageRank, also called PR, is a ranking system and domain authority checker that allows you to consult the importance of a page through different factors, the main one being the quantity and quality of the links it receives. Each link is interpreted as a vote of confidence towards a page, just like you have seen in the Moz Rank. The rating of websites is between 0 and 10. The more votes, the more domain authority and importance the website has, which facilitates better positioning.

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