How Can You Create More Attractive and Effective YouTube Videos?

How can you create more attractive and effective Youtube Videos?
3 years ago

When it comes to video content, YouTube is the best place where you can get access to millions of videos and upload your own content as well. With more than 1.9 billion active users and 1 billion of watch time on a regular basis, the numbers tell you why YouTube is one of the three biggest platforms in the world.

Video content has seen massive growth in the last few years, and it is growing rapidly even now. As people were forced to stay in their homes due to the global pandemic, the consumption of video content shot up.

As a result, YouTube has seen massive growth. If you love shooting and editing videos, then we can be of real help. We are going to discuss with you how you can create more attractive and effective YouTube videos in 2021.

1. Choose a Good Video Editor

The use of a good video editor is another factor that will determine the kind of video you put out. Shooting the video is not the final task. You have to edit the video properly – add music, cut out all the unnecessary content, shorten the clips that are too long, and other things. These small actions help you to make your videos more attractive and concise. Here are some excellent and useful video editors you can use –

YouTube Video Maker

YouTube has a fantastic built-in video maker that comes with all the basic video editing features. You can cut, trim, split, merge, and join your video clips with each other. The interface is simple and easy to understand for beginners as well. In case you have just started your journey as a video editor, this is a perfect way to practice your editing. YouTube Movie Maker is available for free for everyone who wants to use it.

Adobe Premiere Pro

A versatile and one of the best video editors in the business, Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a host of features that includes reformatting a video resolution, 4K and VR editing, 360° editing, adding music from Adobe stock audio, etc. All of these features help you to enjoy an excellent way to edit your videos and experiment with brand new ideas.

DaVinci Resolve

If you are looking for a video editor that you can use for the long term, then DaVinci Resolve is the best editor you can get your hands on. The software allows you to work at a faster rate and offers quick render time, which helps you to save a lot of time. It comes with powerful HDR support and an audio engine for better editing.

2. Use Plenty of Light

Lighting can make a huge difference when we are talking about the quality of your YouTube videos. So, you have to make it a top priority that your videos are well lit and not too dark or shabby. Check out the videos made by the top content creators on YouTube. You’ll see that they are using as much light as possible in their videos. Lack of light can totally ruin your entire content.

You don’t need to buy very expensive equipment to add more light to the videos. Try to shoot the video in the morning outside or in a room that has a lot of natural light flowing in. Avoid a position where the light is above the head. Or else it will leave botched shadows.

3. Use a Proper Background

The use of a proper background is crucial. The kind of background you are using can have a great impact on your video. A messy background can completely take away the professionalism of your video. The best way to make sure that your video does not suffer from an unsuitable background, use a bedsheet or backdrop paper.

The paper should be of a solid color. Don’t buy papers that come with a mix of colors. It will help the viewers to focus on what is in front. It will also help you to maintain a consistent background and give a subtle look to the videos. Don’t choose a background with too many windows because it will reflect back the light.

4. Keep the Editing Simple

One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to make simple edits and not overuse any of the elements that you have. Simple and clean editing goes a long way when compared to the ones which are packed with filters and effects. You can use the noise-canceling feature to clean up any background noise and adjust the light in case you think the video looks a bit dark.

You can cut out awkward pauses and add some background music to make the video more attractive. These are the necessary edits that you can probably think of and execute in the end. If you add too many filters and effects to the video, then it easily distracts the audience. So, the actual content and value get overlooked.

5. Be Patient with Editing

Last but not least, you should be patient when editing. There will be a lot of times when you can’t bring the right light effect or achieve the best color correction. Don’t just go ahead with something that you are not satisfied with. It will bother you big time later on. You need to be patient and achieve satisfactory results by constantly trying again and again. This also helps you to learn more about the editor and add up to your experience. So, you won’t make the same mistake in the next set of edits.

Final Call

Here are the top tips that will help you to make the best videos for YouTube. Make sure to follow these tips and choose a good intro video maker to apply your editing skills. Let us know which software intrigued you the most. With so many software and applications readily available in the market, it can be confusing to choose the best for your needs. So, you can check out the ones that we have discussed here.

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