Here’s Some Of The Most Exciting New Tech Changing iGaming For Good

Here's Some Of The Most Exciting New Tech Changing iGaming For Good
2 years ago

Online gaming, or iGaming, has come a long way in the past two decades! Whether it’s mobile play or real dealer streaming, the online casino scene has scaled up impressively for players all over the globe. However, things are unlikely to slow down any time soon.

As technology rolls on, consumer demands increase – that means iGaming and the casinos using the latest software will also continue producing impressive solutions to scratch players’ itches. Let’s glance at some of the most exciting emerging technologies in online games.

AI is manning the tables

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a facet of modern life we can’t ignore or avoid! So, too, will you find it used abundantly across various online casinos and game catalogs.

AI is becoming very handy in helping casino owners to spot cheating or hacking, for example. AI follows the rules set by its owners and will therefore learn to act over time. What’s more, AI is taking more and more customer queries than ever before.

Users can simply log into their iGaming accounts and speak to an intelligent chatbot (powered by AI) to find answers to their questions.

Virtual reality is on the rise

VR is another huge entertainment facet gradually seeping into the iGaming scene. While very few VR-only casinos are available online at the time of writing, some iGaming lounges are blending real-life dealer streaming with VR headset access.

Therefore, players can head to tables and explore casino lounges as if they’re there! This technology is still in its infancy, and don’t worry – you’ll still be able to enjoy online real slots the ‘traditional way’ at sites such as Resorts Casino for some time.

Blockchain is breaking payments down

Blockchain is undoubtedly helping to make iGaming payments and security a little bit more dependable. By removing payment and withdrawal processing from central banking, users can expect speedier transactions and set up more robust contracts with casinos without fear of fraud.

Of course, keeping your crypto wallet safe is always a must. However, many iGaming providers are already leaning into blockchain to help make experiences more secure, streamlined, and efficient. As more countries embrace blockchain for its positives, we’ll likely see plenty of casinos and iGaming lounges following suit in the years to come.

What will the future hold?

While many of us may struggle to picture what the future holds regarding iGaming tech, convenience is vital. That means it’s likely future iGaming innovations will continue to make gaming life easier for players.

While it’s already easy to leap into games from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop, iGaming innovators always look for new ways to delight their customers. Whether that’s through VR, AR, blockchain technology, or a mixture of all the above, the future’s looking bright.

Mobile gaming and live dealer tables are just the start. Could you be heading to a real casino from the comfort of a headset soon?

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