Heficed Becomes First Commercial Company with RPKI Repository under LACNIC Root

4 years ago

Heficed, a network infrastructure solutions provider, has announced launching an RPKI repository under LACNIC—the regional Internet registry for the Latin American and Caribbean regions—making it the only company with RPKI repositories under ARIN, RIPE NCC and APNIC registries. Having its own repositories brings the company one step closer to launching RPKI as a service—a solution enabling clients to centrally-manage IP resources via Heficed interface, instead of having to do so via each registry separately.

Every IP address has to be validated by an encrypted certificate, validating the association between the IP resource holder and the IP address. It can be done with LOA, the Letter of Authorization, or ROA, Route Origin Authorization—the digital equivalent of LOA, also deemed more secure. The Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), a system aimed at making Internet routing more secure, enables the creation of the aforementioned ROA. This acts as a crucial safeguard against IP hijacking, when hackers aim to exploit network connections of other users, as well as traffic mis-direction due to configuration mistakes.

In order to create and publish ROAs, IP holders have to access each Internet registry and their RPKI repositories separately. This means having to navigate through different interfaces, which inherently becomes even more difficult with a large pool of resources. This is where Heficed steps in; having its own repositories under each of the four Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) limits the hassle of back-and-forths as all of the resources can be directly managed via Heficed.

“This presents a single plain of glass opportunity to cut down the time spent managing resources, as well as streamline the overall process,” said Aistis Zenkevičius, Director of R&D at Heficed. “Having all of the information conveniently accessible limits room for error, as well as confusion, as IP holders do not have to delve into the intricacies of each registrar’s system to set up ROAs.“

He also noted that there will be the possibility to delegate management to Heficed, while retaining full-control over owned resources.

Currently, Heficed is building the RPKI interface proof of concept, however, the new feature is expected to be rolled out sometime in Q4.

In an effort to continue refining its product suite to match their clients needs, Heficed has been consistently introducing new features, with the most recent ones being Geolocation, enabling to filter IPs by the desired location, Bring Your Own IPs (BYOIP) functionality, allowing clients to bring owned IPs onto the company’s infrastructure, and BGP communities facilitating optimized traffic routing.


Headquartered in London, Heficed provides full-range services for IP lease, monetization, and management services. Heficed serves around 60 multi-billion industries starting from hosting to automotive or healthcare. With the millions of IP addresses and 12 years of industry experience and the operations globally Heficed can meet any demand needs. That includes automated provisioning bare-metal solutions and cloud services in 9 locations around the world. In July Heficed announced it will be detaching its IP Address Market from the current product suite, and launch it under a new platform –  IPXO. More information: https://www.heficed.com.

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