Guide To Getting The Best Office Storage Under Desk

4 years ago

Office storage is often the last piece of the jigsaw in the process of buying office furniture, but there are so many different solutions on the market to consider. It can be a challenge knowing where to begin when it comes to finding the right items when they range greatly in terms of; type, practicality, size, quality and price.

If you are looking for office storage under desk you have come to the right place. This guide will help you understand the various aspects of office storage while giving you some ideas to help you choose. Let’s get started.

Best Office Storage Under Desk

Computer Desk, QooWare 43″ Writing Desk with 2 Storage Shelves

Computer Desk, QooWare 43″ Writing Desk with 2 Storage Shelves

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

Signature Design by Ashley Mirimyn Home Office Small Desk

Signature Design by Ashley Mirimyn Home Office Small Desk

Corner Computer Writing Smooth Keyboard Tray & Storage Shelves

Corner Computer Writing Smooth Keyboard Tray & Storage Shelves

Office Computer Desk,Small Study Writing Desk with Wooden Storage Shelf

Office Computer Desk,Small Study Writing Desk with Wooden Storage Shelf

Types of Office Storage

There are many different types of office storage. When you are thinking about the type of office storage, here are some things that you need to take into consideration;

Bottle and Box

Small and Large

Flexible and Fixed

Open or Closed

There are countless types of office storage but what things do you need to consider when you are deciding which one you are going to buy.


There are so many different office storage products on the market. You have many options and it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. It all depends on your requirements. If you do not need a lot of office storage items and just need some general storage, then you can consider purchasing small, portable office storage products. Generally, these types of office storage are the cubicles, stackable storage bins, hutches, and boxes. The smaller the item, the more portable it will be and you will find these types of office storage products great for storing frequently used items.

Also, if you need to move your office storage regularly, you should consider larger containers. These office storage products will provide more storage space than the smaller office storage items. These office storage products are generally fixed or bolted to the floor and are generally large and console, but you can find some desktops which are not fixed to the floor. This type of office storage can be wall-mounted, so if you need pin-point accuracy for your items, you may prefer it.

Office Storage Type

Basically, you can say that there are two types of office storage; closed bulk with bins or open bulk. The two types of office storage are;

Open-top Office Storage So-called because the top is open. These type of office storage has drawers, cabinets and door for the drawer. The type of office storage also has shelving to make the space look bigger.

Closed office storage

The closed type of office storage has boxes or bins. The boxes have lids, the bins have lids, so when you want to store something, you just need to pull the relevant item from the box, or to the corresponding bin. There are many types of office storage. There are cabinets, hutsches, and many types of storage units.

The type of office storage that you need can depend on the access you need; whether you need every drawer to be accessible or if you only want to open the front of the drawer to load or unload the office storage items.

They are not all created equal and you should choose one that suits your space. If you are wanting the smallest amount of under desk storage then a small box or a small bottle may be the best fit. However, if you have a large work space and you need lots of space then you should look at the bigger options.

The size of your office storage products will also depend on how many office storage products you want to buy and how well you need to organize your office storage. If you only need a few small office storage options then a larger size may be better.

The quantity of storage you need will depend on your current situation or the situation you want to create. If you need heavy duty office storage that you can keep stock in then there may be a little more space needed.

If you have a low or static traffic area, then a smaller office storage product or one that is just general office storage may be suitable.


How will you use the office storage? If you need some under desk storage then you will need to consider the usage you will have for the office items. Here are some things you should consider;

You should consider the space that you are hoping to get out of your office storage. If you are hoping for a lot of office storage, then you should look at options that will provide you with enough space to store all your office storage items.

If you are doing things like printing, copying, scanning, scanning, and scanning, you may need to consider more storage space. If you need office storage under desk for just scanning and printing then you can consider a single door office storage product that contains handles or dividers.

If you have multiple copies of the same documents then you will need more office storage. You should look at options that will give you infinite storage. If you want to store different documents and you want to find the one you need, then you can also consider storage options that have a front cover.

Consider the type of office items you want to store. You can purchase items that are stylish and modern, items that are highly functional and practical, or something in-between.

You should also consider what sort of placement you have available for your office storage items? Is there a spot on the wall or floor that you already have, or should you consider desk-mounted options?

You should also consider where you plan to place the office storage, either at the workstations or somewhere else. If you have limited options, then you may need to go with the smaller office storage products, but if you can go for some accessories.

You should also consider whether your current office storage needs space on a flat surface. If you will need to pop the lid off of your office storage, then you may need to consider a locking option.

You should also consider whether you want the office storage items to have the ability to be opened, closed and locked.

When choosing your office storage, you will want to consider your usage, where you will use your items and your needs.

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So what office storage products should you avoid? Well, before we continue with this guide, you should avoid office storage units with ventilation traps. This kind of office storage is great as it is highly practical and usually handheld and small in size, but for those with limited space, it can be problematic. These products are normally made in the form of office storage boxes, which can cause a great deal of waste when taken home.

These small office storage items are not great for large office storage and you should avoid them if you are looking for something large and open.

Office Storage Under Desk

So let’s move away from the ventilation traps. If you are looking for excellent office storage under desk, then you have come to the right place. There are many different types of office storage under desk.

Desk Storage

If you are looking for under desk storage that is easy to get to, then you should consider desk-mounted office storage.

When you are shopping around for under desk storage you should check that it can be placed on any desk. This means there are several things to look at when shopping for under desk storage, such as the material, size and weight and the type of locks.

You may not like the locking mechanism that you see. Many of the office storage under desk have swing-open options; however, this pose a problem for short people.

If you are looking for office storage under desk that can accommodate small items such as pens, pencils and folders then you should consider some of the smaller types of office storage. Some of the products that are available are stored in under compartment boxes. These are great little storage solutions and you can find them in different sizes and types, such as plastic, cardboard and metal.

You should also look at office storage boxes, such as the IKEA BOLVIK storage boxes. These are great little boxes that contain any office product and you should keep in mind that you may need more than one box.

Once you have got your office items safely stored you can keep them conveniently under-desk.


A shelf or locker is a functional office storage option as it allows for the storage of office products within an appealing environment. A shelf or locker gives you and your employees the opportunity to display your office items and items that you may have received as a gift.

You should also consider the type of stand and the locking mechanisms on these office storage products. Just be careful with your materials and look for a locking system that is practical and will prevent your staff from losing office items.

The shelf/locker is one of the most popular under desk storage options because it is aesthetically pleasing and it also provides ease of access. Stores can be manufactured in a number of different styles that will be a great fit with your office space. The types of products and how they will fit in with your workplace should be checked out to figure out the best solution for you.

Under Desk Office Storage Box And Cabinet

Under desk storage boxes come in a variety of designs and colors. They can be made of plastic, rubber, foam, metal, wood and glass.

They are made of polystyrene, which is available in different colors. You can also choose between a sturdy foam panel or a higher quality product.

Foo making your own products is the best way to make sure you get the most office-worthy storage out of the new unit. Some offices even have their own department to create their new product.

They are usually made in the form of metal and have the option to have either swivel hinges or open/close handles.

Just be careful of the options that you choose in the end. Be careful of the locking mechanisms, which should be great if you plan to take your office storage off the desk;

Products like these can help you a lot, but you should also consider other features, such as the size and weight.

Office Storage Steel Storage Lockers

Office Storage Cabinet

A metal cabinet with door and sturdy hinges can help keep your office items in place. Steel office storage cabinets will also make your office look stylish, trendy and elegant.

Keep in mind that these cabinets are large and can take some time to pack and unpack. You will need to cut the wires that are usually attached to the product, but the storage is great and you will get all the office storage items inside and you will still have plenty of space for other items.

Office Storage Systems

These are great systems and you can chose from a number of different options and different lock styles. The most popular office storage systems are the cabinets and the filing cabinets. It is also possible to find storage systems that contain shelving, display systems and cabinets.

You should consider the size of the system and the locking mechanism you will be using. You will also need to assess the system’s durability.


Choosing right office storage under desk is a very key component of a good office setup. It’s key importance to your organisation’s productivity. Along with the random accessories that you include in your office; you also need to provide your employees and employees with what they need to be productive.

A nice office setup can also add a bit of vertical space in an underground parking space, if you are looking for that.

It’s important that you choose your office storage carefully, you can go too much on this. With modern technologies, it gets easy to make a hole in the budget, to get more office storage under desk. In both the cases, you need to select the right office storage under desk for you.

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