Guide To Getting The Best Office Plants

4 years ago

If you’re here reading this guide, there’s probably a reason: you need plants for your office.

Great! Who doesn’t love getting new plants?!

The only problem?

You’ve never even bought plants for yourself before. So you’re not exactly sure where to start.

Or even if you have plants at home, you’re here because you already know: “They’re not doing anything for me at work. They look pretty bad.”

Anyone who owns plants would admit that. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that you’re not a plant expert. You don’t have the time or the network to find out what kind of plant will be the best for your office.

So here’s what you do. You just trust in my ability to figure out plants.

I’m here to tell you the complete guide to getting the best office plants.

Best Office Plants

Purple Heart Plant


Lemongrass 12 Live Plants

Reverse Variegated Spider Plant

Myrtle Topiary – Real Live plant

How Not to Get Bad Plants

Whenever someone buys plants, they usually make a bad choice. Either way, bad plants are inevitable.

So the first thing you should do is adopt a plant-buying ritual that will guarantee you NEVER buy a bad plant.

I Call This the “Full-Collapse Method”.

The full-collapse method is a series of guidelines you follow when buying a plant. I used it to massively increase the number of plants in my home.

As a result, almost everyone in my house has a plant now. That’s right, we have so many plants in my house that you can barely see all of them not sitting in a planter.

And here’s how it works:

When you buy a plant, you wait to “collapse” it until you’ve had at least 2 weeks to let it get established.

Then you wait to “collapse” it again, and then again. Eventually, that plant will have done a complete collapse, and is ready to show up in your home. This is the only way to guarantee you’ll never buy a bad plant.

You can do this too. When you buy your first office plants, follow this ritual. First, dig a hole for it. Holes in the ground are important because they’ll force your plant to grow vertically. When you plant a new plant in a pot, it’ll take up more space in that pot. Which means it won’t grow as tall.

Consequently, your plant will look puny in its new home. But with a hole in the ground, the plant will immediately shoot straight up. It’ll cover the ground and be at least as tall as it was before. If you want your plant to grow vertically, wait until the hole is dug and then set the plant in its place. If you want your plant to grow horizontally, wait until the hole is dug and then sit down there.

And make sure to dig a hole for your plants that’s at least twice as wide as the plant itself. This process allows your plant to have an even stronger surge of growth. If you follow this ritual you’re sure to never buy bad plants at your office.

Choosing the Best Plants for Your Office

So let’s get right to it.

What plants are Best for Your Office?

The first thing you need to do is figure out the best plant for your office. This is true for everyone, whether you’re at work or at home. But how do you know? Well, it’s difficult. You could make a list of plants and then buy them blindly. That’s time consuming and probably not worth it. Instead, I recommend you get a plant book.

Plants are a wonderful book. It’s filled with over 6,000 plants and has incredible details about each plant included. In addition, it’s got expert opinions on which plants will survive indoors. This book will save you a lot of time, and it’ll allow you to get the plants you need.

Where to Buy Best Office Plants from?

You can buy Plants from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or through iTunes.

Conventional wisdom would lead you to think that indoor plants are “better” than outdoor plants. I disagree with this viewpoint. It all depends on where you’re working. If you work in a warm environment, an indoor plant will lose its appeal.

Sometimes plants die because the conditions in the office are too warm. But even if the conditions aren’t too hot, it’s still better to keep plants in the office rather than the garden.

My own office is in San Francisco. We have these amazing views out my window. It actually occupies an entire floor. I have 100 plants that HANG OUT in my office. They’re all plants I get from the window. So the best plants for your office depends on the environment it’s in.

For example, mine are air plants. I get them from places like Whole Foods and Target. Sometimes they’re on sale and they’re reasonably priced. But what about office plants that aren’t as cheap as air plants?

The Next Question is: How many Indoor Plants you Should Get?

Guess what? You can get your own office plants and never see them again.

Don’t let that scare you off. When you buy your plants, they’re going to get dumped in a planter or thrown in a book. Regardless of how many are in the pot and how big the pot is, there’s a possibility that at least one of them will be “evicted”. So the answer to this question is “just get enough plants to cover the space”.

Like I said earlier, if your plant is too small, it won’t be able to bring out any of its maximum features. If your plant is too big, it won’t fit in your planter box. If your plant is too big, then buy a smaller one. When you buy enough plants to cover the space you’re working with, you get the best.

This works in my apartment. I get from Whole Foods. But the way I get there is by sharing the groups of plants with people. Normally each membership group will bid on their own plants. The one that pays the most for a package of plants will get them. This means that you can get, let’s say, 50 plants, and as a result, only pay $20 for every plant you get. That’s a great deal.

If you’re looking for plants and don’t want to pay trips to Whole Foods, just ask around and find out what people are buying. I’m sure there’ll be a local indoor plant shop you can buy from. Don’t make the common mistake of buying local indoor plants that are stale and dead at their shops. Get plants right after they’re put in their planters to stay green and alive.

Some plants just won’t survive your office environment. They might die within a week or two. If your office is super dry, your plants might not be able to handle the stressful climate. If your office has a lot of airflow, your plants might get sad.

Benefits of Keeping Plants in Office

If you have plants in your office, you’ll have fresh air and calm. And more than likely, your office will have a lot more calm and fresh air.

You reduce the air pollution.

You exercise your senses.

You take a break from the computer.

And, overall, you feel more happy and relaxed.

The Best Indoor Plants for Your Office

Now that you have a winning list of indoor plants for your office, you can make a list of your own. This is the best possible plan: All plants from your office should be from my list. From four to seven plants should be in the planter. Add in some air plants. Perhaps add in a few plants with long growing periods like succulents.

However much you want to spend per plant, consider sticking to my recommended list of indoor plants recommendations. I cover them all in detail and offer you the best place to buy them online. I also set up a bonus system that you should also consider. And that’s all there is to it. You can buy indoor plants from your office and have awesome office plants available at all times.

If you prefer to outsource your plants for yourself, I recommend that you look at my top rated indoor plants list. Your office plants don’t just have to be from plants you buy from the stores. You can buy them yourself, but you should consider getting them from me. The prices on my flowers and indoor plants are incredibly great.

And yes, it’s true. See above for the best price list.

You can also claim over half a year of free videos and articles. You will become my messenger and you will have instant access to these. This is a really good deal.

So, I trust you.

But if you really want to get your own plants, then look at my best list of indoor plants. It’s not a bad idea.

When you buy anything online, it’s easy to get the wrong thing. Luckily, I help you with that. You’ll rarely have to worry about getting the wrong plant. You’ll get plants that are perfect, every time.

My products are unique. I’ve added extra items, which most competitors don’t even offer. They’ll get you more plants, for the price. So not only will you get the perfect plants, you’ll get the perfect houseplants.

High-quality plants means a high-quality office, and the ability to take a break from the computer. When you buy amazing houseplants, you’ll find that you can work less. You can take your eye off of that thing and get outside. And you’ll notice that your office is more relaxed and pleasant.

So, is taking over-a-year to figure out the best green for your office justifiable?

Of course it is. I’m going to give you a bunch of tips and guidelines that you can follow. But let’s cut down the forest of information needed to make this easier.

You just need to buy one houseplant per each 3 square feet of office. So, in the original equation, there are 288 plants you can have in your office. It’s a great total.

But what if you didn’t get all the Plants you wanted?

Radical? Yeah.

You buy the best houseplants you can find. And you find the best location for them. You don’t find any excuse about not getting the bathroom plants. Animals don’t go there. You don’t buy plants that are dead. You don’t buy plants that are super old.

Similarly, you take the ones that are small. That way, you get the most from your money. If you buy a houseplant that’s too hard to move, you just need to look around for the best use of that plant. You don’t need to get all of them. I might tell you to get some that can be arranged in a pyramid shape. You get the idea.

You fill up your planter with the best plants you can find. And that’s it. You’re done. I’m sure you don’t have a fun budget. I just need to tell you how to make it all work. I wouldn’t want you to feel any pressure getting what you need. If you add everything up, it’s worth it.

So, make sure you use what you have and make good use of it.

You can get a planter box and fit plants in there. Or you can put 4-6 plants in a little pot that you can stick on your desk. Or you can put them right at your desk.

I just want you to get what you need. You can get the best indoor plants. But if you need your plants in the dark and in color, then just hang them up. They’ll provide the benefit of light and life.

The best way to ensure you have the best of the best plants is to focus on the right plants. Focus on the type of office environment you have.

A teenager’s office might not have the same problems as a doctor’s office. So, you might skip the stack of plants that look like a jungle on your table. You may want some of those in a planter, but not all of them.

Don’t have space? Then just make use of what you have. You can stretch your plants across your table. And get the highest quality you can.

The plants just need to be beautiful. You just need to make sure you buy from the best places. There are only a few plants that really compare to the best indoor plants.

So choose them. And enjoy the fresh air.

And that’s it. You’ll have an office and home for longer periods. Make sure you plant outside with some types of plants.

You could go bigger by buying large planters. You could just use a simple small planter. You could get more plants. Buy small plants.

From the other sources I have my best list. You can buy your plants, add the best plants, and work less!

If you’re not sure what to buy, then use my list to find your best plants. And check out my awesome video to see the other plants.

And don’t forget to subscribe for more information like this. You’re

sure to love my tips and tricks!

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