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When it comes to office phones, even companies within the same industry or sector can have quite different needs. Compare a legal aid office to an upscale law firm that services high-profile corporate clients: the former might have an office phone that constantly rings whereas the latter’s telephone might ring four or five times an hour. One office might be relatively calm while the other is a madhouse.

Individuals change office styles as well: a certain boss has a serious work ethic while his underling simply likes to goof off. For a time, office phones received a bad rap, which is ironic in and of itself. For years, best office phones were incredibly slow, could only place or receive calls, and didn’t have features as advanced as those on cell phones. Users were forced to purchase phones that were limited to office-to-office calls (the “party line” concept), which led to phone companies extracting vast sums of money from customers. However, advances have occurred over the years.

Best Office Phone

Office Phone System with Answering Machine

Office Phone System with Answering Machine

Phone System for Home or Small Business

Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine

Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine

Corded Phone with Digital Answering System

Corded Phone with Digital Answering System

Line Expandable Small Business Office Phone

Line Expandable Small Business Office Phone

Modern phones are capable of multiple calls, taking and making calls, and activating features like voicemail without a fee; they can connect directly to the internet, email, and fax, and come equipped with various handy features; and they can even be integrated with a company’s computer systems, of course.

Today, best office phone is important communication devices, whether users are dialing ala carte for office phone services or they’re purchasing the latest and greatest phone systems. The best office phone solves the user’s problems and ameliorates workplace frustrations.

When the Users Aren’t Happy

If users aren’t happy, their productivity lowers and they find the phone — and, in turn, the office — rather stressful. Consider how vital a healthy office phone is to the productivity of a firm.

Consider the employee at the bank’s office phone who has a problem with the phone system. She requests desk help, but an employee who is not an expert on the system can’t resolve the situation. The user then calls the head of customer service, but in most cases, that worker doesn’t have time to make a personal visit to the user’s office. Enter the frustrated employee with a serious complaint about the phone system. Finally, the user contacts customer service again. It’s two-and-a-half hours later, and the employee receives her second level of assistance. This worker promises to solve the problem, but the user gets calls until midnight and doesn’t sleep. At deadline, she might neglect her work and instead call the head of customer service. The whole process may take three or four hours, and by the end of the night, the user is feeling angry and harried.

Customer service calls and unresolved issues take time. Time that is better and more efficiently used by a company. Instead, the user could be collaborating with her colleagues, brainstorming for new and improved ways to save money, or simply working on her own projects.

Or the user could be called on her cell phone. The minute the phone rings and breaks the office silence, the user can answer, doing whatever she wants to do at the time.

By utilizing a best office phone system in its various forms, the firm can save money — or at least cut down on costs. It can minimize stress with a well-made phone system that can bring peace of mind to the user. The rest of the office will appreciate it as well; workers can more efficiently generate new ideas and have more productive meetings, and the manager can sense a stronger, happier work atmosphere.

Technology Means Less Stress

If the user doesn’t like to deal with technology, that could be a problem. Newer best office phone systems need basic to moderate computer skills and some familiarity with the internet. Even basic entry-level phone systems require installation and training.

So, if the user isn’t completely tech-savvy, she can simply let a worker handle the system’s installation and training and stay away from the computer altogether. That’s fine; many users still don’t like to use smartphones and those who don’t know how to work the office phone system will be happier talking to their coworkers or family members on a landline or with a regular cell phone.

If the user does have basic computer skills, that’s fine as well — as long as the best office phone system’s features enhance a worker’s productivity.

Best Office Phone Systems

When it comes to the best office phone, it’s important to have a working knowledge of the options the system offers. Features, obligations, and specifications all factor in when choosing the right system.

Multiple Calls

If an office phone needs to be used by multiple callers, make sure you know that upfront. Instead of opting for a typical office phone that uses party lines, offer users a handset system that lets the user call his or her own number using the phone system. That’s a time-efficient option that lets users call colleagues from various locations.


Voicemail users want the ability to save their messages for later retrieval. If that’s the case, ensure the system offers integrated voicemail with the best office phone system. VMS systems also tend to have a narrower range of voicemail retrieval features; some systems don’t allow callers to retrieve messages that have been forwarded or stored on an internal server. Of course, a best office phone system that offers integrated voicemail with use of the best office phone system will allow the user to either create and send his or her own voice messages or have the system do it for him or her.

Answering and Rebroadcasting Phone Calls

If users need to take calls and answer and then take other calls while on the phone, the system should allow the user to answer and rebroadcast calls. Rebroadcasting allows the user to answer another call while talking to a co-worker. The previous call should go through on a second line, allowing the first caller to keep talking.

A student could have several calls on the go while she’s working on a term paper. Rebroadcasting a call and answering a second one is a helpful feature. Also, if a user wants to answer a ringing call while making a second call, the system has to allow that.

Wireless Capability

Users need phones with wireless capability. If the user is on the go, a system that provides hands-free capability, such as Bluetooth or USB, would be a wise choice.


If the users need to scan and save faxes, again, make a note of that. Fax numbers need to be made available to the best office phone system so the user can exercise his or her faxing machine’s functionality. If the system doesn’t have the necessary fax capabilities, make sure the user has access to the appropriate faxing features, as well.

Call Forwarding

If the office has a call-forwarding system, make sure the connection can be made when the phone rings. Call forwarding connects the office phone with another line so the user can answer his or her calls from home, which goes a long way toward increasing the productivity of the user at work. Call forwarding is worth the money.

Special Features

In addition to the usual features, make note of any special needs. If a user needs to communicate in codes or has people whom he or she would like to have connect to the office phone system, that will require specific best office phone systems, such as encoded voice/data modems.

When an integrated voicemail, fax, and answering system is desired, make sure the features are available and that they function appropriately.

Losing the Office Phone Service

If the office plans to lose its phone service, ensure the best office phone system can still function as normal. Some companies may choose to leave their services, or the users may simply want to remain connected outside the office. Either way, make sure that ability is maintained.

Kool Office Systems

If the company allows employees to bring their own phones and modems with them on the job, it’s a good idea to provide a best office phone system that can integrate the devices with the office network. That way, employees can transfer data and utilize their modems to connect to the internet.

Best Office Phone Systems Aren’t Cheap

The user might not want to pay a fortune, but if the best office phone system is worth the money, the user will be pleased with the quality of the voice quality and how long it lasts. Of course, it all depends on the user, the phone system’s features and specifications, and the company’s needs.

If the cost seems outrageous or if the system is subpar, there may not be a good enough reason to install it.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in January 2015. It has been completely revised and updated with new information for the latest version of our best office phone systems article.

Advantages of Having The Best Office Phone in Office

Price is a big factor.

Caller ID and Find Me

Easier to invite people to the office

Reception is typically better than with a landline or cell phone.

More connected to your company. There’s often more control. You can also track their personal issues like whether they have children at school. Hopefully, a lot of office phones have these features.

Buying Best office Phone Online

Buying best office phone online has become very easy. You can just go online to best office phone and get the best office phone system at your door step. But, before buying an office phone, it would be important to make sure that you select the perfect phone with the best features to meet the exact need of your office. When you purchase an office phone online, you need to make sure that you select the best best office phone with all the features that are essential for a best office phone system.

Choosing The Best Office Phone System Online

When you have decided to purchase the best office phone system online, it is very important to do a little bit of research so you can get the best office phone to use at your office. Here, I will provide some hints and tips that you can use to buy a phone which will meet the basic requirements of your office.

Before buying an office phone online, it would be important to decide on the following things.

1) Your budget.

2) The kind of phone you want.

3) Location of your office.

4) The kind of employees your office has.

5) The kind of work you do at your office.

6) The kind of phone you want.

There are many options to choose from, but before buying a new phone, you need to know your needs. After knowing your needs, you can easily find the best best office phone online which can meet all these needs.

Buying Best best office phone Online

It would be a better idea to buy best office phone online because you get best features in the price and at the same time don’t need a call center. You can consult various technical forums, blogs, and friends to have information about best office phone.

There are various factors that you need to take into account when looking to purchase an office phone. When looking over all of the options and weighing your options up against one another, it is important that you do not buy merely based on cost. When looking to purchase an office phone, it is important that you do not simply buy based on price, but instead, look to buy the best office phone that is designed for your specific needs within your office. The best office phone option to purchase is one designed with all of the features that your office needs for the specific purposes that your office needs.

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