Guide To Getting The Best Office Monitor

4 years ago

You use it for work. You use it for gaming. You use it to access Netflix, YouTube, and your ex’s HBO account. It’s your computer monitor, and opting for a model that fits you and your needs is crucial.

If you are looking for a monitor for your office, then you probably want something that is best for different tasks. No matter which monitor you choose, you can trust it to give you a clear view of the screen and a bright and vibrant performance.

Best Office Monitor

Monoprice 27in CrystalPro Monitor

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

thin bezels, VGA/HDMI, Monitor

LG 29WN600-W 29″ 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR1 0 Monitor

LG 29WN600-W 29″ 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR1 0 Monitor

Philips 246E9QDSB 24″ frameless monitor

Let’s take a look at some of the best monitors to help you get the best office monitor for the job at hand.

Viotek 24/7 Gaming Monitor VA2472DH

While there’s an argument that gaming monitors can’t be too exciting, as all you want to see is a big and bright picture, it doesn’t mean gaming monitors shouldn’t be designed with incredible build quality.

The Viotek VA2472DH is one such monitor. At a price of under $65, it holds its own against many of the best office monitors for work and entertainment.

As you might have guessed from the design, this model is aimed at gamers, so it comes with a wide 30-inch monitor with monstrous colors and both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technology connectors to get the best performance you can get from a gaming monitor.

It also features a slim bezel around, making it that much more intense.

If you’re wondering if a 30-inch monitor is going to fit in your cabinet… well, you’re getting the best office monitor for gaming.

If you’d like something a little more traditional, then you can’t go wrong with ASUS VS248.

How Do you Know that the Colors are Accurate, and How do you Make Sure that they Look Great?

Well, colors are important to gaming, so you’d have to have advanced color management to make sure that you get the best balance of color that might not be available from the original monitor.

Even though this won’t work particularly well if you are looking at blue skies or something else with a natural look, it still it works incredibly well in a controlled environment.


ASUS VS248 is an excellent gaming monitor and one of the best office monitors.

This can end up costing well over $100, but you are getting an incredibly versatile and modern monitor from ASUS.

This particular model has a wide-angle IPS LCD display, with a refresh rate of 240Hz, So you can see just about everything in crisp detail.

With it’s ergonomic stand, you can sit in any number of positions, and it comes with all the connections you need so you can connect to your computer. Additionally, it has an LED lighting system that can be extended to make it look brilliant.

The monitor is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

*Note: the monitor is safe to use, but there are some specifications that some might find alarming.

Sceptre 24-inch

Sceptre 24-inch S274Q has an IPS display, with a resolution of 2560×1080 pixels.

It uses a fast refresh rate of 144Hz, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch moments when games are made. You can also use the lightning fast refresh rate to facilitate smooth gaming without much ghosting problems.

This monitor also leaves things well alone..

With no power consumption accounted for, you can take advantage of the immense viewing area that you will get with this monitor.

Speaking of viewing areas, this wide-seeming monitor comes with a 144-degree viewing angle, and it also has a dynamic backlight that can be adjusted.

If you’re willing to pay a little more for a monitor, it’s worth it to get the ASUS MG24UQ.

This model is a little more expensive than the Sceptre 24-inch monitor, but it comes with more connectivity options, including the Nvidia G-Sync technology.

It is also a bit lighter, so it is easier to move from place to place. It even comes with a braided cable, so you don’t have to worry about tracking issues with it.

Although it won’t make you any fantastic graphics, when in gaming mode, you’ll get everything you need from this monitor.

Ben Q Zoie XL2420

Ben Q Zoie XL2420 Slim curved Gaming Monitor

The Ben Q Zoie XL2420 is a close second to the Acer Predator XB271HU, which we’ll look into a minute.Xl2420 comes in at an even more reasonable price tag.

Beyond the powerful colors and vibrant gameplay that you’ll get with this model, it also packs a 24-inch IPS display, with the resolution of 144Hz and a fast response time of 1ms.

So, this is a great monitor for gaming and is built like a tank.

It also has Acer’s Adaptive Sync technology to make the most of what your computer can do.

Considering it is just $200, with the monitor itself only costing about $150, then you get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

That means you can get a monitor that won’t wear you out and is an even better value even if you use it for office.

Some people prefer the more compact size of the XL2415. It comes with a 144Hz display and a slim-bezel design that makes it look even more pleasant and visually appealing than the XL2420.

It is also very well built, which might qualify it as one of the best office monitor available, but if you find the extra money hard to justify, then you might be happier with the XL2420

The Ben Q Zoie XL2420 is also reasonably priced, even when used for gaming. If you are looking for a monitor that can double as one for your office work, then this is one you’re going to want to keep in mind.

Acer Predator

A popular model of the Acer Predator, the XB271HU has an NVIDIA G-Sync monitor 

Acer has done a wonderful job using their Predator technology to make sure that you receive the best gaming experience possible.

This model has been widely praised for their stunning looks, along with their superior performance.

This particular model offers you a 25-inch monitor, which has a 2560×1440 resolution.

Since it uses NVIDIA G-Sync, although you’ll get the best performance, you won’t have any screen tearing that might make a game feel a bit laggy.

It’s also a 24-inch model, which will allow you to utilize a wide viewing angle, so you’ll be very well looked after with it.

You can also calibrate this monitor to fit your lighting.

It even comes with Acer’s Eye-care program technology to help you avoid eyestrain.

This particular monitor has been praised as one of the best office monitors for gaming.

Obviously, this monitor is certainly one of the best office monitors for gaming, but the price you have to pay for it is also worth it.

If you are willing to double that price, then you can get this model which comes with AMD Free Sync and a more advanced refresh rate of 144Hz.

But if you are hesitant to part with that much money for a monitor, you are not going to be disappointed with the performance of the XB271HU.

6 Samsung S27E510C is a stellar gaming monitor that comes with a 2560×1440 resolution and has an NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from a first-generation model, or you want a new and improved monitor that will take your gaming experiences to a whole new level, this monitor might be something that you want to consider.

It has an ultra-wide resolution, so your gaming experience is going to be just that much more impressive.

It has a refresh rate of 240Hz, which means you’ll get 144fps in many AAA games.

It’s very lightweight, so you can easily move the monitor without worrying about it being too heavy to move.

It has great colors with a TN panel, which is going to give a nice, vibrant, and eye-catching viewing experience.

This might be your best alternative to the Acer, and it won’t cost you a dime of money.

If you’re looking for a monitor that you think is going to take everything to the next level, then give the Samsung S24E650D a chance.

It has plenty of power to back up it’s impressive visuals as this model has an ultra-wide 1080p display.

This means you can catch everything that your game is going to put before you, and it can provide you with a very impressive view of the battlefield.

The 2560×1440 resolution makes it possible to take advantage of what your computer is capable of.

This model is going to give you a smooth, detailed, and eye-catching view of what is going on in your game, whether you are playing Fallout 4 or any of the other games you can think of.

When you purchase the Samsung S24E650D, it will come with a G-Sync-enabled video card, which is going to eliminate any screen tearing, and the G-Sync technology also allows for a more action-packed gaming experience.

Another great thing that the Samsung S24E650D has to offer is the G-Sync adaptive-sync technology.

When you use this monitor, you are going to receive the best performance. Whether you are using the card that you bought with the monitor or you are using a GPU that is way more powerful than what the monitor can support, the G-Sync technology will handle all of that for you.

It is going to always work in harmony with your computer, and the G-Sync technology is going to make sure that you always get the best performance.

This might be more powerful than what your computer can handle, but it is going to do a great job of being able to handle the increased power of the card in your computer.

With the 32-bit color support of the Samsung S24E650D, your monitor will give you extremely vibrant colors which will really go hand in hand with your game.

You are going to be able to make sure that you see the environment around you and the environment around your character, so the monitor is perfect for the artist in you.

There are 4 monitor cables that come with the Samsung S24E650D:

1) Display Port 1.2 Cable

2) 1DVI-D Cable

3) 1 HDMI Cable

4) Dual-Link DVI Cable

Plenty of people like the Samsung S24E650D for office work, and it comes at a price that you’re not going to want to miss out on. Top that off by the fact that it is both a display and a display.

If you are looking for something that is user-friendly and comes with a wide viewing angle, then the View Sonic VX2458 is the monitor for you.

This particular monitor is going to allow you to check out your emails, your social media updates, or you can play your games on it during your work time.

You are going to be able to take your desktop with you anywhere you go with this model.

It also happens to be a curved monitor, so you are going to get that nice, immersive curved feel.

The View Sonic VX2458 is a 25-inch monitor that starts at $399.99, and it comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

It comes with a 2ms response time and has Zero Frame design to reduce glare and give you the highest contrast ratio.

The View Sonic VX2458 has a viewing angle of 178 degrees, and you’ll also be able to adjust the height and tilt for comfort.

It has HDMI 1.4, DVI, and Display Port inputs and outputs.

It comes with View Sonic’s True Clear multi-angle technology, so you can really get the perfect viewing angle whenever you need it.

This particular monitor is an amazing asset for the office because it has an ergonomic design.

You can adjust the monitor to get a comfortable viewing experience, for both gaming and watching videos.

Another awesome thing about this monitor is that you can read and write emails at the same time.

It also has speakers that are oriented toward the user, so you won’t have to live in a world that doesn’t have surround sound.

It comes with Display Port connector, USB 3.0, and future HDMI 2.0 ports.

The Monitor comes with a film layer so you can filter out all those unwanted reflections that might visually distract you during the game.

A great monitor that comes with a very wide viewing angle, offers a uniform display, and has a refresh rate of 240Hz.

The Alien ware AW2518H has a 25-inch 1920×1080 panel.

This model also has an HDMI 1.4 port, and no input lag.

It features an 8ms response time and supports standard displays. The AW2518H has a built-in calibration tool to help you get the best possible image quality.

This particular model offers a 21:9 aspect ratio and a refresh rate of Free Sync.

It also comes with a factory black onyx stand that lets you sit or stand to suit your likings.

The Alien ware AW2518H includes a backlit gaming keypad, so you can play more easily in the dark.

It also comes with a multi-port USB hub, so you can plug in a few different devices at once.

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