Guide To Getting The Best Office Headset Wireless

4 years ago

An office wireless headset solves a very specific problem: You want to take or make calls from your computer or phone maybe for hours at a time and dozens of feet away from your desk while speaking and listening as clearly as possible over the distracting noise around you. 

The two types of office headsets are wireless and corded. Wireless headsets aren’t actually connected to your desk or phone, but they use magnetic induction from your phone or computer to transmit audio. Microphones with electronic amplifiers are built into each headset so that you can hear your phone or computer’s audio clearly.

Best Office Headset Wireless

Wireless Headset with Microphone

Wireless Headset System

Wireless Cell Phone Headset

Office Wireless Headset

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

A wireless headset is designed to work within an office or conference room. Wireless headsets eliminate the interference that causes incompatibility between devices (called cross talk) when you’re talking on a corded headset and you move to another room or a different device. Companies with many employees have a difficult time supporting all devices on one network, so wireless headsets make up for a lot of frequency error.

If you get a wireless office headset, you can walk around the office with it, hanging it around your neck (many are designed to clip around your ear) and get excellent audio quality. You can place your  wireless headset on your desk, your couch, your kitchen counter, or any other work surface, and the headset remains on your desk. You can even put the wireless headset down on the floor, and it will be back to your desk in a few seconds. It doesn’t matter where you put it. It doesn’t make a difference. It creates no interferers and works like magic.

The best wireless office headset also works on a corded phone or computer, so that you can use one headset to talk on both your office phone and your home phone. However, it’s best to have one headset to cover your two phones. If you can’t afford both, get one at the time of your upgrade, so you can use it for both phones at once.

A lot of people want the best office headset, and that’s tricky because there are so many options. Many of the most expensive wireless headsets are actually wireless, so it’s good to get a double-check by testing for corded strength. A corded headset may be ringing, but no one can hear the office phone or computer. That’s a deal killer.

Tips to Buy Best Office Headset Wireless

They are created with out any cords and fully wireless.Most wireless models require their own power pack to function, but luckily that isn’t required with most good models so it’s not a problem. But remember, that is the case with some really great office wireless headsets.

Something else you should try is quality over quantity, so try to find something that works for your needs and your budget, and try to pick the best wireless headphones you can with the options you’re going to have.

One of the best things about an office wireless headset is you don’t have to pay for extra cords and cables. That means you don’t have to tie your charger to a cord or a computer and you can charge your phone wirelessly with a separate charger. So even if you have a Bluetooth model, you can go pick up the phone and it will work with a wireless headset, but it also works independently of a corded headset if you choose to buy one.

That does mean that some cell phones may not work with a wireless headset, but that’s because cell phones haven’t caught up to the technology yet. A good headset should still work on an older or non-Bluetooth phone.

A wireless headset with noise canceling is more expensive than a regular earbud system but if you’re in an office and you need to focus on your work, it’s going to be worth the cost. A lot of companies call theirs the best wireless office headset, but it all really depends on your needs and your budget.

Best Office Headset Wireless Features to Consider

Battery life

Some headsets charge while in use and some don’t, so you have to buy them based on how long the battery will last. It shouldn’t be less than a few hours and it should be more than a few hours. It should be a minimum of 6 hours and should charge at least twice a week.


If you are in an office with background noise, you may want to purchase headphones without a microphone. For indoor use, you have to consider whether you want a noise cancelling wireless headset or a standard audio wireless headset.


  1. Noise canceling


Another important feature to consider is noise cancelling technology. This will block out surrounding sound so that you can focus easier on your job. Some of these features are more expensive than others, so you want to under stand what your options are.


Unfortunately, there are some wireless headsets that don’t have a microphone, so you have to consider this feature prior to making the purchase. You can have a wired headset with a microphone or a wireless headset without a mic as well.


Phone Compatibility: Bluetooth phone compatibility will depend on the mobile phone you have. If the phone wasn’t bought from the marketplace, talk to the phone manufacturer about buying a transmitter to enable Bluetooth pairing.

Computer Compatibility: There are no Bluetooth or USB options for wireless headsets for computer compatibility, but you will need to check with the system software to see what kinds of functions you could use if they provide the connection option.

Compatibility with other audio devices

Some wireless headsets are compatible with only one other audio device, while other are compatible with multiple devices, so this is something you should research before you purchase. Just in case, you may have to consider getting a multi-function headset, which is one headset that can be used for multiple devices.

Storage in the Hartsock

When you wear a wireless headset, you’d like to make sure that there’s no interference with other wireless devices. However, you need to keep the headset charging in the desktop, so make sure there’s enough storage space. The storage won’t take up any of your desk space, but it will make it easier to keep the headset charged.


You want your headset to be comfortable and unobtrusive. The weight of the headset and the fit of the headband are two important factors that affect comfort. Some models are big, heavy and bulky, while others are lightweight and smaller. Gone are the days when you had to wear bulky, uncomfortable headsets.


You want to have at least three charging options, and you want it to be rechargeable batteries. You don’t want an office headset to be a wired headset. Wireless headsets can be charged in your office, but generally, they need to be charged in the desktop or in a charger attached to the headset.


In addition to headphones, you also need batteries for the charging system and a charger to keep everything organized. You want to be able to charge the batteries and use them, so that setup can come with a charger for the headset. You also want to look at the charging cables and find out what comes with the headset.


You need to make sure the headset fits well enough for you to wear for hours at a time. You also want to make sure the headset has a stable earphone fit. You don’t want to feel like you have to keep adjusting the fit of the earphone to keep the earpiece in place.


Just like a regular headset, these headphones also need to have room in which to store. However, you don’t want the batteries and noise cancellation technology to be too large for the storage area. You want to make sure the storage area offers enough room to store the headset and the batteries.


A good headset also should have a microphone attached, either with or without noise cancellation technology. The microphone is there so that you don’t have to talk directly into the headset, instead you just have to talk into the microphone that is built into the device. The noise cancelling technology allows the headset to block the surrounding sounds of the office. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on your work.

Voice control

If you want to be able to control the headset with your voice, you want to make sure that is built into the device, so you can use the phone or the computer with your voice. You maybe ask for certain functionality by saying a command, like play a song on the phone, or activate the PC. These headsets usually are a lot more comfortable to wear than the wired headsets.

Cord length

Just like any wired headset, a wireless headset has cords for charging and connecting with the computer or phone. You want a 3.5-inch cord to work with any Blu-ray player or computer, and you might want a six-inch cord with a TV.


One of the best things about wireless headsets is the control panel is on the side of the unit for easy access for quick access to these handheld controls. You can also adjust the volume, or mute the headset with the swipe of your finger.

Noise cancellation

Many of the best wireless headsets now come with noise cancellation technology to help you concentrate. Some of these headsets work very well, while others leave you with some annoying background noises. You want to be sure the headphones will block the surrounding sounds so you can focus on your work.


A great headset also has some small controls in the headband so you can make sure the volume is at the right level and you can mute from one of the buttons. Some of these headsets also will have other features to help you communicate and connect with other devices if they have a microphone, so you can control your call or focus on your tasks.


A great headset should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You want the headset to be lightweight and this can affect how long you can wear the device. The headband should have a stable fit on the top of your head. You don’t want to have to adjust the headband while you’re on the phone or working, making it uncomfortable and possibly interrupting your concentration.

Bass and treble

The intensity of the bass and the treble will affect the quality of the sound and how clear it is. You may want to buy a model that has high bass and treble if you are going to be listening to music or watching a movie. However, you might find that the bass and treble affect the clarity of the speech.

Equalizer settings

If you want to make the headset fit your needs, you’ll need to learn how to adjust the noise cancelling quality and the equalizer settings. You can play music, make phone calls, or listen to a movie. You want to adjust the equalizer to make sure the device can handle the sound source.


If you are trying to find the best wireless headset for the best price, you need to find out if the headset has noise-cancelling technology. Some of the best wireless headphones are usually the headsets that have active noise cancellation technology.

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