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4 years ago

A desk is never just a desk. Oh no! A desk is a place that an office employee spends a huge amount of his or her time. For that reason, office desks need to be a home away from home in many ways, and they certainly need to be comfortable, yet functional, at the same time.

But, quite unfortunately, not all desks are made equal. On the market today there is absolutely no shortage of tables with incredible styles and a dizzying array of features. Makes your head spin a bit, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry, because we are here to make things easier for you, and to help you sort out which desk is best for you in the long run.

Glass Desks

Glass desks have come a long way over the last decade. When these desks first began showing up in the market, they were a big “what-the-heck” to all those that thought them absurd. Why in the world would anybody want a desk made of glass? Having tried them for myself, I can say that they are anything but absurd. They are actually quite luxurious, and they are quite comfortable to work at as well.

So, what is it about them that makes them different in today’s world of computers and increasing designer design furniture? It’s all about the functionality. With a glass desk, there are no drawers or cabinets for the regular items that most of us tend to use on our desks. Chairs and waste baskets aren’t possible. Some people enjoy this freedom of use over drawers because there won’t be anything under their desktop that will take up precious space.

The Best Office Desks – Glass

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga 61″ L-Shaped Home Office Desk

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga 61″ L-Shaped Home Office Desk

Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Glass

Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Glass

NRG Home Office Black Computer Desk PC Corner Laptop Table

NRG Home Office Black Computer Desk PC Corner Laptop Table

L-Shaped Desk 83.5″ Computer Corner Desk

L-Shaped Desk 83.5″ Computer Corner Desk

SHW L-Shape Corner Desk

How to pick the best glass office desk?

Advance reading is advised for you to do before this article, due to the fact of the highly technical and specialized nature of each different company. And don’t worry if stuff gets a bit difficult sometimes, the article is written in a style that can be easily understood by those who have a very high level of educational knowledge.

But if you want to get the best, for your money, first of all, really check what’s on the market. Are there a lot of good looking desks that are yours to choose from? How is the staff of the company behind the desk? Do they provide you with support and service? Lots of people should think about the amount of money they spend and the services they are getting from the company. Lack of communication with the staff, or information about how things work is probably the easiest way to pinpoint a potentially bad company that you might want to stray away from.

Having said the above, we will now continue with the guide to picking the best glass office desks.

Glass or Metal?

Again, like we always say, price is not everything. Unless you’re going into one of the cheap plastic desks, we suggest that you invest in a metal, or any other type of desktop heavy, desk. The reason behind this is that glass certainly is the most fragile and expensive type of desk that you would find on the market.

Although, there are some exceptions. If you are someone who works all the time, then it would be a good idea to get a glass desk. Sitting behind a glossy, or scratched-up desk would never be comfortable. And even though, a desk with the same quality and quality of the regular desk is not expensive, it is rather pricey, so, to get more money for the same quality and for the same price, it’s a good idea to go with the metal.

Choose the right stuff

While we are talking about metal, it is probably a good idea to get a metal desktop.

Do not worry, that does not mean that you have to invest only in all metals, like, for example, a steel plate.

Metal in metal office desks in general, is usually a more durable option. Also, many metal desks are extremely heavy and much sturdier than other alternatives. For instance, you could get a desk stained aluminum, anodized, or any other color.

Even though, if the steel table has all that, it might be a little heavy, and it might even cost a little extra money.

Glass is a good option

Now, as we have already mentioned, glass desktops are much more expensive than metal, glass desks can be found all over the place, so that means that you are bound to find a great deal, and you can even get a table with an amazing look. For example, the table could have bullet holes as furniture.

In addition to that, the cost of the desk only gets better. Another advantage is that the table is very light and easy to move around. If you have a heavy desk, it will be very difficult to lift up and place somewhere else.

And let’s not forget, the glass desk can protect your eyes, and it can ironically help you to stay more productive.

There are many types of glass desks

For those of you who like the best desk, which is durable, high-quality and doesn’t cost much, we will give you some more tips on how you should go about picking the perfect desk. For the best outcomes, it’s a good idea to well replace the furniture that you have got now.

The glass desk that you see probably uses glass shelves, which can be made out of wood, acrylic or other materials. Make sure that the desk has a comb filter, because this is a very good thing.

It is very important that every inch of the desk has less amount of space than the other (which means that the desk is too wide), because of the cords that won’t fit now.

On the inside of the table, there is a drawer, and often it has some storage space inside. Speaking of the other drawer, why not make it a pocket? Your documents can stay there, or as much as you like.

Mixed desktop with two pieces of furniture

You can’t have free space? Well, you can always use two different furniture systems, to which you can add other pieces to create more shelves and armoires. This is a lot quicker than using different desks, if you ask us.

Cleaning the glass desk top

We’ve mentioned, in the previous section, that glass desks are a good choice for the office, or for someone who is always in the office. Since it’s so clear, you obviously avoid distractions.

But, it is also highly important that the desk is not dirty all the time, if you like it that way. That’s the reason that it’s a good idea to buy the best glass desk with a proper top. There are many clear desk tops.

This is a good point, if you want to use it for iPad, laptop, or laptop. So no worries. With all this in mind, and without further ado, let’s take a look at the desks which you are already considering.

Key considerations when buying a glass office desk

Glass. It is clear, right? Well, yes, but in this case it is not so much the glass itself that matters as it is the fact that it is a transparent sheet of glass on a desk.

How many glass desks are there? There are many, many glass desks on the market right now, each with a different appearance. You can have one that is made of glass but any pattern, whether it is a traditional marble, clear glass, frosted glass, or, for some reason, even a teak wood. You should know, though, that teak wood will make a desk very heavy and hard to move around.

Which one to buy? First you have to decide which, if any, of the various types of glass you want. Generally you can get several colors in one sheet, and buy white or colored glass separately to accent them. If you are buying a desk for the first time you should look at what are called “antique style” desks, which offer a very classic look. These look good in an office setting and are a bit more common than the super modern ones that broke out of the office wood grain trend.

Function. These days glass is getting more and more into the workplace. We are seeing a more and more common use of glass desks, as opposed to the wooden ones, because of their clean look and unobtrusive nature.

Which are more comfortable? Generally the glass desks come in mind when we think of ergonomics — they are more comfortable to work on. They are also heavier, so you won’t have to worry much about them accidentally dropping from the surface of the desk.

The ability to customize your desk. Does your office own a lot of different pieces of furniture? Make sure that the desk you buy is compatible with all of them so you can not only customize your desks, but also make new furniture for the office!

Legs. How do they work? At the very least, you should know how your legs are constructed to better understand how your desks below it are going to work. These include types of legs with casters, telescopic legs, adjustable legs, and so on.

Aesthetics. Come on — glass is always going to be glass and certain people are going to enjoy its raw look over a painted one. But if you want to go for a spacier or more vintage type of look there are different sheets of glass you can get that offer quite a bit of contrast as well as options to make your desk more interesting.

There are many things to consider when you are deciding what you want for your desk. Choosing a glass office desk ought to be quite an easy thing to do once you know the above considerations.

Advantages of buying a glass desk

Before we jump into the specifics, it is only fair to point out a few of the advantages that glass desks, in general, have over the competition.

They are sturdy. Glass is made of extremely durable glass. The glass is thicker than that of regular desks, and is covered with a very tough surface layer that makes it hard to break. Even for the heaviest of users, this desk will hold up to crashes and wobbles of just about any kind.

They are stylish. Glass desks are available in an assortment of styles, and they are striking when set in the right lighting. This style is something that office workers are looking for today more than ever, and these desks give the user exactly that kind of style.

They can be very durable. These glass desks can be put up against the harshest environments. Many users say that they are very robust and that they hardly feel even a little bit of warping or bending from heavy use.

Disadvantages of buying a glass desk

We said before that glass desks have some disadvantages. These weaknesses can really hold these desks back in the long run, but we will point them out regardless.

These are expensive. These desks are luxury items, and therefore they are very expensive. They are quite expensive when compared to those of standard quality.

They can be hard to clean. The glass is not perfect, and so users have to be careful about cleaning them since the glass is prone to getting fingerprint stains and smudges.

The glass chips easily. Just like glasses, these desks are prone to getting chips and chips. Checking it occasionally will make sure that you aren’t missing any chips.

Glass is vulnerable

Another word of advice that users should take into consideration before deciding on which desk to go for is that glass desks are fragile and quite frail.

It is possible to get scuffed and scratched easily. The glass desk can be cracked if too many papers are not stacked on top of it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that glass desks do break. If the desk is dropped from too great a height or it is hit too hard, the glass may crack.

How much can you clean a glass desk?

There are many types of glass desks, and they have some significant differences as well. So, which surfaces do you really need to take care of if you have a desk of this kind? Keep reading to find out.

There are lots of different surface materials that you can get a glass desk, and they all have different properties for cleaning. Glass is especially susceptible and prone to getting dust and dirt in them, and so it must be cleaned from time to time.

Take note that the glass surface does have a coating on it. For most tables, this coating will be easy to remove. You could gently scrape off the hood with your fingers and get rid of the coating.

For harder surfaces, like stainless steel, the surface coating is a bit more resistant to removal. Keep in mind that if you aren’t careful, you could scratch the surface and ruin the finish of the desk. In this case, you might need to call in some experienced engineers to reapply the protective coating.

When it comes to cleaning the surface, we must also mention that the glass desks are made to last, and so the finish is something that will be protected and maintained even after the desk is paid off.

Last thing about cleaning a glass desk

The surface of the glass does have an endurance feature. At one point, the glass surface of a desk has to be replaced. If the desk isn’t taken care of, the glass will crack. So make sure that you clean the desk as often as possible.

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