Guide To Getting Best Office Desk Supplies in 2021

4 years ago

Yes, the products are highly customizable, and the options are virtually limitless.  Yes, lead times can often drag on for weeks or months depending on the product and manufacturer.  That isn’t why the process of buying office desk supplies can sometimes feel so painful though.

Best Office Desk Supplies in 2021


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Supply Station for Office,

Most people think they know what they need and what is needed of them. Often times these needs are based on previous office experiences in their own company. It isn’t until they experience the rough side of a short supply chain that they realize just how much that little black cat has made their lives much harder.

Yes, you could not have this office hardware at your place, but not all hardware is created equal. The supply chain we are dealing with now is a natural disaster.

Fortunately for you, you have access to our guide with information that is essential in buying all the office desk supplies you are going to need for a successful business.

Quick Guide on How to Buy Office Desk Supplies

You can buy desk supplies online within your location. Or you can choose the local store that carries office desk supplies. If you’re in a big city, you’ll find a ton of big-box stores that offer you the best selection and the best prices.

Then, you’ll have them delivered directly to your office. However, this isn’t always the case. Office Depot and Office Max have been known by many customers to keep it real with office supplies that don’t ship to your location.

You can call the store and ask them what is their policy on shipping and delivery. But if you live in a rural area, this option may not always be available when you need it.

Finally, you can just buy office desk supplies online directly from Amazon. The fact that over 90% of Amazon’s first-time buyers make their first purchase from Amazon, and the fact that they have an outstanding return policy if you’re not completely satisfied, is more than enough to back this claim up.

You can easily change the display order of these products, find out if it is eligible for Amazon Prime shipping, and quickly add to your cart.

Factor to Consider When Buying Office Desk Supplies

There is a lot of stuff to consider before purchasing office supplies. You have to think about the following factors to pick the items which is suitable for your office.

Style and Effectiveness

You probably don’t want to run around a lot while you are getting stuff printed off your computer. That is why you have to keep an eye on the styles of the products and where you want them to go.


A lot of people also forget that the cheaper items may still look pretty awesome with the perfect logo printed on it. You may not have money overall, but sometimes it is worth looking at the cheap or free options to see if they will really work for you.

Office Desk Components

A few office desk supplies include:

Desk Accessories – Paper clips, rubber baskets for paper clips, napkin rings, laminating pourers, etc.

Desk organizers – letter trays, staplers, pencil sharpeners, etc.

Desk phone holder – This arrangement holds the desk phone in place and allows for easy access.

Desk calenders – Calendars help you track you and your team’s time.

Desk accessories – A variety of useful office desk supplies can be used for different tasks. This may just mean you have to stop and think of what they are, in order to find the right one for your office needs.

Desk buil-outs – These devices are very handy for keeping your desk neat and organized, you just have to follow a couple simple instructions.

Desk page holders – These devices are very handy for helping to increase your productivity in work. There are a lot of new ideas coming out every day for using these office desk supplies. On the market today, there are some desk page holders which give you your choice of colors and designs, while others actually have a choice of wood inlay options, metals and more. Some of these are even adjustable, so that you may be able to change the actual color or the color of the inlay, depending on the project you are working on.

Desk rollers – These are very easy to use, and they are great for keeping inventory organized for the sales floor.

Desk clocks – These are very easy to use, although people tend to have their own way of using these.

Desk dividers – These can be very useful to help you organize your work. They can be very simple dividers, or they can be heavy-duty dividers so that you can keep your papers, projects, drawings, awards together. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Desk accessories – There are a lot of interesting options that you can find to put in your own work station. These apply to everything from desktop calendars to plugs.

If you’re not sure what you need, you can find out in your local office supplies store. It is just a matter of asking the sales rep to guide you in the right direction.

Office Desk Supplies Buying Guide

You have the option to buy a wide variety of furniture for your office. Although you’ll want to get the best looking office desk supplies that you can find, you should also consider whether or not these items would look just as great in your home office.


If your office desk supplies consist of items like filing cabinets, bookshelves, books and more, you’ll want to consider purchasing a large, sturdy shelving unit.

Just make sure that this piece of office desk supplies is made for the type of items you will be storing. When you’re working on filing cabinets or bookshelves, you’ll want to look for a shelving unit that has hangers that are approximately 8 to 12 inches apart.

You do want to make sure that you have room to store the shelves of the shelving unit. If this is an adjustable shelving unit, you may want to measure the distance between the hangers.

If the shelves are too close together, you’ll need to keep assessing the space until the shelves are just right.

Note the weight limit for these types of shelving units. Make sure that it is within the safe dimensions for any office desk supplies in your home.

If you don’t have room for a heavy-duty shelving unit, you can find plastic rolling shelves for your office desk supplies. These are great for tight spaces, and they are very economical.

Note these are thin, plastic shelves with small spaces, so that you’ll need to purchase the correct size in order to make them fit correctly on your office desk supplies’ shelf.

The key to working with these types of shelving units is to make sure that these are sturdy and well made. As with any other shelf, it’s best to lock them into place with interior shelving brackets, and then make sure your office desk supplies are not on the shelves too tightly.

Filing Systems

There are filing systems and filing cabinets for your office desk supplies that are perfect for secretaries, office managers, office technicians, and conference room coordinators.

These types of files and filing systems are made in very sturdy fashion and offer a great deal of storage area. If you plan on using these office desk supplies as part of your home office, you may want to look at one of these for your home office file cabinets.

These units can be very well built and sturdy, but you don’t want to purchase a unit that is too heavy duty for your office desk supplies features.

Note the models of these filing system products that have metal locking mechanisms. You’ll want to make sure that these locking mechanisms are made to accept file boxes that have the same diameter of the lock, and the same thickness and depth.

If you are going to be storing a heavy amount of paperwork in your home office file cabinets, you might want to consider a locking type of file cabinet.

When you are working with files, unless you have a solid lock on your office desk supplies’ file cabinets, you’ll find that perhaps the one of these locks may come loose.

Many companies give you a one year warranty when you purchase these products.

If you go with these types of file cabinets, make sure that you get boxes that are the right size and the right thickness for your office desk supplies. You don’t want to purchase a few file cabinets and find that you can’t really stack all of the documents for your office desk supplies on top of each other.


Of course, as wih filing systems or filing cabinets, you will need to make sure that your office desk supplies can store your office supplies in the best way. Just like any other office supplies that you use, you’ll need to purchase the right amount of files and hooks for your office desk supplies to showcase your office desk supplies the way you want.

Typically, the hardware for these products can come in the following colors: gold, silver, black, bronze, and silver.

All of these are good colors to have because they are in all of the finishes and blends of metals that you’ll find in any office.

There are some additional styls for the finishing of the hardware on these office desk supplies. A lot of companies will have chrome finish parts and stainless steel finish parts.

All of these have some authentic old style style to them, and the stainless steel can give your office desk supplies a tinge of shine that could be just well the accent that you need for your office desk supplies.

Compartment Filing

These are very practical for keeping your office desk supplies organized. Most people who are utilizing this type of home office filing system will put in and take out papers and documents in a very quick manner.

These are very well suited for the individual who has to move papers in and out of their office desk supplies daily.

If you are the type of person who likes to organize everything in order, and is very particular about how everything is placed, you may want to consider these filing systems as a part of your office desk supplies.

They normally have a small tray, made for accessing the files that you place in the filing unit. You can go from the main filing units to the tray, and then back to the main filing unit and process the papers or reports in an orderly fashion.

It is very well possible to make your own arrangement of folders and trays that will result in the filing systems that you can purchase. You can then piece together the right-sized tray, or you can buy them ready to go that are perfect for fitting into your standalone filing systems.

If you’re not too firm on making the arrangement yourself, you can just purchase filing systems that are already complete. If you’re not sure if a particular filing system is right for your office desk supplies, you can always ask the sales person at your local office supplies store to show you the different types of filing systems that are on the market today.

As with any filing system, make sure you purchase your office desk supplies with the hardware for it. There are a wide assortment of different systems available.

So you’ll be able to choose the filing system that will work best for you.

Filing Cart

These filing carts are wonderful for moving around files and files from one room to another. They are very handy and very affordable. You can get a file cart that is very heavy duty and is capable of actually storing all of your office desk supplies on the outside of it.

In this way, you’re able to move your paper files around your office desk supplies easily.

This is a great way to allow your office desk supplies to become a whole lot more efficient, and more organized on a daily basis.


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