Gramista vs. Kicksta: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Instagram Automation

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3 years ago

An automation tool is a SAAS (System-as-a-software) is the third-party software that manages social media handles like Instagram, with the activities like posting, and interacting with connections without your presence.

An automation tool for Instagram conduct the following two tasks:

  • Automate comments and get Instagram likes.
  • Analytics to know essential insights about connections, reporting, and publishing to increase engagements.

An automation tool saves time on monotonous tasks, as well as increases your follower’s count. The following are the automated actions by Instagram automation software are:

  • Story views
  • Analytics
  • Que up and scheduling of posts.
  • Direct messages(DMs)
  • Reporting
  • Likes & comments

This article is about automation tools like ‘Kicksta,’ and ‘Gramista’. Kicksta is a new name in the market and ‘Gramista’ is a very popular alternative.  

1. Procedure to Sign in

The signing up procedure of this software are mentioned below:


1. First visit to the official website of Gramista at

2. Then ‘Register’ to sign-up in the portal.

3. Fill in the required details and verify your email/phone number.

4. Connect your Instagram account by including your username and password.

5. Then you will appear on the dashboard.


An account will open in Kicksta in a few easy steps such as:

1. First visit the official website of Kicksta at

2. Then sign up with your email with a verified email address.

3. Subscription must be selected according to your choice and make payment.

4. Then click on ‘Get Started,’.

5. A dashboard will appear, where your every activity will be managed.

2. Important attributes and functions


This automation suspiciously maintains all the activity on Instagram. Here you need to mention some hashtags to the software to the target users you are interested in. You need to also mention the location to engage with people of a particular place. 


This automation tool Kicksta offers is to look for people who have a large audience, then it will divert their attention to your account. The fact behind this is that the user’s page which is identical to yours is visible by the audience which leads to follow your page/account. If this process is done in multiple handles, it will increase your connection. Then, you can use hashtags and locations to attract targeted users to increase engagements.

3. Filters


Gramista generally automates reporting, analytics, follow, commenting, etc. without detecting who is the audience which is done through the ‘toggle’ feature, present in your dashboard. For specifying targets you must optimize locations, mentions, hashtags, etc. these features will increase your engagements at high speed.

If you want to avoid spam sites, hashtags, or accounts, block them through the feature of Gramista.


This tool makes targets those users who are attached to your account or can have to tend to do that. It never targets those whom you want to avoid. It does not randomly target users.

You can target people by choosing some hashtags, locations, and pages/accounts.

If your accounts have less than a million followers with more potential audience to perform better, then you can mention hashtags and locations of those middle-ranged audiences.

Besides that, users of Kicksta can also get some extra filter like:

  • Blacklist Filter which is used to Avoid specific people
  • A Non-English Speaking Filter
  • Gender-specific Filter (male/female)
  • Business account filter.

4. Customer support


The ways by which Gramista offer customer services are:

  • The ‘how-to’ section, provide tutors about its functions with a step-by-step video.
  • You can check frequently asked questions sections for your queries.
  • There is a customer support portal to justify your queries.
  • Articles are visible which can elaborate every feature posted on the website.


Kicksta provides their support service in the following ways:

  • They provide FAQ sections with detailed solutions which are very helpful to the customers.
  • It also allows you to ask queries through a live chat feature with the support cell in real-time.
  • Your doubts can be resolved through email.
  • The customer support system provides services seven days a week.

5. Analytics and Reporting services 


Gramista makes a record of every activity in your absence. So, your engagements will increase even in your absence.


Kicksta provides engagements by maintaining all your activities and progress at individual and advanced levels. You can easily regulate the total number of Instagram followers gained over time.

This tool also observes all your performance with clients and gives you feedback with positive leads. It removes the non-performing leads and spots the clients who bring you good returns.

On the dashboards, impressions are visible which help you to create on Instagram with likes, comments, and story shares. You can also observe the engagement rate of your content by calculating the engagement ratio, through the process of calculating the ratio of likes and comments with the total number of followers. Through this software, you can maximize your success.

Therefore, by looking after these features you can easily compare these two software on the basis of increasing engagements and getting followers.

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