Gambling Marketing: How do online casinos attract high rollers?

3 years ago

Modern casinos are usually quite inclusive in terms of the audiences they attract, with customers coming from all walks of life and boasting gambling budgets from the modest to the vast.

In spite of this, top venues know that if they want to thrive in the long term, they need to draw in high rollers and keep them loyal. This is even more true of online casinos, because of the sheer amount of competition in the market.

The biggest spenders can easily drop hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in a single session, and so casinos use various marketing tactics to attract and retain major players.



One of the main motivations to learn how to turn yourself into a gambling whale is because casinos will shower you with gifts whenever you arrive. In an online context, that means bonuses aplenty, frequent cashback and even tangible presents.

For example, it is not unusual for world-class online casinos to go the extra mile and lay on free transport for their most important customers to get them through the doors at their bricks and mortar venues.

Chartering private jets to pick up mega-rich gamblers and their entourages from another part of the country or the planet to fly them in for a weekend of casino fun is all in a day’s work for marketers in this industry.

Once they are on-site, complimentary accommodation, food and drink will all be laid on, and whole holidays can be provided gratis to the right players.

Unique wagering opportunities & complete privacy

High rollers are so called because of the large amounts of money that they are willing and able to bet on all sorts of casino games.

Of course in normal circumstances, games that are open to the general public will not only have minimum wagering requirements, but could also have maximum betting limits set on them, which is obviously not ideal for the seriously wealthy gambling fans out there.

This is where the exclusive opportunities to enter games that are specifically geared towards high rollers comes into play. If you’ve seen the James Bond movie Casino Royale, then you will have a rough idea of what this means. Big buy-ins, no caps on wagering and pots worth more than entire neighborhoods are all par for the course in this context.

High rollers may even be eligible for entry to tournaments that are only open to those who have a sizable enough bankroll to make the cut. Once again it is this sheen of exclusivity that helps online casinos to lure in gambling whales and keep them on the hook for as long as possible.

Event invites & entertainment connections

Another huge aspect of visiting casinos is getting to see some of the leading entertainment stars performing for audiences on a nightly basis, or attending events that cover everything from art and culture to science and technology.

High rollers are definitely at the top of the list of people who casino operators will invite to these events, usually providing them with behind-the-scenes access and perks that no one else can get.

If that means meeting the celebrities who are putting on the entertainment, or just rubbing shoulders with the great and good of all sorts of industries, then all the better.

Rich gamblers are usually well connected in their own right, so this can be a networking opportunity as much as anything else. And if casinos are able to satisfy their high rolling customers, then they know that this will probably result in being introduced to their other wealthy friends.

While it might seem that online casinos steal customers from land-based equivalents, they cannot match more traditional gambling houses in this regard. As such, high roller incentives do tend to bring the two worlds closer together.

One-on-one service

Lastly, a very common perk for high rollers visiting land-based casinos is to be assigned a concierge who will be at your beck and call day and night throughout your stay. Even if you have been gifted the trip by an online casino, the benefit of having an assistant throughout will still apply.

This is your go-to person for organizing meals, arranging transport, sorting out entertainment and dealing with whatever else you might require.

As you can see, high rollers get the very best treatment, and it is certainly worthwhile for casinos to provide this because the more they spend, the more they can justify the marketing costs.

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