Flourishing Female-Focused Sydney Businesses: A Spotlight on Australian Leaders

6 months ago

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia is home to a diverse range of businesses, and among them are several standout companies operating in various sectors of the Women’s industry. These companies play a significant role in sectors such as Charity, Health Care, E-Commerce, Fashion, Retail, Beauty, Cosmetics, Advertising, Business Development, Marketing, Apps and Parenting. They are creating valuable products and services, making significant impacts in their industry, and contributing to the economic vibrancy of Sydney. In this article, we will take a closer look at ten such companies.

Maluk Timor

Maluk Timor is a non-profit organization based in North Sydney, Australia. Their work primarily focuses on the provision of health care services, with a particular emphasis on women’s health. The company offers various services such as teaching and mentoring, nurse training, and nationwide advocacy. They also attend to certain diseases like TB and rheumatic heart disease. Social media platforms where you can engage with Maluk Timor include Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin .

The OneTwo

Established in 2020 in Sydney, Australia, The OneTwo is a women’s clothing brand providing better bras for women. They offer comfortable and beautiful everyday bras, along with a superior online customer experience with hyper-personalized shopping and easy online fit. Founders Margot Balch and Maria Golushko ensure their brand delivers in quality and customer satisfaction. Connect with The OneTwo on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Babyboo Fashion

Babyboo Fashion is a Sydney-based E-Commerce company specializing in women’s fashion. They offer a wide range of trendy and stylish clothing options, guaranteeing their customers are always in vogue. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SIR. is a fashion label co-founded by Nikki Campbell and Sophie Coote. The Sydney-based business offers a luxurious collection tailored for women. Engage with SIR. via their platforms on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nude By Nature

Nude By Nature, a global cosmetic and skincare company founded by Peter Nicholas, enhances beauty for its customers. They offer skincare products containing natural Australian ingredients for flawless finishes. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Hello Molly

Founded by Ena Hadziselimovic, Hello Molly is a Sydney-based online retail store that specializes in women’s fashion. They provide stylish clothes that suit various occasions and styles. Find them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Doers Way

The Doers Way, a business founded by Grace Lever, is on a mission to equip and empower one million female entrepreneurs to build profitable lifestyle businesses. They offer business development services like e-learning, coaching, marketing, advertising, and course creation. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lilac and Mila

Lilac and Mila are an online fashion boutique based in Sydney. They have a well-curated collection of new fashion apparel for women. You can check out their collection by visiting their Facebook page.

Ark Swimwear

Sydney based company Ark Swimwear offers a range of stylish swimwear for women. Reach them on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Carla Zampatti

Carla Zampatti is a fashion brand that specializes in manufacturing and retailing women’s clothing. They offer a wide range of garments including short dresses, long dresses and jumpsuits, jackets, coats, tops, shirts, skirts and pants, and party dresses. Find Carla Zampatti on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Mumli is an Apps company based in Sydney that strives to make parenting easier. Their software provides solutions for modern-day parenting issues and is designed with women in mind. Connect with Mumli on their Facebook page or LinkedIn.

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