Flat Roof vs. Sloped Roof: What’s Best for My Business?

Flat Roof vs. Sloped Roof: What’s Best for My Business?
2 years ago

Is your commercial building in need of a new roof? Or do you need a commercial roof repair company to help you out? One question on your mind may be, “Flat roof or sloped roof: which is best for my business?” Both options have their pros and cons. Learn what you need to know about each commercial roofing option here so you can make an informed decision on this essential part of your business.

Flat Roof

Despite its name, a flat roof isn’t totally flat. Flat roofs, while mostly level, feature a moderate slope that allows water to flow toward a central drain or off to the sides. This type of roof is popular for commercial buildings. It’s inexpensive, eco-friendly, and offers more “usable space”—you can place HVACs, solar panels, and other big equipment on top, or create a garden or hang-out area. The one downside to flat roofs is that they require more maintenance. They’re more vulnerable to pooling water and splitting, and the price of maintaining them can add up over time. If you own a commercial property with a flat roof and need maintenance or advice on roofing solutions, consulting with a reputable ct roofing company can provide the expertise needed to keep your flat roof in optimal condition.

Sloped Roof

Sloped roofs have a steeper angle than flat roofs. This type of roof is costlier, but it makes up for its price by being low maintenance and long-lasting. Apart from its higher cost, one con of sloped roofs is that they can look peculiar on larger buildings due to the number of peaks and dips. They also provide less usable space than flat roofs, so you’ll need to find another area to house your HVAC or break area.

How To Choose

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs, but there are some situations where sloped roofs work better, particularly if your business is smaller or located in a rainy or snowy area. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Do you want a roomy, energy-efficient roof? Or do you want something long-lasting and more visually appealing? Pick the option that makes the most sense for your business long-term.

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