Exploring Indianapolis’ Pioneering Companies in Women’s Lifestyle Industry

6 months ago

This article features a series of companies, each making significant contributions to the women’s industry. These companies are based in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States, and they work in various industries, including health care, retail, finance, and more. Despite their diverse sectors, each company is unified by the common thread of their focus on women, whether in terms of the products they offer, the causes they support, or the individuals they empower.

What makes these companies remarkable is not only their commitment to uplifting women but also their ability to harness the distinctive capabilities, experiences, and perspectives of women to foster innovation and growth. From creating game-changing health care devices to promoting women’s financial advancement, these firms are reshaping the landscape of various sectors in remarkable ways.

Indulge in the journey of exploring these companies, learning about their mission, their achievements and ways they are making a difference in the respective fields.

Thomas Medical

Based in Indianapolis, Thomas Medical is a globally acclaimed manufacturer of single-use medical devices and accessories for women’s health. Their products, which include HS catheters, uterine manipulators, endometrial samplers, and others, are used in thousands of medical centers worldwide. Known for its high-grade products at attractive pricing, Thomas Medical is a trusted name in the sphere of women’s health around the globe.


New to the market, Sunny has brought an innovative menstruation cup that can be inserted like a tampon. Founded in 2019, this Indianapolis-based company aims to revolutionize menstrual hygiene with its breakthrough product.

Alpha Gamma Delta

A theoretical society promoting women’s causes, Alpha Gamma Delta has its roots in Indianapolis. It is entirely committed to supporting women and advocating for their rights, making it a central figure in the women’s industry.

Alpha Chi Omega

Dedicated to uplifting the status of women, Alpha Chi Omega operates as a Non-Profit organisation which is making significant strides to champion and support women.

Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau, based in the heart of Indianapolis, empowers women to excel in life. Through their global network, they are committed to lifting up women through service, mentorship, and simply through their day-to-day interactions.

Brand X Research

Brand X Research helps brands understand and reach their potential by conducting comprehensive market studies. With a women-centric approach, they visualize trends in female consumer behavior, providing invaluable insights for businesses worldwide.

Bella Hijabs

Tapping into the niche market of Islamic wear, Bella Hijabs offers an extensive range of stylish hijabs. The company is committed to bringing modest fashion to women all over the world with a vast selection of items available through its e-commerce channel.


With a range of nourishing body creams, silkening scrubs, and moisturizing soaps, SofiYah is a beauty company intended to bring artisan soap and handmade products to underserved communities.

Birth Matters

Providing childbirth education, breastfeeding guidance, newborn care, and other pregnancy-related services, Birth Matters is a company committed nurturing expectant mothers.

Women Investors Network

Women Investors Network, a brainchild of Sara Omohundro, aims to provide financial advice and resources to women across the nation. Empowering them to make savvy and confident financial choices.

Black Women in Charge

A non-profit organization, Black Women in Charge, provides wellness education focusing on women’s empowerment. The organization works tirelessly to uplift women through various channels including lobbying, legislation, public health, and grassroots efforts.

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