Experts Tell Us the Best Books On Organisational Strategy

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2 years ago
This article showcases our top picks for Books On Organisational Strategy. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

This product was recommended by Justin Gasparovic from The Enemy Of Average

This book is all about how companies can stay ahead of the curve by being nimble and innovative. It’s packed with insights and case studies on how to encourage disruptive innovation within an organization.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

This product was recommended by Justin Gasparovic from The Enemy Of Average

This classic business book takes a deep dive into what separates great organizations from merely good ones. One of its key insights is that businesses need to focus on their core purpose in order to succeed over the long term.

Reinventing the Organization by Arthur Yeung

This product was recommended by Colin Toh from Headphonesty

This book provides great insight into how some of the world’s leading organizations responded to changing market conditions. There is great information as well as real-world examples of how these companies reinvented their organizations with both speed and scale. In addition to the rich content, this book also lays out a 6-step framework that covers all of the major decisions leaders need to make when rethinking their organizational strategy. Those decisions include advice on choosing the right strategies, capabilities, structure, culture, management tools, and leadership.

Small Fish Big Pond by Jeff Mains

This product was recommended by Lovelia Horn from Every Creature Counts

Inspiring business executives with insights learned from ocean life— Small Fish, Big Pond teaches them how to outmaneuver, outswim, and outperform their rivals. Small businesses face stiff competition from larger, more established competitors. Entrepreneurs can use Small Fish, Big Pond’s Futureproof Strategic Framework to establish a genuine firm that draws the best people provides exceptional client experiences and surpasses competition at every stage of growth. If you want to succeed in business, you must develop your territory and control your ideal customers’ ideas. With their originality in mind, organizations that embrace their identity instead of striving to emulate others shift the game. These people inspire a purchasing frenzy and open the door to enormous expansion possibilities. Size is no longer a factor. The little ones devour the larger ones. Small Fish, Big Pond teaches business owners how to capitalize on their individuality, build a virtuous company culture, find their perfect customers again and time again, and grow their income at an exponential pace. In this book, you will learn how to attract perfect prospects, turn them into enthusiastic fans of your brand, and give massive value to your customers.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This product was recommended by Harrison Hosking from KEAK

Being organized is a habitual skill that we all either have or must learn. This book (it’s all in the name) is written in a realistic and relatable way and packed full of easy and actionable steps that we can all start taking today, Atomic Habits is single-handedly the best book for anyone looking to build good habits and become more organized in every aspect of their lives. It was so effective for me and every one of my friends who has tried out the tactics in this book with me—I can’t recommend it enough.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

This product was recommended by David Patterson-Cole from Moonchaser

I highly recommend The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. A lot of books on organizational strategy seem to assume you have unlimited resources and room to expand. The Lean Startup bucks this trend by focusing on the essentials, and how to gain an advantage amid scarcity. I’ve been re-reading this one due to the news of economic recession—it’s an essential book to help you understand what to do when times are tough. The mindset it propounds of focusing on what you can do with what you have, and facilitating those goals, is crucial for any business owner.

Business Strategy by Jeremy Kourdi

This product was recommended by Jeff Mains from Champion Leadership Group LLC

This is likely to be one of the most thorough books on corporate strategy that you will ever read. It improves the reader’s decision-making abilities and boosts the possibilities of commercial success. This is the publication you must be reading if you are in the process of launching a new business and would want to learn more about different methods that can be included in a corporation. It covers everything a reader needs to know to put together a solid business strategy, from determining the scope of the company to executing it flawlessly.

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy by Martin Reeves

This product was recommended by Jason White from All About Gardening

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: How to Choose and Execute the Right Approach zeroes in on the critical components of getting organization strategy right. It is a work among The Boston Consulting Group’s Martin Reeves, Knut Haanæs, and Janmejaya Sinha. The book helps business owners assess their business environment in order to determine the strategy that will work best for them. The authors are generous with in-depth explanations on how to approach existing strategies into five categories. These are greatly insightful for business owners that want to match their organizational approach to their existing environment. Personally, it has helped me pinpoint the most strategic challenges in my organization and guided me on how to strategize around it.

Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim

This product was recommended by Matt Post from WCAG Pros

Written by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, this book is very technical and covers a lot of subjects. It will help you to see the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur and open your eyes to the endless opportunities for creating value in everyday situations. This book will show you how to reposition your business to create an “blue ocean” and leave your existing industry “in the red”. Businesses must innovate and sustain their success by developing new products and processes. This book describes the steps required to sustain corporate strategic success by innovating in the right way.

Corporate Tides by Robert Fritz

This product was recommended by Lorraine Daisy Resuello from Connection Copilot

A good organizational strategy begins with a healthy structure. Major causes of failure stem from missing to recognize and acknowledge the vital role that frontline employees play in strengthening organizational strategies. Robert Fritz outlines in this book the basic laws of structure to help leaders determine a company’s strengths and weaknesses to attain ultimate success. He discusses oscillation and advancement based on sample scenarios. For instance, a structural conflict can result in organizational oscillation. Changing the organisational structure changes the organization’s behavior, driving towards greater success.

The Future of the Office by Peter Cappelli

This product was recommended by Janice from Bookcity

Cappelli analyzes and evaluates how to move forward after the pandemic. Can we allow some workers to be permanently remote? Should others choose when to work from home? Does that mean getting rid of their offices? What other things will have to change, depending on the approach we end up taking?

Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Process by Raymond E. Miles

This product was recommended by Julian Goldie from Goldie Agency

It is a classic book that connects separate fields of strategic management and organizational behavior. It discusses different concepts and themes about organizational strategy. This is very useful for business owners because it provides knowledge on how organizations can effectively adapt to their environments, in order to thrive. All those who are interested in business strategy, whether academic professionals or managers, need to read this book for foundation. It links earlier management concepts into the current industry events and themes. The authors elaborated on their belief that the complexity of the adjustment process in firms can be penetrated by searching for patterns in the behavior of organizations. They provide excellent examples and guide the readers to a more profound understanding of business strategy.

Powered by Principle by Amie Devero

This product was recommended by Amie Devero from Beyond Better Strategy and Coaching

It is a comprehensive and research-based approach to creating an extraordinary strategy that includes core values but also creates huge breakthroughs in results and performance. The book is readable and has tons of examples and case studies to apply the method. It is used both in business colleges and the C-suite. By using this approach, you can build a breakthrough strategy that is so clear everyone can understand how whatever they are tasked with doing is connected to the most important organizational goals.

Crossing The Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore

This product was recommended by Will Cannon from Uplead

Many creative companies struggle to reach a broad audience with their product or service. They gain traction with early adopters but are unable to gain traction with the larger, more profitable mainstream market. As a result, their future business development is severely limited, and they are unable to realize the full profit potential of what they’ve created. The book Crossing The Chasm teaches how to sell disruptive products to the general public. The lessons may be applied to any product or service that requires people to alter their routines or behaviors in order to use it. This is a must-read book for anyone whose solution deviates from industry conventions or challenges the current quo.

Understanding Michael Porter by Joan Magretta

This product was recommended by Alec Rose from Golfible

For those who are new to business, strategy, and competition, diving to read Porter’s own work could be daunting. So, I highly suggest starting with this book. The book concludes with a useful glossary of key terms and concepts of Porter’s work. It also includes a transcript of an interview that reflects Porter’s work, and how he answered questions in different circumstances. In this book, Magretta explains the relationship between Porter’s 5 Forces and profitability, how to avoid competition, and how value chains create competitive advantage. Porter’s five forces explain the impact on business economics, and how they affect price and cost in different ways. Here are the examples: – Power of suppliers – Costs increase – Power of buyers – Prices decrease – Substitutes – Prices decrease, Increase in Cost – New entrants – Prices decrease, Increase in Cost – Rivalry – Prices decrease, Increase in Cost

Topple by Ralph Welborn PhD

This product was recommended by Christian Velitchkov from Twiz LLC

In this book, the goal is to help companies learn their business ecosystems and the factors that make them unique. Also, it discusses creating value in other ways by taking advantage of these factors.

Your Next Five Moves by Patrick Bet-David

This product was recommended by Bruce Tasios from Tasios Orthodontics

Everyone seems to be talking about chess these days and this is one reason why. The book encourages people to think like chess players and anticipate events in the future to plan a defense for those now. The book emphasizes that business strategists need to treat decisions as one playing off another rather than an individual decision. It also reveals more about building teams and how to gain traction when up against powerful people.

Competitive Advantage by Michael E. Porter

This product was recommended by Brian Dechesare from Breaking Into Wall Street

This is a groundbreaking title which has redefined organizational structure and competitive business analysis. It’s full of perspective-altering tools and tips to help business owners at every level understand and build an organization that is optimized for success.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

This product was recommended by Michael Haas from AngryBBQ

Scaling Up invites readers to focus on four major decision areas: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash for 10x company growth. The ideas in the book were authored by entrepreneur Verne Harnish and his management consultancy team, Gazelles Inc. Respectively, businesses must attract and retain the right talents, develop a transformational game plan that sets them apart from competitors, carry it out, and have enough funds to survive challenging times. A winning organizational strategy yields profitability. That is executed through continuous, seamless discussions for collaboration among teams and evaluated by way of data from stakeholders’ feedback. Scaling Up shows business leaders how to efficiently focus on such initiatives to accomplish business activities.

Built to Last by Jim Collins

This product was recommended by Brogan Renshaw from Modelers Central

The book Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras was a game-changer for the starting businessman that I was. It provides a very coherent framework of practical concepts that I was able to apply in establishing my small business a few years ago. It became my blueprint in building my organizational strategy and making sure it was tailored to the context of today’s times. Collins and Porras carefully studied and dissected 18 successful companies as well as their top competitors. Their analysis is an in-depth and helpful guide for companies to create organizational strategies that are effective and sustainable.

Good Strategy / Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

This product was recommended by Ben Richardson from Acuity Training

A truly eye-opening book that has the power to provide every business leader who reads it with the necessary tools to create and implement a powerful action-oriented strategy that actually works in the real world. The author, Richar Rumelt, does a great job not only in highlighting the great power that lies behind a good strategy but also in identifying the markings of poor plans and the ways you can spot potential bad strategies before it’s too late. By constantly demonstrating the differences between good and bad strategies and sharing stories from top-notch companies such as Apple, Wal-Mart, Toyota, etc., Rumelt makes sure the reader is able to avoid common mistakes and formulate a good, well-designed strategy after finishing the book; which, in my opinion, makes it a must-read for anyone involved in developing organizational strategies.

Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture by Robert E. Quinn

This product was recommended by Mimi Paul from Starkflow

This book is great for anyone attempting to effect change in their organization.The C&Q approach to culture makes sense to clients as it is based on a solid evidence base. The questionairre and management skills profiling tool provides practical ways to understand how teams and organisations have created their culture and the trade-offs that would be required to change it. Highly recommended.

Traction by Gino Wickman

This product was recommended by Laura Jimenez from Ishine365

This was one of the most helpful business system types of books. This book was a recommendation from a friend who also started his own business. This book provided a great framework to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. The book has been very valuable for us to better structure and organizes our business. I’ve been running my business for 25 years and now find that we have more business than we can handle and have been forced to become more efficient. This book provides guidance.

Measure What Matters by John Doerr

This product was recommended by Scott Lieberman from Touchdown Money

Doerr’s book starts with a well-tested approach to achieving operational greatness – objectives and key results, or OKRs. By using this goal-setting system we can determine our top priorities and work back organizational structure in a way that will help accelerate our successes. OKRs also help connect our teams across organizational silos to unify efforts towards our biggest goals. With Google and Intel two of its biggest proponents, the proof is in the pudding – OKRs work.

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