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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘ERP Software For Contractors’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Trachelle Spencer from RezDox

RezDox, residential documents, helps homeowners and contractors digitize and analyze their home maintenance and improvement projects. Organize all of your job information on a mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform. RezDox is the best free way to track and invoice every aspect of your project including the materials that were used or where they were purchased. Improve customer retention by connecting with the homeowner; job details automatically sync into their Home History Log, revealing their ROI or gain in home equity resulting from your work. Advertise directly to homeowners through the business storefront, catalog your construction tools and equipment and participate in the RezDox Rewards program earning points towards gift cards to help offset operating expenses.

Penta Construction ERP

This product was recommended by Arnold Chapman from ELDFocus

As an expert in the trucking industry with years of experience, the top ERP software for contractors is Penta Construction ERP. Penta is one of the most trusted brands of providing construction software in the industry. If you’re a labour-intensive and multi-location contractor, Penta is your best bet. It can greatly aid you with accounting, project management, enterprise content management, and document management. The software is cloud-based that lets you save and organize everything with ease. Plus, your technicians working on the field can access related notes, work order details, and record real-time status.

SAP Cloud Platform

This product was recommended by Yoann Bierling from New Simple As Possible ERP

Allowing remote access and ease of connection for any kind of business and contractors, the SAP Cloud Platform is one of the easiest way to get external resources to interact with your own ERP, with minimum configuration necessary and a extensive choice of modules and customization possibilities. On top of letting them easily interact with your own business processes, it will also allow them to manage their own company, from their sales to their own production processes. While not everyone understands what process streamlining is all about, it is fully integrated in SAP Cloud Platform and can be shared with any external contributor to your business best practices.


This product was recommended by Irene Dimakides from Megaventory

Looking for ease and solid value for money? Megaventory is a cloud-based inventory management solution, that allows you to track all your incoming and outgoing goods effectively. With Megaventory, you have access to excellent customer support, free training, and ultimate value for your investment. With clients all over the world, the feedback is constantly this: “our life is now easier, and the customer support is excellent”. Megaventory supports multiple warehouses and locations, has customizable wording, and is overall a powerful solution for contractors needing inventory management software.


This product was recommended by Blake Alderman from LMN

LMN has changed the way I run my business. Each estimate now includes overhead recovery and accounts for all my expenses making sure we are making a profit, where as before LMN I was Eyeballing jobs and had no clue if I was making money or not. I have learned so many helpful tips in the LMN webinars and classes. Great community to be involved in! It helps you know exactly what you will make on each job and what your expenses will be on the job. It also helps me make equipment buying decisions and to tell me if I should rent or buy a certain machine. I also think the customer portal is a game changer. Onboarding was pretty time consuming on the front end, but it is necessary to truly understand the software.

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