Empowering Women’s Enterprises Thriving in Portland’s Dynamic Business Landscape

6 months ago

Companies in Portland’s Women’s Industry

The city of Portland, Oregon, is not only renowned for its distinctive culture and vibrant art community but has also created a distinctive mark in the world of women’s industry. These thriving companies, ranging from health care providers to product designers, are distinctly focusing on improving women’s lives through innovative products, solutions, and services. Here is a comprehensive list of companies in the women’s industry whose headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon, United States.

These companies, each unique in their respective industry sector, share a common mission of prioritizing women’s welfare and development. By leveraging technology, knowledge, and services, these firms are taking great strides to uplift women’s lives physically, mentally, and socially. They are not only concerned about the present but are diligent in foreseeing the future needs of women and creating innovative, effective solutions for the same.

The business and socio-cultural landscape of Portland is witnessing positive transformations due to the dedicated efforts of these companies. They are all setting precedents in their respective fields, serving as role models for emerging businesses intent on making a significant contribution to the women’s industry.


Founded by Kaitlin Christine, Gabbi is a trailblazer in the Women’s Health Care and Personal Health industry. Gabbi’s proprietary risk model utilizes AI and clinical research to provide women with a comprehensive understanding of their bodies and proactively guides them to seek timely and necessary health care. They are focused on decreasing the rate of preventable diseases and delayed diagnosis that affect women. Facebook, Linkedin.


Wile, founded by Corey Scholibo, Gwendolyn Floyd, and Julie Kucinski, focuses on supporting the hormonal and mental well-being of women aged 40 and up. Their plant-based supplements combine clinical research and plant medicine to provide an effective solution for hormonal influences and internal complexity. Facebook, Linkedin.


Madorra is a unique firm in the health-care industry that empowers women to live healthier lives. Founded by Holly Rockweiler, Madorra provides an alternative solution to the traditional pharmaceutical approach in treating vaginal dryness. Their device is designed to provide a non-hormonal treatment option for post-menopausal women and breast cancer survivors. Facebook, Linkedin.

Azure Biotech

Azure Biotech, co-founded by David Thompson, Susan Levinson, and Valerie Ceva, is a biotechnology and women’s health company. The firm identifies unique opportunities to repurpose pharmaceutical assets for unmet medical needs in a growing market. Azure Biotech’s unique approach has enabled them to license a compound intended to cater to a previously underserved market.

The Accessory Junkie

Andrea Siegel and Michelle Reeves co-founded The Accessory Junkie, which brings to the market handmade accessories crafted by independent designers from around the world. Started in 2016, it has grown noticeably within the consumer goods and product design industry. Facebook, Linkedin.

World Pulse

Jensine Larsen’s World Pulse is a non-profit organization that connects women worldwide and amplifies their voice through digital media. The organization operates with a mission to lift women’s voices, thereby accelerating their impact globally. Facebook, Linkedin.

Women’s Healthcare Associates

Women’s Healthcare Associates is a trustworthy provider of women’s health-care services. It primary focus is set on health diagnostics. They predominantly center their service model on women’s health. Facebook, Linkedin.

Code Scouts

Founded by Michelle Rowley, Code Scouts is a dedicated non-profit organization that helps women become software developers. They nurture a conducive learning community where learners gain hands-on project experience, peered with seasoned developers for mentorship, and are placed in internships with partner companies at the opportune time.

Northwest Women’s Clinic

Northwest Women’s Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical treatment for women with an emphasis on healthcare. They believe in offering patient-centered care backed by a team of doctors, midwives, nurses, and medical assistants. Facebook.

A Woman’s Time

A Woman’s Time offers diverse women’s treatment services ranging from naturopathic medicine, women’s health, acupuncture, to customized fitness programs and therapeutic nutrition counseling. Their HPV and cervical dysplasia treatments are particularly renowned. Facebook, Linkedin.

Pearl Women’s Center

Founded by Richard Rosenfield, Pearl Women’s Center provides clinical and surgical gynecologic care along with a range of other services. The center also offers specialized treatments addressing gender affirmation, intimate wellness, and hormonal therapy. Facebook, Linkedin.

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