Empowering Women: Showcasing Female-Dominated Industries in Montréal, Quebec

6 months ago

In the vibrant city of Montréal, Quebec, Canada, innovative companies are trailblazing the way in diverse sectors, one of which being the Women’s industry. This industry encompasses a wide range of fields, from healthcare to fashion, and empowers women by providing products and services tailored to their daily experience. Drawing from Montréal’s multicultural heritage and cutting-edge technology ecosystem, these companies are pushing boundaries, providing creative designs, practical solutions, and cutting-edge technology to address women’s needs. Here are several Montréal-based companies making waves in the Women’s industry.


Co-founded by Katherine Hague, SRTX is specializing in the intersection of fashion, manufacturing, textiles, and wearables. Specifically, they are well-known for developing unbreakable stockings. These aren’t your average pantyhose; they’re made with the same kind of fiber found in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment, offering women both style and quality in their intimate wear. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Marina Pavlovic Rivas and Thomas Cortina, Eli‘s mission is to empower women to understand their bodies better. They have developed a device that captures hormone fluctuations at home through saliva and an app that provides women with vital health information. Stay updated with their activities on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

FemTherapeutics Inc.

Launched by Inara Lalani, Mihnea Gangal, and Negin Ashouri, FemTherapeutics Inc.‘s mission is to personalize therapeutics in women’s health, specifically by improving the management of Pelvic Floor Disorders in women. Their innovative platform uses artificial intelligence to design novel medical devices. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Well-established in the e-commerce, fashion, lingerie, and women’s industries, Sheertex impresses with their quality products. Stay in the loop by following them on Twitter and Facebook.


Lolë, a fashion company, strives to inspire well-being through versatile and long-lasting collections. Their sustainable initiatives are as creative as their fashion design. Check out their work on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

De Cabana

A force to reckon with in the e-commerce, fashion, and women’s industries, De Cabana contributes significantly in driving forward women-related products and services. Stay connected with them on Facebook.


Operating in the fashion industry, TRISTAN offers high-quality apparel for both men and women. Keep up with their latest collections on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Charlie B Collection

Standing out in the e-commerce and fashion sectors, the Charlie B Collection impresses with its stylish garments. Follow their designs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

From Rachel

Operating in the fashion, retail, and textile industries, From Rachel provides a selection of high-quality pieces for women. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Steve Depetrillo, UNDZ is an online marketplace offering a wide range of undergarments for both men and women. Founded in 2008, this online player has successfully created its space in the industry. Stay updated with their collections on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Folio Montreal

Last but not least, Folio Montreal is an agency that represents both male and female models, alongside artists such as makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists. Whether it’s for fashion or editorial assignments, they have the talent you need. Follow their story on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these Montréal-based companies show the breadth and depth of the Women’s industry in Canada. From high-tech startups using sophisticated AI algorithms to tailor women’s healthcare solutions, to fashion giants propelling the city to the forefront of global fashion, these companies are driving forces that celebrate and uphold the importance of women-centric products and services. They not only cater to women’s needs but also contribute extensively to the city’s vibrant business landscape.

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