Empowering Feminine Markets: Spotlight on Singapore’s Central Women’s Industry Titans

6 months ago

In the vibrant city-state of Singapore, a new breed of businesses are making a mark in the thriving Women’s industry. Armed with innovation, passion and commitment, these companies are dynamic contributors to a diverse range of sectors including E-Commerce, Health Care, Financial Services and Fashion. Operating directly from the central region of Singapore, they have strategically positioned themselves to reach a global audience while maintaining their local roots. This article features ten such organizations and provides insight into their unique offerings.

These companies stand out not just for their innovative products or services, but also for their purposeful focus on women-centric offerings. From creating women’s fashion products to offering financial and medical solutions to women, they have identified nuanced needs and are delivering services aimed at enhancing the quality of life. In a largely competitive industry, these organizations are making a difference by being decidedly user-centric and inclusive.

So, let’s explore more about these companies, the visionaries behind them and the remarkable work they are doing. Get to know the personalities, ethos and innovative concepts that make each of these Singaporean companies a unique player in the women’s industry.

Love, Bonito

Founded in 2010 by Rachel Lim and Viola Tan, Love, Bonito is an established player in the fashion sector, cheering on women in their life’s journey with thoughtful and innovative fashion. Their aim is to become the most thoughtful brand globally, for everyday women. More about Love, Bonito can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Ease Healthcare

In the healthcare business, founders Guadalupe Lazaro and Rio Hoe have created Ease Healthcare, a healthtech startup targeting women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare. You can learn more about the company’s vision and approach on their LinkedIn page.


Focusing on financial services, Lucy is the brainchild of Debbie Watkins, Hal Bosher, and Luke Janssen. With their financial tools and services, they aim to support women entrepreneurs who are overlooked, underbanked. Check out their innovative work on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Michael Finn and Nejla Matam-Finn’s THE FIFTH COLLECTION offers vintage fashion items, providing a unique platform for fashion enthusiasts. Check out their collections and offerings on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Beautiful.Me, founded by Clement Lee, Olive Tai, and Zanetta Lee, is an online shopping hub dedicated to providing the best quality beauty, health, personal care and baby products. Visit their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to learn more.


Caleb Leow and Peck Ying Tan founded Blood, a product startup dedicated to improving women’s personal health and wellness. They’ve endeavored to provide aid to “period slavers” with their innovative menstrual cramp relief patch. Find more about their mission on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Lucy Holdings

Lucy Holdings, led by Debbie Watkins, aims to empower women financially by helping them open accounts, avoid high-interest loans and more. Check out their web presence here.

Eve World

Eve World was founded by Aparna Acharekar, Rajneel Kumar and Tarun Katial and was built on the pillars of empowerment and sisterhood. Learn more about their mission on their LinkedIn page.


GG<5, specialising in the fashion industry, offers a range of stylish and contemporary women’s clothing. To look at their collections, visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.


bYSI, founded by Tan Yew Kiat, is a known name in the fashion industry. Their collections can be found on their Facebook page, Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile.

Kaishi Pte Ltd

Kaishi operates in the medical device sector, providing a valuable tool for expectant parents. Their fetal heart-rate listening device helps parents connect with their unborn child. More details can be found on their website.

In conclusion, these Singapore-based companies are making a significant impact in their respective fields by delivering high-quality, groundbreaking services and products. Their unflinching focus on women-centric solutions sets them apart, inspiring a new wave of innovative, socially-conscious entrepreneurship.

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