Empowering Atlanta: Spotlight on Top Women’s Industry Companies

6 months ago

Deep in the heart of the South-Eastern United States, Atlanta, Georgia is breaking boundaries and setting the pace in industries spanning from beauty to finance. Today, its greatest asset is its commitment to progressive movements, and there is no place this commitment to change is more prevalent than in its support for women-led and women-focused businesses. This city is boasting a robust portfolio of companies led by visionary women. In this series, we shine a spotlight on those businesses contributing largely to women’s industries in Atlanta, Georgia.

The city’s business-minded environment has cultivated diverse innovative companies that work across a variety of sectors. Some focus on creating considered wellness products, some offer tailored healthcare services, some are developing breakthroughs in e-commerce and cosmetics, while others are establishing funds to invest specifically in women’s health. These companies cater consciously to women and their unique needs, reflecting Atlanta’s dedication to inclusivity and forward-thinking business models.

Below listed are the profiles of some of these companies, their founders, and how they are revolutionizing the women’s industry in their own unique ways. Every company listed below is headquartered in Atlanta, further solidifying the city’s standing as a hotspot for enterprises committed to promoting women’s interests and meeting their particular needs.


Founded by Leslie Tessler in 2020, hanni operates in the beauty, consumer goods, and e-commerce industries. The brand focuses on creating high-quality shaving products specifically for women. Connect with them on their LinkedIn. You can also follow on Twitter at @hannismooth.

SteelSky Ventures

Focused on finance, healthcare, venture capital and women’s interests, SteelSky Ventures is distinct in its commitment towards improving access, care and outcomes in women’s health. The early-stage fund, founded by Maria Velissaris, invests in high-growth companies with this shared vision. To learn more, visit their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Tiffany Gray and Veronica Berry, TruDiary is a unique telehealth platform designed to help millennial women create a personalized medical chart. Focusing mainly on high-risk pregnancies and reproductive health in rural and underserved areas, TruDiary offers a comprehensive clinical visit and user experience. Follow them on Twitter at @trudiary, visit their Facebook page, or check out their LinkedIn.

CM Studios

Established as a platform to support the future of fashion, CM Studios is a curated e-commerce fashion house. The studio ventures into innovative and creative designs for women. You can follow them on @cmstudi0s, visit their Facebook page.


Zencape provides health and wellness solutions for women, especially for those dealing with pelvic pain. The brand aims to provide individualized, high-quality care through smarter technology. Connect with them on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @zencape, or check their Facebook page.

Range Beauty

Founded in 2017, Range Beauty offers a broad range of beauty products formulated primarily for melanin-enriched skin tones catering to women from all ethnicities. Learn more about them through their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter as @rangebeauty.

Crosby by Mollie Burch

Crosby by Mollie Burch is a female-centric ecommerce fashion and sales company. Visit them on their Facebook page or connect on their LinkedIn.

UnCloned Media

A woman-owned and operated media company, UnCloned Media, creates products, services, events, and unique experiences designed to inspire individuals to live UnCloned in life and business. More information is available on their LinkedIn profile.

Atlanta Women’s Health Group

Specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Atlanta Women’s Health Group provides administrative, technological, and billing support for its member practices. Take a look at their Facebook page for more information.

Period Tracker

Period Tracker is an app that operates at the intersection of health care, software, wellness, and women’s interests, offering essential services for tracking menstrual cycles and associated health data. Check more about them on their LinkedIn.

Goddess Detox

Founded by Vanessa White, Goddess Detox operates in the health care and wellness industry, offering detox solutions specifically for women’s needs. Discover more about them by checking out their Facebook page or connect on Twitter @goddessdetox. Also, visit their LinkedIn.

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