Do’s and Don’ts: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing Your Business

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3 years ago

The process of marketing your business can sometimes feel like you are traversing a mine field. So much is changing at once nowadays that mistakes can crop up where you didn’t expect. Are you putting your ads in the right place? Are you getting your message across? Are you just towing the line? These are the questions you need to address before you can change your attitude toward marketing.

It isn’t easy, but there are some things you should keep in mind when advertising. Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid when marketing your business.

Find Your Place

A great way to start your marketing campaign is knowing your audience. You have started a business because you have a service or product to sell, which means that you also believe that enough of the population is in need of the thing you offer.

Figuring out who your target demographic is should be the easy part of marketing. The difficult part comes in when trying to find them. It is no good throwing your marketing all over the place and hoping that your target audience sees it. Not only is this method costly, it is also highly ineffective.

You need to learn where your target demographic encounters their adverts and stick to this market. Some careful research is all it takes to find out where your advertisement is best placed, but it also helps to keep monitoring this data. The most popular social media service might be a great place to advertise now, but a new service could pop up and bring your audience across with it. Try not to get left behind and watch out for new current trends.

Don’t Oversell

You probably think that your business is the best place that provides your type of services, and so you should. However, it is important to not let this overconfidence spoil your marketing.

A common mistake many new businesses make is getting ahead of themselves. You know what you aim to provide in the future, but your audience does not care. Or at least they won’t until you actually start providing these services.

Try to keep your marketing on topic and only focus on what you do provide. Be honest with yourself and let your business speak for itself. Once everyone gets a taste of the quality you provide they are likely to come back for more. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

Know When To Look To The Competition

Your business is great, but there is a strong possibility that it isn’t entirely unique. This fact can act as both a gift and a curse.

There are always going to be competitors in the market that offer a similar service, and they may already exist when you start or crop up as a result of your efforts. It might not seem like it, but having competition in the market is actually a huge benefit. You can look to them as an example of how to run things, or allow them to be the first to dip their toe in a new industry to gauge its success.

However, there are other times when looking to the competition can be a mistake. For example, if a rival business is slashing their prices to compete, don’t take the bait. You are not privy to all of their practices, and they could be doing this because of external factors that do not affect you. Also, it screams of unoriginality and can be off putting to your customer base.

Stay true to your own marketing strategies and try not to let the competition dictate your businesses path.


As mentioned before, there are times where you need to look to others to find out the best strategies for your business. However, this isn’t the only route you can take.

Innovation is the key to success and sticking your neck out in a bold way might garner more attention than performing your everyday tasks. You started this business because you found a unique way to provide a service to your customers, so why not take this approach with your marketing.

The tried-and-true method of marketing has caused some parts of the audience to become tone deaf toward advertisements. Try something new or look to more obscure marketing practices to get your message across. There is a surplus of tech that you can take advantage of to create ads, such as that which is provided by Decibel Ads.

Take a look around and step out of your comfort zone. Every new idea has to start somewhere so why not be the one to provide it.


Business is never easy, and the smallest of hiccups are always around to try and catch you out. However, nothing can get in the way of a strong marketing campaign. With these tips you can put yourself on the path to true success. Take a breath, look at our advice and then forge your businesses future with your creativity.

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