Detailed Guide To Buying Best Floor Lamp For Dark Office

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Selecting the right office furniture for your office is crucial to its success. As the design is concerned one of the two major factors that form the design of a room is the office floor lamp. Therefore putting a lot of thought and time into selecting a floor lamp is worth it. Many options for lighting your office are available online.

Different types of floor lamps for a dark office:

Floor lamps are available in different designs and shapes. Different types of office lamps vary from the height and the lampshade and they have different features like a focused beam of light, ambient, very focused lighting, and others. These types are available with different features and they all have their own impact in the office.

1. Floor Lamp with Most Features:

These floor lamps have extreme features and they are used throughout the day. They include features like high lumen lamps to brighten up the office for all day use. These lamps are mostly floor lamps with very focused beams of light that that are one directional and most of them have dual use for reading and tasks or other purposes which require under focused lighting.

There are also many floor lamps that has all the facilities like celing and wall lamps combined. This kind of lamp has a smart design which makes it very convenient to place where light is needed most.

2. Floor Lamp for Daily Uses:

This type of office furnishing is commonly used for activities that requires under focused lighting like reading and shopping. These lamps can also be attached to the wall as a reading lamp by extending the arm on its back.

3. Floor Lamp for Accent:

These lamps are used as accents and are not easy to read by people who are taking notes or reading. They produce a very radiant and focused light. These kinds of office furnishings, such as a stylish tripod floor lamp, not only provide a very radiant and focused light but also add an extravagant and elegant touch. They are mostly placed in the center of a large room and are used as an accent for the large space.

4. Floor lamps for Heat:

This type of office furnishing lamp heats up during the day and all night when used for long periods of time. People who use this type of lamps continuously experience that their eyes are more comfortable to read.

What type of floor lamp suits a dark office?

First of all, you need to know that floor lamps are not the best option for an office that is too small. This will make the room look cluttered. Floor lamps are simple pieces of art a second thought is a must. It is perhaps the most versatile and flexible piece of decoration. Floor lamps add proper use of hard surfaces and wall space.

One of the most common questions that people ask, how should I assemble a floor lamp? It is very simple.

  • Remove the lampshade and pull out the lamp plug. The lamp has a special plug.
  • Remove the screws of the lamp base.
  • Replace the new or old lamp base.
  • Put a new set of bulbs. Use the best CFL or LED that you can get.
  • Then replace the lampshade. Please be careful while handling the lampshade and base. You can break the brass part by putting pressure on it.
  • Hang up the lamp and enjoy it.

How to choose the best floor lamp for a dark office?

The best way to choose the best floor lamp is to look at what would be helpful for yourself and that would suit your taste. The first step is to have an idea of the type of design or style that you want your floor lamp to be. Next, you want to look for the best deals for your money. Lastly, you need to know your options. Choosing a floor lamp for your office needs is a very personal task. Therefore, when choosing a floor lamp you should make sure to keep in mind your requirements and your tastes.

Choosing the best floor lamp for a dark office is a very easy task when you follow these simple steps:

First, you need to make sure that the kind of floor lamp that you will buy fits well in the environment of your office.

Second, you need to make sure that the kind of floor lamp that you will buy will meet the requirements of your office. If you follow these simple steps then you will not have any trouble in selecting the right floor lamp. Your wish will be your command when it comes to having the best floor lamp.

Choosing the best floor lamp can seem an overwhelming task. There are endless options available. It can be overwhelming to search for the right floor lamp for your office and home. Therefore, look through the list of some of the most going brands of floor lamps. This will help you make a short selection.

The Must-have features in a floor lamp for dark office:

There are many features to look for in a lamp for an office. When looking for a floor lamp there are some factors you need to know:

Lighting power:

Is the lamp powerful enough to lighten up your dark office?

Lampshade type:

Is there a lamp shade that you like or do you want to be creative? Is there a special color that you need?

Lamp base:

Is the base big enough to fit with your furniture?


The material that the lamp is made is important. Your office furniture should be durable and you should be able to use the lamp for a very long period of time. The material should also have a high quality.


You need a floor lamp that is versatile. That way you can use it for multiple purposes.

Lighting Adjustment:

You need a floor lamp that you can adjust the bulb so that the light shines in the right direction.

The take-away is that select an office floor lamp that complements the ambiance in your office and your desired lighting atmosphere. These two factors are the main factors to evaluate a lamp.

Tall by Human Home

This product was recommended by Ash Read from Living Cozy

Human Home is an LA-based brand that designs and produces purpose-driven, architectural lighting objects. Tall is the perfect floor lamp for a dark office as it’s designed to feel like part of the architecture of the space in which it stands. Its simple design will also fit within almost any office style of layout. Tall is also available in two colors to help fit with your exiting office color scheme.

Wi-Fi Smart Floor Lamp

This product was recommended by Matt Breton from BigPawShop

We love this smart floor lamp by Globe Electric we use a couple in the office, we use some for actual lighting and we use some for ambient color to make the space more fun and vibrant.

Brightech Halo Split – Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

This product was recommended by Jen Stark from Happy DIY Home

This lamp offers bright light that can be directioned using the halos. It is dimmable for quiet evening meetings and can be linked to Alexa for smart control. It is sleek and fits well with a modern or minimalistic look.

Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

I have been in search of a good floor lamp for my dark working space. Among the floor lamps I have tried, the best floor lamp for me so far is the Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp. What I love about this floor lamp are:

– It is long-lasting, energy-saving, and eye-protecting.

– It provides a 3000K light.

– This is good whether you have a large office or a small office because it does not take up much space.

– You can adjust its brightness level based on your mood because it has 3 brightness levels.

– Both of its rings are adjustable so you can aim light where you need light.

Japanese Shoji Light

This product was recommended by Peter Head from Japanoscope

Shoji (paper screen) lamps have been used in Japan for centuries to exude a subtle, soft & warm light. The brightness level is actually a great fit for modern uses where you want a subtle light that gives some warmth but which is not invasive. Japanese culture is based around spending time on tatami mat flooring, so floor lamps are the bread and butter of Japanese lighting. If you’re looking for something unique to literally brighten up, in an understated way, an office space, then maybe it’s time to turn Japanese.

Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp

This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

I recommend this product because its blue and white color helps you to stay alert, fresh, and 100 percent focused on your task, be it reading, crocheting, or coding.

Brightech Sparq – Hanging, LED Arc Floor Lamp

This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

I recommend this product because inspires your imagination and sets a cozy, tranquil atmosphere.

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