Content Ideas For Starting A YouTube Channel

Content Ideas For Starting A YouTube Channel
2 years ago

It’s never been a better time to start a YouTube channel. The website is the go-to for all videos online, and it’s estimated that YouTube gets 122 million daily visitors.

The primary source of income for YouTubers is advertising, which pays around $6 per 1000 views. Therefore, if you make a video that gets 1m views, you’ll earn around $6k, which is not too bad.

However, getting started can be difficult. It’s always best to follow your passion, or at the very least create content you’re knowledgeable about. Everyone has things they are able to share with others, whether entertaining or educating.

It doesn’t cost too much to get started either. All you need is a computer and a phone, chances are you’ll already have that, yet the only part where you might be struggling is coming up with content.

Don’t fret, we’re here to help with multiple ideas, and when you’ve started, be sure to check our guide to marketing strategies for your YouTube channel.

Here we go, here are some content ideas to get started on your channel today!

Travel Vlog

To start a travel log you do not necessarily have to book an airplane ticket, and jet set around the world. You can start closer to home, record yourself exploring your hometown or a nearby city, and give value to your audience.

You can marry food and travel too. Odds are, you will have great restaurants near where you live and you can film having a meal and share it on YouTube.


Gaming is a huge part of YouTube, nonetheless to start gaming you might have to invest a little to get started, depending on what game you play. If you prefer strategy games though like chess or blackjack online, you should be able to do this with a regular laptop.

If you would rather watch blackjack being streamed, you can share blackjack strategies with other viewers and provide entertaining commentary. In addition to this, it is beneficial to your potential audience for you to recommend the best online gaming sites. Using comparison sites, players can locate the operators that provide the best casino cashback offers, read unbiased evaluations of each operator, and acquire knowledge on accumulating bonus points.

As there are tons of different variations of blackjack nowadays, you can also stream new ones, which keeps your content fresh and gives your audience ideas for games to play.


If you have a skill that you can share with others, then making tutorials is an excellent way to get views on YouTube. The most common problems are with computers, so if you have a solution to a common problem, just record your screen and narrate.

YouTube can be seen as an online university; people search it to learn new skills from growing an Instagram following to learning English. Therefore, first do your research to see what people are searching for on YouTube, pick the skill you can help people with, then make your content.


As politics is a heated topic, commentary videos do well on YouTube. So whether you’re left or right, or just a satirist, politics is ideal for making content because there are new stories every day.

If you love to keep up with current affairs and can add a humorous or educational twist, then you’ll be on to a winner. After creating your content, the next step is to make social media accounts and network with people who will enjoy your content. Thus, if you’re passionate about Black Lives Matter or climate change, send messages to influencers who could share your content.

With politics, if you are consistent, you can launch a podcast later on when you are getting a good number of views. Another way to monetize your channel is to sell merchandise like t-shirts and mugs.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, here are some ideas to get started if you are considering starting a YouTube channel. All you need to do is be consistent and produce content regularly, and in due time the views and subscribers will increase.

To make extra money, you can get a sponsor or do affiliate marketing, where you sell products to your audience and take a small commission.

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