Circular Valley: First application period for circular economy start-ups ongoing until the end of Aprill 2021

3 years ago
  • Start-up applications on
  • Unique, worldwide hotspot for circular economy
  • Circular Valley offers industrial, scientific and political exchange
  • Intensive and customized support for each start-up
  • Next application period starts in July 2021

Wuppertal, April 22nd 2021 – The application period for circular economy start-ups at Circular Economy Accelerator is set to end in April 2021. Start-ups are able to submit their application using the website

 The application period is currently running for the first batch of start-ups to submit their ideas for closing the material cycle, under the flag of the European Green Deal. “We received applications from young companies from all over the world!“, says initiator of Circular Valley, Dr. Carsten Gerhardt. “Each day it fascinates me how many people are submitting their applications, working on topics related to circular economy all over the world, each on their own. They are united in their approach to reduce emission, achieving ways of real recycling or resource-efficient production of material.”

 After selecting the top 15 start-ups, a unique and worldwide exclusive exchange on industrial, scientific and political topics await the participating companies at Circular Valley. Together they will work on creating recycling methods and techniques. The goal is to make it at the same time more attractive for the economy to recrease the use of scarce and valuable resources. This way emission streams, pollution of earth, air and water, as well as the demand of new resources can be heavily reduced. 

Each year two batches of start-ups work on several topics concerning circular econimics at Circular Valley. The Accelerator provides individual support for each start-up, establishing contacts and opportunities for scientific and economic exchange. Applications for the second batch will be accepted from July until mid-August 2021.

Circular Valley represents a unique, worldwide hotspot for establishing a circular economy. Their ambition is to invent technology to take on the global issue of constantly rising emission streams of more than 100 billion tons each year (CO2, building, production and domestic waste). Most of these emissions are due to our current economic system not using a proper cycle: Material is being produced, used and thrown away. At present a real method of recycling is not possible from a technical side. The result will be us living on a waste side. Start-ups from all over the world come together at Circular Valley to work on a specific topic, trying to create a new material cycle, taking an economic and scientific approach. 

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