Car Accidents in San Diego and the Importance of a Lawyer

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San Diego, California, is home to scores of skyscrapers, with the five-hundred-feet tall One America Plaza being the tallest one at present. Several more are still under construction, waiting to be an addition to the city’s fantastic skyline.

However, the city’s splendid towers, pristine beaches, and high-speed roads often cause congestion, making them dangerous for resident drivers. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer San Diego can help locals who get into these unforeseen and unfortunate accidents.

These expert legal professionals deal with traffic-related incidents every day, helping victims claim compensation and begin their lives afresh. This article will elaborate on how accident attorneys can be beneficial in dealing with automobile crashes.

But first,

A brief look at the causes of accidents in San Diego

A study shows that the inefficient and dilapidated infrastructure in most parts of California, including San Diego, is a significant contributor to unsafe roads. For instance, about forty percent of all road accidents in San Diego occur at prominent and dangerous intersections. These include Front Street and Ash Street, Federal Blvd and Euclid Avenue (Oak Park), Pala Mission Road, and Pala Temecula Road (Pala).

Besides the deteriorating road conditions, night driving is another common reason accidents occur in San Diego. It accounted for almost ten percent of total crashes in the city in 2015, while drunk driving was around twelve percent. Rash driving contributes more than the other reasons for traffic accidents in San Diego, accounting for over twenty-three percent of all crashes in 2015.

The San Diego authorities have vowed to make the roads safer for residents, acknowledging the rise in accidents in the city. To put that plan into action, they have introduced the Vision Zero strategic plan, which aims to reduce crashes and make the roads more accessible.

Why it’s crucial to hire a lawyer?

In the aftermath of a vehicle collision, victims must ensure they are safe, check for injuries, and seek medical attention. They should also take pictures of the scene before they get unintentionally altered.

Besides these critical things, hiring a reliable car accident lawyer in San Diego is imperative if you want any compensation for your suffering. Here’s what a local legal expert can do for you post a car crash.

  • Investigate – The most typical accident injuries in San Diego include fractures, spinal cord injury, eye or brain damage, paralysis, lacerations, and sometimes death. Your lawyer will immediately investigate and assess the extent of your injuries to ensure you receive compensation for the medical expenses, disabilities, loss of wages, property damage, etc.
  • Represent – Speeding, distracted driving, and handling a vehicle under the influence are all illegal in California. A local lawyer has in-depth knowledge of all these regulations, laws, and other legal nuances and will use it to represent you efficiently in court.
  • Settlement – The average accident settlement in California is $14,000 to $30,000, depending on the extent of loss, damages, and the severity of the crash. A good lawyer can get you millions, provided the degree of damage warrants that amount as bruises and cuts can still leave a mark on your body.

So, always remember to contact a reputable San Diego attorney if you or a loved one happens to be the crash victim. They will do the needful and help you get fair compensation for your loss and suffering.

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