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3 years ago
  • Leading relocation agent Perchpeek has revealed the top 10 destinations to ‘work from anywhere’ – according to key factors such as cheap rent, fewest COVID cases, easiest visa applications and the simplest tax systems 
  • Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vietnam are topping the list for Brits based on easy tax processes, happiness levels and percentage of English-speaking residents in its new Relocation Index 
  • For those looking to move to more exotic climes, Vietnam and Taipei come up top for affordable rent and low Covid cases 
  • Perchpeek has facilitated more than 1,400 relocations to 47 countries over the past 12 months – growing by 38% month-on-month 

Amsterdam Copenhagen and Vietnam are the most desirable destinations to ‘WFA’ – work from anywhere – right now, according to global relocation expert Perchpeek and its network of 200 international agents.  

Based on key criteria including the easiest visa applications, most affordable rents, and fewest COVID cases – these are the destinations we can expect to see Brits packing their bags and heading for over the coming months: 

  1. Amsterdam 
  2. Copenhagen  
  3. Vietnam 
  4. Munich 
  5. Taipei  

As we reach nearly a year to the day that two-thirds[1] of us started working from home full or part time, more and more companies are wising up to the fact that employees can be just as productive from their bedroom as they can from the boardroom. As a result, it’s now expected that three quarters of UK businesses will continue to ditch the office way beyond the pandemic[2].  

However, 12 months on from when these COVID-induced changes first came into effect, working from home is becoming old news – it’s working from anywhere that’s tipped to be the next big thing.  

With major global brands like Spotify, Twitter and Reddit announcing remote-first and WFA policies, global relocation agent Perchpeek anticipates that more and more Brits will be packing their bags and heading overseas as soon as the airways allow. 

But it’s not just as straight-forward as grabbing a laptop and hopping on a flight. Working in another country often involves long-winded visa applications, complex tax systems, language barriers, salary exchange rates – and that’s before you throw COVID into the mix.  

To help narrow down the destinations that are the easiest to work abroad in, Perchpeek’s global network of 200 relocation experts have used a combination of their insights and wider industry data to score destinations out of 10 across a range of key areas. 

Paul Bennett, co-founder of Perchpeek, said: “Despite the many unwelcomed challenges COVID has brought, it’s certainly had an interesting impact on the way we work. With so many companies now relaxing their remote working policies, new doors are opening up to Brits in terms of where they are located – and plenty of us are ready to take advantage.  

“Since January 2020, we’ve seen clear month-on-month growth in the number of people starting their relocation journey’s via the Perchpeek platform – over half (52%) of which are international moves.  

“Working from another country is an incredibly exciting and liberating experience, but it’s not without its challenges. Some of the biggest things our customers seek help with is understanding complex international tax systems or applying for international working visas. Quality of life is also something to be seriously considered – will your salary afford you a good lifestyle in your chosen new home? All of these are elements we’ve taken into consideration in our new Relocation Index.”  

Perchpeek Relocation Index*:  

1.     Amsterdam 46 10 1 point for the excellent Dutch work-life balance  
2.     Copenhagen 45 10  
3.     Vietnam 37 10 1 point for Vietnam’s awesome cost of living 
4.     Munich  36 10  
5.     Taipei 34 10 1 point for Taipei’s WiFi speed which is in the top 20 globally 
6.     Sydney 32  
7.     Prague 31  
8.     Luxembourg 26 1 point for Luxembourg’s living standards, which is one of the highest in the world 
9.     Florence 24  
10.   Denver 23 10 1 point for Denver’s stunning scenery 

* Destinations awarded a maximum of 10 points across each category, with 10 being the best  

* Visa and tax processes vary and are often dependent on an individual’s salary and country of origin 

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