BDx CEO to Offer Insight on Digital Transformation, Interconnection and Next-Gen Services Platforms

4 years ago

Big Data Exchange (BDx), a pan-Asian carrier-neutral data center cluster, will start the new year addressing global data center industry trends at the Pacific Telecommunications Council’s PTC ‘21 New Realities annual conference. This year, the event is being held virtually and will offer a three-day platform beginning on January 17 to discover the changes in the ICT industry. Braham Singh, CEO of BDx, was selected to join an esteemed panel of industry experts for the Interconnection and Next Gen Services Platforms session on January 18 at 3:45 p.m. HST.

During this anticipated discussion, Singh and a slate of international panelists hailing from Hong Kong, India, Germany, Netherlands and Hawaii will address the critical role internet exchange platforms continue to play to keep businesses and consumers connected. Panelists will also discuss the importance of digital transformation for enterprises to thrive in a post-pandemic, digital landscape, especially in areas that lack adequate infrastructure. 

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have turned to virtual solutions to stay connected with their workforce and customers. However, nearly half of households worldwide lack internet access. Panelists will explore the challenges and opportunities a more robust internet exchange platform can have on creating stronger opportunities for connections. Moreover, Singh and the panelists will review how Internet exchange points (IXPs) allow different networks to connect and exchange internet traffic in one central point. IXPs have the ability to improve internet quality and affordability in local communities. They can also help strengthen connections, vital for the future. 

Singh and the panelists will also discuss:

  • The impact the pandemic has had on the need for infrastructure at the edge 
  • The role of automation in digital transformation
  • The long-term cost advantages of a multi-cloud approach for businesses

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About BDx

Big Data Exchange (BDx) is a Pan Asian data center cluster with sites throughout Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore. Its unique hybrid cloud, connectivity and colocation solutions offer unparalleled security and reliability for the IT infrastructure of its global clientele. As a carrier-neutral provider, BDx creates a secure hybrid ecosystem with its BDx SoftConnect, BDx Armour, and BDx Single Pane offerings, providing connectivity solutions across Asia. By using BDx automated modules, BDx is able to provide customers with a level of customization that rivals competitors in efficiency and cost, offering them the ability to manage physical racks with the same ease as working in public clouds. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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