Are Casino Promotions Setting the Bar too High for Other Industries?

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3 years ago

Online casinos have always been way ahead of other industries when it comes to offers and promotions online. It’s because the gambling sector is so competitive, and for operators to entice players to their sites they need to dangle a tempting carrot in front of them. The thing is, though, that online casino offers have become so good, it’s hard for marketers in other industries to pass off their less-desirable freebies. This means that advertisers should opt for different tactics to attract customers.

Online Casino Bonuses Now Offer Players so Much

It seems that welcome bonuses have been available at online casinos since time immemorial. They swiftly came into fashion in the early days of digitalized gambling games, and as the number of sites has increased, the offers have become more generous. Take the 100 free spins on Paddy Power, for example. Players can access these and use them on a Daily Jackpot game. All they need to do is deposit £10 of their own money first. 

Free spins offers like these have come about because players are used to finding deposit match bonuses at most sites, and have almost become desensitized towards them. Because slots are the most popular gambling games, players love to see promotions that can be instantly used on them. Players even have a chance to win money from these bonuses, and other industries simply can’t contend with such generous promotions.

Other Industries Offer Freebies but Nowhere Near the Same Scale

Special offers and freebies are commonplace across other industries, especially those that operate in saturated online markets. There are so many deals on entertainment services, apps, and business-based products that it’s hard to keep track of them all. For instance, LinkedIn’s range of premium services all come with a free month, as do subscription services like Amazon Prime Video and Spotify.

Online marketers know the importance of a tantalizing offer to up the clickthrough rate on ads, and starting a Facebook ads campaign without one would be resigning to failure from the outset. However, these hooks are nowhere near the levels of what’s offered by online casinos. Indeed, they usually come in the form of a heavy discount on an initial purchase of a product or a free consultation with an expert. The question is, is this enough in the modern age of exceptional offers?

Marketers Need to Adapt Their Techniques to Sell Products and Services

The reality is that no matter what marketers offer in their ads, these hooks will never be as good as what consumers can find in other online industries. This means that advertisers need to get more creative with their approach, without solely relying on the freebie to garner clicks.

One of the best methods to do this is to conduct extensive market research into the company’s ideal demographic. The more knowledge a marketer has, the greater focus they can have with their ad copy. Rather than place emphasis on the offer, marketers can try to address the dream customer’s pains and offer them a solution.

It could be argued that the online casino industry has set the bar too high on offers and promotions, but this doesn’t mean that marketing in other sectors will fail. Marketers simply have to refine their techniques to speak to the desires of their clientele and give them a reason to click aside from the offer.

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