Amba Launches Pioneering HR Technology

3 years ago

Amba, formerly PES, the employee benefits consultancy, is launching innovative, environmentally focused workplace technology,Lumina. The new platform presents a total rethink of the types of workplace benefits that Generation Z and Millennial employees are motivated and engaged by. Lumina will allow employers to give their staff the means to manage their working lives, including more choice and control over their employee benefits package, offering them access to the UK’s broadest range of ethical benefits.

Lumina is a mobile first, digital platform, housing live links to all of an employee’s HR systems in one central hub, from payslips, HRIS integration, ISAs and pensions, through to healthcare, salary sacrifice schemes and wellbeing benefits. The new platform is accessible to businesses of any size, regardless of sector or maturity in providing benefits to staff.

In addition, the Lumina platform features exclusive access to the ‘greenest’ and most ethical employee benefits available. The portal plays host to a number of unique features, including Lumina Electric, Lumina Care, Lumina Money, Lumina Calm and Lumina Flex. Here, employers can offer their staff access to ethical benefits options, including contributions towards electric vehicles, wellbeing apps and green savings initiatives.

Tobin Murphy-Coles, CEO at Amba, comments: “Over the past few years there has been a dramatic shift in both the demographic of the UK workforce and the values that they hold true. The things that matter most to employees have changed. There’s much more focus on the ethical and sustainable values of a company. It is crucial that these values are reflected in the types of benefits a business offers in order for it to remain competitive. Young people want good benefits that do good too. That’s where Lumina steps in.” 

Amba is introducing this innovative new technology to help employers reflect the changing views of modern-day employees. With Millennials and Gen Z now making up over 50 percent of the workforce, salary is no longer king, and the next generation of talent are putting far more emphasis on ethics, culture and sustainability.

Designed in response to this shift in priorities, the Lumina Money scheme, which is featured on the portal, gives employees a much greater freedom to decide where their money is being spent. For instance, staff using the programme can choose to put money into ISAs instead of their pension and swap holiday days for additional salary. The innovative platform will also offer access to the world’s first net zero pension, in partnership with Cushon.

Troy Clutterbuck, Managing Director at Cushon, comments: “What most people don’t appreciate is that benefits packages can have a negative impact on the environment. Take pensions for example, the average UK pension pot finances an average of 23 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. To counteract this, we would need to recycle for 19 years, or plant 30 acres of new forest. By offering access to our world first net zero pension through Lumina, Amba is giving employers the opportunity to show they understand this and are responding to the needs and wants of their employees, setting them ahead of their competition in the race for talent.”

In addition, the brand-new Lumina Care proposition presents a unique opportunity for small and medium sized employers to access medical insurance in a cost-effective way by coming together as community of businesses inside a healthcare trust. Created in partnership with Healix, the trust is built on the premise that all members should have access to full medical history disregarded healthcare. Once part of the Lumina Care scheme, employers will be offered the opportunity to leverage their wellbeing programmes to reduce future premiums. Every Lumina Care member will be given access to the Earthmiles workplace wellbeing app plus a wearable, with the analytics generated, including data relating to exercise and nutrition, used to lower future premiums for all trust members.

Commenting on Lumina Care, Ian Talbot, Commercial Director at Healix, said: “We are delighted to partnering with Amba. The ethos behind the joint Lumina proposition we have created was built on the need for sustainable, stable and community focused healthcare. We also look forward to working with Earthmiles as we collectively seek to prove that businesses that embrace wellbeing will have more stable medical costs in the future.”

Tobin Murphy-Coles concludes: “The fight for top talent is changing and is fiercer than ever. Businesses and HR teams need to be aware that there is a shift in the demands of the modern employee. There is an employee revolution coming and the Lumina platform is at the forefront of this movement. Companies and HR teams who come on board now will be operating in a different benefits league from their competitors.”

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