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Starting a new company is no easy feat and the tech industry is a particularly challenging one. Is there space in the market for your product? Where can you search for the parts you need? How do you market a new tech business? There are probably a million questions running through your head. Here we have accumulated some of the best advice on how to break into the industry.

Focus on one problem

Focus is key. Focusing on one problem ensures the entire company is working towards the same goal and a marketable product will emerge much quicker. You likely have limited resources and you do not want to waste them following a multitude of issues and trying to solve every problem in one product.

Over assess the risks

It is always better to over-assess the risks and prepare for the worst when you are embarking on a new project. You do not want to underestimate the situation and fall behind trying to make up for your ill-preparedness. Pay extra attention and put in extra resources into creating an excellent risk management plan and do not underestimate the market!

Build solutions, not features

Your approach should be very customer-centric, and you need to spend time researching the market and understanding your clients’ needs. Customers buy solutions to their problems and your product should relieve the pains of your potential customers and help improve their lives. Do not design something just because you have a cool idea, build products that people need and will solve a problem they have.

Create a culture of trust within your company

Focus on small milestones in your team and cultivate a culture of trust. The benefit of being a small business is that you have a close-knit team of innovative minds all working collectively towards a goal – this is where you are at an advantage when up against the tech giants.

Surround yourself with experts

An entrepreneur cannot do everything themselves; you need to get advice and insight from the tech experts in the fields related to the product you are producing. Delegate responsibility to these people so you can focus on the bigger picture and work on growing the organization through business operations.

Pay attention to regulations

A subtle yet crucial factor that often eludes new tech ventures is regulations. Institutes around the world have implemented restrictive regulatory laws and they are constantly changing. Pay close attention to these and adhere to them at all times. By ignoring these rules you are only sabotaging yourself.

Validate your value proposition

Pitch your product to at least 25 potential customers for enterprise business-to-business products. Listen to their feedback and act on it. Customers are the ones that can save you when everything else is down, so get them rooting for you right from the start.

Change the day-to-day game

Solve problems that have not yet been solved. Think outside of the box. It will be much easier to find success when you are dealing with a problem that has not been solved by other products because you will be the only product of its kind on the market.

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