A Complete Guide to Facial Recognition Software for Security Cameras

4 years ago

Facial Recognition CCTV – one of the latest developments in the field of video monitoring and surveillance solutions, is the perfect technology for organizations requiring the implementation of comprehensive and proactive security protection strategies (Government bodies, border protection agencies, banks, major events, etc.).

What is Facial Recognition Software?

The answer to what is facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

Why do you need Facial Recognition Software for Security Cameras?

For a number of reasons. Facial recognition allows you to effectively identify individuals in a crowd, when they are not present in any databases. With this software, you can effectively protect your resources by increasing the accuracy of employee identification.

What is the difference between Facial Recognition and Face Detection?

They are both part of a broader and more advanced software platform designed for camera surveillance and video monitoring activities.

While face detection uses image recognition to detect human faces in an image or frame from a video source, a facial recognition system can identify or verify a person.

What are the three major types of facial recognition software?

You might have come across the following terms while looking for a facial recognition solution for your security cameras:

Face Detection – The detection of human faces in an image in the video frame.

Face Recognition – The identification and verification of a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

3D Face Recognition – The identification, verification and analysis of the shape of the face of a person in a video frame from a video source.

How does facial recognition work?

Let’s say you are running a food business, and at some point someone tries to exit with unpaid merchandise. In this scenario, your security cameras would recognize the face of the offender in the frame and send it to your system. The system would immediately alert you and queue an event with the following parameters: an IP camera monitoring video source, date and time, detected face and person’s profile.

Any of the following situations can act as triggers for the message queues:

  • Security staff manually activates the facial recognition system;
  • Significant variability in a person’s appearance;
  • Combination of several facial features;
  • Poor quality images;
  • System detection.

Benefits of Facial Recognition

Facial recognition could be a great benefit to your business. Here are the main advantages of this technology:

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the identification of individuals; Increase the speed of identifying lost children or patients; Reduce the chances of identity theft; Computers with facial recognition software can instantly correct incorrect responses from security personnel and, as such, greatly improve their identification accuracy.

What are the requirements for the implementation of a video surveillance system with facial recognition software?

The main prerequisites for successful deployment of this technology involve selecting a system that:

Can recognize faces and detect people in a video frame from various conditions and angles; Is able to capture faces through solid, semi-transparent, and reflective surfaces, as well as from moving objects; Operates in different weather conditions (under direct sunlight, at night, etc.); Has the ability to use IP cameras and network surveillance cameras when recognizing people’s faces; Matches faces to databases of previous criminal offenders, or people on a list of suspended or non-Permitted individuals; Is easily manageable by the security team; Can be integrated with existing video management systems and access control systems; Can be configured by IT professionals; Can be monitored on site.


At the beginning of the section, we stated that facial recognition software is one of the most effective and useful solutions for camera surveillance and video monitoring activities, and if you are looking for a security provider for your company, you know what to look for.

But how much does this wonder-software will cost? The answer is “it depends”. Generally speaking, the facial recognition software used by security professionals equipped with digital cameras is priced at roughly $ 3000.

If you do not have the cameras, you should also be prepared to add another $ 3000 to the initial cost. Facial Recognition Software for Security Cameras costs $ 3000 to $ 15,000 for setup, with the average enterprise expenditure falling around $ 5000.

How Facial Recognition Software Works When Creating a Profile

Facial Recognition Technology is usually working with video frames or static images, which helps to determine distinctive characteristics or characteristics of the person’s face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.). This is achieved through mathematical algorithms.

The facial recognition software algorithm analyzes the face and creates a generic template. Having solved the primary task, the software creates a “code” of the face and pre-stored in a database. This is done by comparing the features of the other faces, such as the eyes, nose, mouth. If the computer finds a match, facial recognition software signals a potential recognition.

These are the outcomes of this type of software:

Note: If the verification occurs with a satisfactory result, then the system verifies the identity of the recognized person and implements the necessary actions.

The main stages of working with facial recognition software

On the development of a video surveillance with facial recognition software there are six main stages:

Training. The program creates the primary facial identification profile by analyzing the facial features from the video frame.

Scanning. A person scans his/her face in the camera lens.

Verification. The software compares a person’s scan to the primary and secondary (secondary memory serves to enhance identification) to verify the identity of the scanned person.

Comparison. Having confirmed the identity of the scanned person, the software compares facial features to the person’s photo in the database, to confirm the identity of another person.

Confirmation. If the software is unable to confirm a person’s identity, the system immediately sends you an alarm.

Events and Reports. The system extracts and stores important information from the video surveillance system, and provides an audit report. A user may assign various recognition tasks.

Potential downsides to Facial Recognition Software for Security Cameras

This is not a complex software solution, but it does not mean that it does not have any pitfalls. Therefore, before you start using facial recognition security cameras, you should address the following questions:

Due to the novelty of the technology and high expectations of consumers, companies often turn to overseas production. However, in most cases, it will be better to use a system developed in your country. This is due to the potential misuse of software, which can lead to more problems than gains.

Therefore, when choosing a facial recognition system, we recommend that you choose a domestic brand. The other thing we should consider is the choice of the camera. If you want to use a hardware platform with an integrated camera, then tell the development institution of the need for integration.

You should choose a camera with a large number of pixels and frame per second, as well as wide-angle lenses. Software facial recognition does not differ in its essence from other kinds of recognition technology, but hardware is its core so take into account issues of its operation.

Choose software systems that are constantly developed and improved. In “millennial” terms, the modern standard for facial recognition systems should be support for an accuracy rate of at least 99%.

Of course, there are many companies that produce systems with facial recognition software, but only a few of them have developed an ideal system that can be used for surveillance purposes.

Considerations before buying Facial Recognition Software for Security Cameras

According to experts, there are several things that a facial recognition surveillance system should have:

Optical resolution.

Due to the fact that the main task of the software is analysis of images, the higher the resolution, the better it works. The minimum resolution is 0,3Mpx.

The speed and accuracy of the results work.

For example, the main criterion of the software is how quickly it can detect a person in the image frame. Some systems can identify people very quickly in the video frame, but can not identify the person from the camera that is located in the distance.

The correct operation of the facial recognition software is directly dependent on the quality of the camera, since small deviations from the correct distance and angle can significantly affect the accuracy of the system’s work.


It is one of the most important requirements. The main criterion for getting standard accuracy is the storage of the image database. There is no point in talking about how accurate the software is if the image base is not enough.

Block mode.

If a person’s face is captured, the system stores this information in a “code” and presents it to other cameras. In case there is no positive result, the system can immediately allow access.

As a conclusion, we can say that the use of Facial Recognition Software for Security Cameras is a relatively new technology for surveillance.

But we already know about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of software. All the above-mentioned points should be taken into account and considered while choosing the system.

In addition, it is important to remember the security of your data. Yes, modern technologies provide us with many opportunities, but users may be faced with various problems.

What should be done to avoid a security breach:

First, do not disclose the information about your password and username to anyone.

Second, the stored information can be stored on any third-party site, and a smart hacker can easily find and steal all the information stored on this database.

Third, consider how important the information is that will be stored in the system. And unless there is no information that you would not like to be made public, do not save it.


Facial recognition software is one of the most interesting and topical technologies. Many people are working as well as researching this technology.

The facial recognition application area is very broad, which helps to automate a variety of processes. This technology is gaining popularity day by day.

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