A Complete Guide To CRM For Recruitment

4 years ago

A recruitment CRM is a recruiting software that companies use to engage candidates when they apply to work at their company. By employing timely and relevant automated communication to nurture candidates, a business can preserve relationships with candidates over time in a central place.

Such type of software – customer relationship management tool – is commonly used in marketing to engage customers. But how does this help recruiters with finding (and hiring) the best talent for their business?

What Is A CRM System?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and facilitates team communication. Cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke apps.

Why Do You Need A CRM For Recruitment?

There are two compelling reasons for having one.

It Saves Time

CRM for recruitment allows you to focus on the activities that you are best at rather than spending hours on data entry and management. To maintain consistency and reduce the risk of errors, you should always use CRMs which are integrated with your calendar and email. This will ensure that no data is lost.

It Helps You Attract Top Talent

Does your recruiting process work? The challenge with recruitment is that it is more of an art than a science. Apart from the need to find great people, companies need to consider the conditions they offer to candidates and to optimize them for the best results. Recruitment agencies often use CRM software to help them manage their recruitment operations and build strategic accounts for their clients.

What Do You Need To Use It?

A recruitment CRM must:

Be Very Easy To Use

It has to be able to support all of your team members, including part-time and contractors, and be flexible enough to scale with your growing business.

Save You Time

You need to be able to create a system where you spend less time filling in forms and having to manually input every bit of information.

Be Cheap – Not Expensive

The CRM should not get in the way of running your business. It is supposed to optimize your business and not burden it. A fee-based system, rather than a traditional installation, is best. Understanding your business and your current processes will help you build a solid custom CRM – one that includes processes that are meaningful to your business.

 interface that makes using this product a breeze. The one-click activity adds to its overall ease of use.

Intelligent Search

With the Intelligent Search, you can search for candidates by way of their first name, past company, past location, as well as other attributes. You can easily find all the information you need to continue your recruiting process.


Associations allow you to classify candidates into groups and follow up on them in groups. What this means is that you can customize and configure your search groups according to your requirements.

The ‘Association’ field allows you to assign a group to yourself or to the candidate. From this, you can filter candidates simply by looking at the groups’ statistic, rather than going through each candidate one by one.

What Consultants Say About It:

“As soon as the candidate applies for a job, their information gets automatically place into the appropriate job position in the system. This way, you can target your candidate with the appropriate messaging and eliminate the time-consuming task of cross-referencing information that you would otherwise have to do.”


“A CRM system should be able to have a recurring schedule of emails sent to the customer and should be able to track if the email was opened. You should be able to send out an email to all of the leads that you have that have not been responded to in a certain amount of time, maybe 24 hours.”


“Our recruiter’s CRM system is designed to bring together job information from across the entire website and organize it for the recruiter by giving them access to a central database of information.”


CRM is a core tool that every business needs. From its range of functions ranging from sales management and communication, to customer service and forecasting, it will help you manage your company’s relationships with customers in a more efficient, less time-consuming manner.

Recruitment is a critical component of any business and requires the right recruiting CRM. It supports recruitment teams in recruiting smarter with automated workflows and analytics, recruiting faster, using technology, while making it easier for candidates to apply.

An ideal recruiting CRM uses deep vertical functional knowledge, superior tech integration, customized process templates and analytics to empower recruiters to become more successful in their job.

Benefits Of CRM For Recruitment

There are many benefits of CRM for recruitment.

Gross Profitability

One of the most important benefits is that it helps to increase gross profitability. The tools which are used for the purpose of recruitment are specifically used for the purpose of recruitment. These premises will be very useful for both the candidates and the recruiters.

The candidates can also find out the availability of the jobs instead of wandering around for the right job or wasting their time. While the recruiters can analyze the demand, supply, and the potential areas where the candidates can be recruited.

Job Opportunity

The candidates can also get the job opportunities from the recruitment software. The recruiters are also benefited because they can provide their quality services to the candidate and the candidate can get quality products also.

Won’t Miss The Leading Candidate

In this software, the recruiters and candidates will never miss a leading candidate. There have been many interviews lost due to the unavailability of the candidates. But now, by using the software the recruiters and candidates will never miss a leading candidate. It will be a three-sided benefit for both the parties.

The Recruiters Can Send Feedback

The main benefit of the recruitment software is that one can get an ability to send a feedback. The candidate can also get a feedback from every type of recruitment.

The candidate can easily get the feedback from the recruiters with a recruiter software. It can be described by the fact that candidate can also take the recruiter information from the recruitment is.

The Candidate Can Apply Straight With The Recruiters

The main benefit of the recruitment software is that the candidate can apply for the jobs without exchanging the detail information to the recruiters. The candidates who do not want to wait for the job advertisement, they can take a job without waiting for the job to advertise.

The Candidates Can Also See The Latest Job Information

When the candidate will be using the application, they can also get the latest job information for their help. They also can easily find out about the information about the potential area of the job. One can also apply for the job by creating a profile in the specific recruitment software.

Give Away The Resume In The Right Format

The recruiters can give away the resume in the right format that are uniquely designed by the recruiters. This can make the candidates feel relaxed and avoid much disturbance while filling up the details in the recruitment software itself.

Find Out About The Vacancies

One can also apply to the job by using the recruitment software. The recruiters can also give the information about the vacancies of the jobs. They can easily find out the information about the jobs used with the recruitment software.

Readily Find Out Your Competition

The main benefit of using the software is that one can get ready data regarding your competition’s job advertisements, the number of the job advertisement, type of the job advertisement. All the candidates can read the vacancies right from the recruitment software. It will be very much beneficial for the candidates to apply for a job.

Intelligent Search

The recruiters can also search for the candidates by way of the first name, past company, past location, and other attributes. They can also get the list of all the candidates who are applicable to the job.


The main benefit of using the software is that one can easily create the groups by using the features of the recruitment software. While looking for the candidates, one can easily filter the list of the candidates with the help of the groups created by the recruiters.

Customer And Candidate Data

In the recruitment software, the recruiters can store the digital version of the candidates and customers data. These data can be handled with the help of the recruitment software very smoothly.

Pipeline Management

A user can easily plan and manage their pipeline in the specific recruitment software. It becomes simpler with the help of the recruitment software. One can handle their pipeline in the specific recruitment software.

Activity Stream

One can easily get visibility of their activities in the recruitment software. You can also catch the time when you are towards action or passive. It will help you to change the state of your actions.

Social Integration

One can easily integrate their social media accounts by using the specific recruitment software. The employers can make contact with the potential employees. It will improve the productivity in every way.


The recruiters can also search for the potential employees with the help of the recruitment software. The recruiters can get access to the powerful search engine.


The recruiters can also get inspired by the recruitment software. One can also understand that what they can do using the analytics. It will help them to improve the company’s position by making them give better recruiting solutions and frameworks.

Data Validation

One can also get the better data validation by the recruitment software. Even the candidate can get the best data validation by the recruitment software.


The software helps to go directly to the potential candidate by the applicant. You can also get access to the social network in an easier way.

There are many recruitment software that are available on the internet. But opting for the right recruitment software is very essential.

There a few things that one needs to check while choosing the right recruitment software. These are enlisted in the next part.

  • Considerations when buying a CRM for recruitment
  • Considering the search capabilities with the recruitment software

It is one of the most efficient ways to find out the potential candidate in the shortest time. For this, you need to check whether the recruitment software has the advanced search engine to search for a potential candidate from your company.

Training And Support Provided By The Recruitment Software

One of the best things in a recruitment software is that it can provide training and support for the users. The best recruitment software will provide the training to the recruiters and candidates.

You need to check the type of training provided by the recruitment software. You can also go for the responsive support team.

Privacy Of The Candidates

The next important thing is privacy of the candidates. You need to check whether the recruitment software have the right privacy for the candidates on it’s website.

To make the recruitment process easy, you need to check whether the recruitment software have the right privacy of the candidates.

The Integration Of The Software

One of the best things in a recruitment software is that you can get the the best integration of the recruitment software. It makes your recruitment process easier. You can easily integrate the recruitment software with the business apps.

One of the best ways to test the right supplier is that one should have the best integration with the business apps that make the recruitment process easier.

How Secure Is The Software?

One of the best things in the recruitment software is that the users can understand the level of security provided by the recruitment software. One also needs to check that the recruitment software is having the right security features and security measure for keeping the candidates’ details safe.

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