A Complete Guide To CRM For Property Management

4 years ago

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can often feel like an extra pair of hands when you need them most. There are many CRMs out there for property management companies to use. They will help you to automate tasks that you may not be already outsourcing to your software.

A quality CRM can help you to craft agile marketing campaigns, and they will save you money at the same time!

What Is A CRM System?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and facilitates team communication. Cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke apps.

Why Do You Need A CRM For Property Management?

We’ve boiled it down to the top 3 reasons why every property management company needs a professional CRM for their business:

Your CRM Can Improve Your Customer Service.

CRM software can put customer support at your fingertips and achieve a huge increase in efficiency. It can cut down on time handling phone calls at the office and increase the number of satisfied and friendly customers.

Your CRM Can Increase The Number Of Leads To Your Business.

Imagine this, your company has 15% more leads than its competitors! Would you not like to enjoy a 15% increase in revenue every year? It’s possible with a CRM at your side.

Your CRM Can Bolster Your Reputation.

Good customer service can enhance your reputation and your business will prosper. Your CRM will make communication with customers quick, easy, and efficient, with just a few clicks.

Benefits Of A CRM For Property Management

A CRM brings several benefits to the table:

A CRM Opens Up New Opportunities Of Business Growth.

A CRM system can help you to quickly respond to market changes by bringing data from disparate applications into one eCommerce system. Various departments all over the globe can be managed from one place and make the most of their qualities.

A CRM Improves Efficiency Across Borders And Cultures.

The global economy is running on cloud computing, anytime and anywhere access to data is absolutely vital. Today’s users want a seamless, convenient and mobile experience. A CRM can manage your business from anywhere in the world, from any device at any time.

A CRM Allows You To Generate Relevant Statistical Information.

Your CRM will cut down the time it takes to get data into your application. It will help you to get information such as high-intent home mover data from everywhere and provide you with fast data snippets and instant analysis.

A CRM Improves Information Accessibility And Efficiency.

It will also make the information you have already got available in a timely fashion. It provides the flexibility to view information from anywhere in the world.

A CRM Puts Your Customer At The Center Of The Universe.

Your CRM will help you to understand your customer, interact with them and make their lives better. This is the number one reason why you should choose a CRM. It should be your portal for your customer and always be within their reach. It is a tool that helps your customers get things done fast and easily, keeping them happy.

What Features Should A CRM For Property Management Have?

Most CRM software will have some common features that almost all of them will have. These features are:

Multi-Channel Communication.

With CRM, customers receive notifications from a variety of channels. This helps to mitigate situations of delayed communications. Get your customers notified on their preferred channel- email, sms, social media just to name a few.

Efficient Management.

Efficiently manage everything relevant to your business from one place, and let your team access it from anywhere in the world.

Security And Reliability.

CRMs have in place ways to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber risks including cyber fraud and cybercrime. Intrusion prevention, Application Whitelisting, and Device Anti-virus are some of the security features that will be part of your CRM package.

Growth Opportunities.

A capable CRM system helps you to grow your business by empowering you to access pertinent information anywhere and at any time.


As mentioned above, mobile airtime is at an all-time low. This is why CRMs are ditching the desktop and allowing you to get to your data anytime from anywhere.


This is a given. With CRMs, you can get organised, easily manage people and projects, stay connected to all elements of your business, simplify routine tasks and more.

How Can A CRM For Property Management Improve Your Sales?

Under the management of a CRM software, you can offer better services to your clients, help you to remain on top of the competition, encourage referrals and most importantly, improve the bottom line.

Track Your Sales Pipeline.

Build a more efficient pipeline and track your marketing efforts. A CRM gives you the power to track each and every lead, and market to the leads until they’re finally converted into sales.

Secure Your Productivity And Customer Satisfaction.

CRMs facilitate positive customer interactions and productive exchanges, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, they can automate your routine tasks and improve the quality of your services.

Make Powerful Communication With Clients.

With a CRM, your client can find your information and communicate with you easier than ever. This means that they can easily keep track of their investment and most importantly, you can help them to get the most out of it.

Opportunities For Growth.

For companies with the right CRM, growth is their future. It’s not just about business, but also about the people in it.

Identify Your Ideal Customer.

With a CRM, you can segment and identify your ideal customers. Then, you can sell to them to increase your revenue.

Easy To Market And Sell.

You can promote your property listings to your prospects using your CRM software. It’s a great system to record and track all your leads.

Everything In One Place.

With your CRM, everything is in one place, the place where you need it most and that is all about the customer.

To support you in your task of choosing the right CRM For Property Management, we have compiled some helpful tips for you. The right CRM can be accessible from anywhere in the world. It is easy to update your data and find prospects. It’s able to import leads from your website, and other places.

Your CRM must allow you to manage every stage of the customer’s journey, from lead to sale.

Your CRM platform should enable you to recognise and get closer to the customer’s real needs, wants, and preferences.

Many CRM platforms also incorporate some of the most useful technologies, such as predictive analytics and sentiment analysis.

All these features and pre-requisites will help you to create lists of prospects based on their properties, status, and other criteria. This will help you find just the right client for your product or service.

Your CRM should enable you to enter prospects into a database and track their behavior in relation to your business.

The CRM for property should also keep you informed of anything that relates to the prospect and track all their actions. The best CRM software will allow you to perform this analysis without requiring any complex software or data analytics.

A CRM for property management must enable you to lead your sales team efficiently and remain on top of your training needs. Your CRM should be able to review every lead and give you a clear picture of the pipeline. The system must track the lead generation process and create contacts on a sales team.

You will need to make an assessment and estimate the probability of converting the potential customers into sales; this is possible with a CRM. You will need a CRM that keeps track of your sales and marketing activities, and all the general information from your organisation. You will find a helpful CRM if it offers lead managing and lead tracking features.

Tips For Picking A CRM For Property Management

When you’re looking to find a CRM software to drive your property management, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. With all kinds of CRM systems available, it may not be easy to know which one is best for your company.

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you when searching for a CRM for property management.

Avoid Free CRM For Property Management

It may seem like a good idea to go with a free CRM system, but bear in mind that you get what you pay for. Free CRM will often lack some key features that would be needed to effectively run your business but might be available in paid versions. These features could include powerful marketing tools, an intuitive interface and strong account administration.

Consider The Kind Of Property Management You Locate

Before purchasing a CRM system, you should consider the kind of property management you work with. For example, if you lease and rent office spaces, you might find that a CRM software designed for property management software will be more beneficial than a CRM designed for property rental and lease management.

Look At CRM For Property Management Application Integrations

A CRM For Property Management software might have integration capabilities that allow it to interact with other applications. Having these integrations will allow you to choose the best technologies available on the market.

Consider Online Or Hosted CRM For Property Management

There are many options when it comes to CRM for property management software. You should consider whether you want an online CRM tool or a hosted CRM tool. A hosted CRM tool will be hosted on your own servers or a provider’s servers, while an online CRM tool will be hosted on the provider’s servers and you will likely not have the option to migrate your data to another provider.

CRM For Property Management should be your Property Management if you want to be successful with your property management business. If not, you will probably need to spend much time manually organizing and managing your clients information and the tasks.

You will also have no data points to guide your decisions and predict future trends. A CRM for property management software allows you to develop a strong base of data and builds strong habits that you can take with you as you grow your business into a leading enterprise.

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