A Complete Guide Marketing Strategy To Attract Students

4 years ago

Understand what are the best marketing strategies for attracting new students and how to put them into practice in your educational institution.

For you who are going to read this article, it may seem repetitive, but, after acting as a specialist in attracting students in the education segment, I realized that the London Educational Institutions (IE) invest a significant budgetary amount for fundraising in several actions, which may include:

  • offline actions (traditional media, outdoor, backbus, radio, TV and events);
  • paid ads on Google (Google Ads);
  • paid ads on social networks (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads);
  • Content Marketing (Inbound, blog, organic, social);

email marketing (automation, nutrition flows, newsletter).

In other words, there were many aspects to be considered to attract new students. The good news is that there are many strategies and successful tactics to apply to counteract it all. Your students might be so into your institution they will go to websites like My Custom Essay to get their work done as fast as possible.

On this subject and on the countless others, we analyzed the best success stories of educational institutions that are among the best in the country. Nevertheless, here are a few formulas that can be applied to your institution to get students in the sense of a virtue and not of hunger.

Provide an excellent experience for the students

A fundamental condition in the recruiting process is to show to potential students the worth of your education.

Create your own College romance by providing the students an experience of something special, doing the right things together, exploring, finding a thing to do.

If you are not doing this now, make sure to initiate it early.

According to research form the marketing company ComScore, the average person uses 20 different apps per month, so start by getting them to see what a useful thing your institution can offer them.

And this is not without effect in the chase for students.

What will you add to the campus life?

The first thing to do is to study the industry and determine how to discuss the student’s needs. Often students hire out to writing services such as domyessay.com because their needs are not met. In London, for example, there are many competitive choices and this can cause true difficulties in the recruitment process.

For this reason, many businesses have come up with ways to design packages that are unique and that allow students to discover the campus and the city. This shows the right culture and experience of the company.

This placement allows the students interested in your institution to click, sharing your campus with their friends, which generates leads for your institution.

And when you have a good student population based on these leads, you have a chance of attracting more new students from that point onward.

Another recommendation that I have learned from Sidney Crosby’s program to recruit students, is to provide present academic curriculum options for new students.

This is a convenient way of attracting students and a way of increasing the duration of your student population in London, which in turn will increase the chances of attracting other new students.

Social Media management

Thanks to social media, you can do whatever you want.

Still, this is a discussion area that does not have to be neglected.

It may seem a kind of secondary act that you leave aside, but it is important because it can lead to the profitability of your own company.

The first thing to do is to regularly optimize your blogs and social networks, sharing great things that you like, interesting activities and news that your students can find interesting.

This makes you more attractive to students and it makes them want to join your campus.

Too much time could be spent focused on social media, but an interesting fact is that 20% of students that have a positive experience with social media decide not to go to university.

The best way to attract new students is to make sure that they share what you do and you should not think that every method is good or bad.

Challenge anyone who would dare to tell you that social media is not part of the recruitment process, because the truth is that it is not.

Inbound marketing

A proper and effective marketing strategy is to always be present online and increase the visibility of your institution.

The response to this challenge is to create content that is useful and interesting for potential students without sounding too promotional.

This approach seems to be more suitable for creating long-term relationships with students, because it avoids creating short-term relationships.

This means that you make a detailed analysis of your students to find out if they are passionate about particular subjects so that you can post it on your website and social networks.

Then, you create content about that subject that will be interesting for them and that they will share among their friends.

This is very positive for your institution and for your students, because it leads them to be interested in your institution.

Pay attention to the word-of-mouth

This time, it is not considered a promotional tactic, but if you are able to make money from it, consider it as a method that can help you to recruit students.

We can give you a few examples of institutions that are doing a good job in attracting new students in this sector.

The University Of Minnesota:

Margaret Tucker, the Dean of Administration at the University of Minnesota says that it is essential to focus on strategies that convert incoming students into later ones, and that the best way to do this is to promote the university as a cultural experience and to create a campus environment of cooperation.

The University of New Mexico is another example of an institution that has focused on word of mouth in the recruitment process.

The university has used the “Mile High Club” campaign, which is a very successful advertising campaign that has promoted and promoted the university to young professionals.

Let’s take another example. The University of Arizona is one of the top universities in the country for putting into action inbound marketing strategies, including social media.

Moreover, the University has used the campaign “How to be a Wildcat,” aimed at recruiting students from the Ivy League and high schools.

Create a team with the students and parents

The strategy to attract students is not only in the recruitment process, it also has to be to make it easier for students to integrate socially with your institution.

To do this, you have to create a relationship with your students and their parents. More precisely, to make them feel comfortable with the institution.

One of the techniques to do this involves making sure that students can attend everything and anything you do.

Of course, that is not a team that is always clear, especially in face of different class levels, but it is possible.

Moreover, you must get to know what your students think, what they like and what they would like to see in your institution with their friends.

You must offer them the opportunity to tell you about their current experience of the institution.

This can be achieved via a blog on your website, a video on Facebook, a survey on your institution’s website or the integration of your profile on a social network.

Incentivize students to apply

To bring new students to your institution, you need strategies that encourage them to apply.

In doing so, you have to take into account a few things. Many students admit that they are too ashamed of their grades in the application process to show off their grades, while it is a good opportunity to tell the school what you can offer.

Others simply forget to apply because of the stress of applying and the lack of motivation.

However, from my experience, it is the majority of students who are in this situation.

In a sense, the conclusion is that you have to guarantee the student a positive experience in the admission process.

This can be done by providing information about the length of the application process, about the admission decision and by making a follow-up.

By training students to apply to your institution, you can prompt them to read and complete applications, focus on the application forms and arrange an interview with you.

Create a culture of inclusivity

Having managed to have your students apply for an open program, you must take care of their integration into the institution.

The objective of this process is to make sure that students feel included and accepted at your institution, so that they chose to continue their studies.

I have experienced how important it is to provide small details about the integration process of students and, more specifically, how important it is to include them as early as possible, rather than waiting until after they have signed up for a program.

It is also important to know that you are there and aware of their needs. You should have a transparent culture and policies and procedures that would help them integrate successfully into your institution.

You can choose to create a welcoming culture for new students by making them feel comfortable and familiar with your institution.

Ensure that your graduates are motivated

One of the most important factors in the success of your institution is the motivation of the graduates.

It is essential for them to keep up with the expectations of the school and it is essential for you to be able to give them the tools to solve their personal problems.

The more you can help them, the more they will want to communicate with you.

As previously stated, it is essential to communicate with alumni not only through the institution, but also through social media.

You can create a new blog for this purpose, but instead of asking the graduates to write in English, I recommend creating English-Centric blogs.

It is important to show them that you can provide them with tools to solve their problems, because then they will be motivated to contribute.

Raúl Marín Vasconcelos Ed., Historia De Una Provincia Deportiva.

Make them feel at home

It is essential to make students feel at ease at your institution, so that they want to continue their studies at another level.

You only want to ensure that they feel comfortable, that they know their professors and that they feel valued.

I recommend creating a comfortable ambience for your students, but also making it easy for them to integrate into the community and giving them all the tools they need to succeed.


The scholarship of your university or college is one of the most powerful tools to attract students and get them to come and visit you in person.

However, scholarships can be very different in nature and stages of studies.

I recommend that you start the incentives process with students who have just signed up, but I also recommend starting with transfer students because you are also able to assess their motivation during the application phase of their studies.

Obtaining scholarships for students who attend a higher level is even more effective, because it is another proof of your institution’s quality.


From my experience, it is also important to know how to manage events.

The amount of events that I manage are always restricted, but I always do a good job and such events keep my students engaged and interested in becoming my students.

You can also start with small and casual events, such as dinners at the school, but you can also check out other universities or universities that are doing good events.

The event needs to be fun and relevant to the community. In doing so, you will be able to keep your students engaged and interested.

Vibrant community

It is essential to create a vibrant community at your institution that ensures that students feel included in every aspect of the university.

You can do so by promoting a new arrival policy, and keeping your doors open to the community without discriminating against students who are attending a lower level of study or who have already graduated.

Another thing that you can do is to make the use of Facebook a reality.

Creating a Facebook page for your students is an excellent way to provide them with a healthy entertainment and connection point. In doing so, you will be in a way to connect them to your institution.

Your Campus Grill

One of the problems that many universities have is that they do not care about the facilities in their campus, so students can not hang out together.

I know that some universities do not even have a cafeteria.

If you have a campus grill that is used by students from nearby universities, you have the opportunity to keep your community united and you have an excellent opportunity to engage and integrate students into your institution.

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