7 Tech Trends In Commercial Building Security

7 Tech Trends In Commercial Building Security
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2 years ago

Technology is changing the commercial building industry in a significant way. With the help of technology, it’s possible to make buildings more secure and efficient while also giving building owners and security professionals more control.

The commercial building industry is constantly evolving, so businesses will continue developing and implementing innovations as time passes. Similarly, security companies like the best security company Toronto, Canada, can provide are also moving in line with the evolving technologies and adopting these innovations into their practices.

With that in mind, here are the seven tech trends in commercial building security:

1. Biometric Access Control Systems

Businesses and buildings have now started to use biometric access control systems. They are an identification system that uses biometrics or physical traits to identify and authenticate people. Biometrics can include fingerprints, hand geometry (the size and shape of hands), retina scans, iris scans, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

The types of biometric systems available vary depending on the technology and the level of security a facility or business needs. However, here are several typical applications for these systems:

  • High-security facilities such as government agencies or military installations will use these systems to protect classified information and prevent unauthorized personnel from entering secure areas.
  • Companies can use biometrics for internal security purposes within the office building. For example, factory gates or loading docks are critical access points that need biometrics to ensure that only authorized employees can access certain areas.
  • Schools can use biometrics in classrooms where they must register all students with a unique identifier before entering a room.

Different industries can utilize biometrics systems to ensure security. This system is one tech trend constantly innovating to provide commercial building security.

2. CCTV Surveillance

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is one of the oldest ways to monitor and record activity. This technology uses multiple cameras to capture images from different angles and then feeds those images into a central server.

CCTV is useful for monitoring and recording critical building points such as blind spots and points of entry and events such as store openings or live performances. The cameras can also track individuals by capturing their faces and bodies in multiple still images per second.

Some modern CCTV systems use facial recognition software. This software can compare images taken from different angles against databases containing thousands of known criminals or suspects. This way, authorities and security personnel can identify potential threats when entering the system’s range of view.

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3. Automated Mass Notification System

An automated mass notification system is a technology that establishments can use to send emergency alerts, including text messages and emails. In addition to sending messages through multiple channels, such as voice calls and texts, an automated mass notification system can also provide detailed information about the nature of an emergency.

Here are some benefits of using an automated mass notification system:

  • Quick Notifications: The system allows you to send notifications immediately without needing human intervention from someone within your organization or outside vendors.
  • Automatic Updates: You can update all contact lists in real time using an effective software platform. This feature ensures you can notify all relevant parties.

An automated mass notification system has effectively reduced crimes and improved security. It’s another top tech that’s essential in commercial building security.

4. Bluetooth People Counters And Traffic Analysis

Bluetooth traffic analysis and people counters are technologies that count the number of people entering and exiting a building or moving through specific areas. Establishments and businesses can use Bluetooth people counters to get an accurate headcount of their employees. This way, they can determine peak attendance times, improve security by tracking foot traffic in high-risk areas, and save money on energy bills by identifying empty rooms and lights that no one uses.

5. Mobile-Friendly Access Control Systems

The use of mobile access control systems is growing in popularity. These systems can control access to buildings, areas, and vehicles. Businesses often use this system for fire alarm panels. Still, security personnel can also integrate this system into other aspects of building security. Mobile access control systems allow you to manage your system remotely, so you don’t have to be physically present at the installation location.

6. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence In Video

Many commercial buildings already use artificial intelligence (AI) to help detect suspicious activity. But they can also improve the technology further to spot more than just security threats. AI can also identify people, objects of interest, and suspicious patterns. In addition, it can identify abnormal activity compared to a typical day at the office.

7. Predictive Analysis Software

Businesses also use predictive analysis software to help security system administrators determine the likelihood that a specific event will occur. Commercial building owners and managers can use this technology in many ways, from monitoring doors as they open and close to knowing whether they have an issue.


Building security is essential to keeping a business safe and secure and positive brand perception. These seven technologies mentioned in this blog post can help a company improve the safety of its employees, customers, and property.

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