7 Out-of-the-box Ideas For Marketing Your Business

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2 years ago

Sometimes, all it takes to achieve a breakthrough in marketing for your company is one successful campaign. Traditional marketing techniques are great for achieving incremental results, but taking a more creative approach is a risk that can pay off in a big way. This article will examine some unique solutions and ideas for marketing your business.

1. Launch a contest

Everyone loves winning prizes, so launching a contest with some goodies at stake is a simple way to expose lots of people to your brand. Ideally, this campaign should give people at least a basic idea of what your company does – even get them to share your posts or subscribe to updates.

2. Put out some flashy merchandise

Depending on how it’s done, putting out merchandise can either be a way to burn cash or to hugely increase brand awareness. If you prefer the latter, you can hand out (or sell) merchandise with custom company branding. It might be T-shirts, custom notepads, stickers, or anything else you put your mind to. And each person who carries these items becomes an ambassador of sorts – bringing new knowledge and awareness to the people around them.

3. Create a public art piece

Public spaces are a truly special medium for exposure and views, so putting something with your name/logo/etc. in such an area is guaranteed to attract attention, discussion, and potentially business interest. You can try creating something temporary (like a mural or graffiti) or produce a whole exhibit connected to your business – arranging for it to be hosted in a select spot.

4. Harness the power of memes

Memes and humor are a language understood by all, and they help bridge the gap between businesses and consumers – the latter of which are often wary of corporations hunting after their wallets. So the approach here is to mix your serious posts on social media and company pages with more light-hearted and relatable content, such as memes.

5. Produce interactive content

One common mistake made by companies with a social media page is solely using it to disseminate information – updates, details about new products and services, and so on. However, services like Facebook and Twitter are better designed for interactions. And a business can get much better traction and marketing from their posts by producing interactive posts like polls, debatable questions, and previews that encourage further interactions.

6. Outreach through likes

A rather basic approach, but still effective. Outreach through ‘likes’ is essentially looking for people who might be interested in your company or its products/services, and adding likes to their posts or photos. Users tend to view it as a friendly wave, and often respond by following the company page – or at least checking out what you’re all about.

7. Try some big gestures

This is a more subtle and tricky solution, but one where results can be huge. Performing big gestures means going the extra mile or doing something very special for customers – or those who might become your customers. For example, it might be something like sending a customized gift with an order or providing some financial assistance in a dire situation. This creates a lot of goodwill with people – might even generate some news articles = free publicity.

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