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This is the age of technology, if your business doesn’t have a website you are missing out on a lot of potential customers and clients. Every business, no matter how small or big, has a site that allows them to connect to its viewers, show new products, or even rake in new customers.

While having a website is great, the problems and headaches come with making your design appear unique and attractive to viewers. Of course, you could always hire a web design firm to carry out this task for you, but what if you want to design it yourself? Don’t worry, here are six tips for website design for your business.

Prefer Scrolling rather than Clicking Content

If you were to have a long site that has a lot of different information to go through, would you rather have a single page load that displays all the content or would you prefer to click through multiple different pages to find what you are looking for? Turns out, most would prefer to scroll through a long page of content.

While it may sound counterintuitive, oftentimes scrolling is better and for many reasons. Rather than having to load multiple web pages, you have all the content on one which you just continue to scroll down through to reach the different areas of content. You could even separate them through heading and clickable jumps onto one scrolling web page.

Try to Stay Simple Rather than Crazy

Simplicity works, and that is much the case in a website design standing than anywhere else. With a simple design, you can make it an easy and seamless experience for your visitors, giving them a welcoming and fast site to visit.

Stay simple with your use of pictures, writing style, and titling. You don’t need to use crazy fonts to appear unique, just make sure it’s readable, viewable, and can be seen on all devices rather than just on computers. Remember, most content viewers are using mobile devices now rather than personal computers.

Focus On Speed of Connection

Be completely honest with yourself: Would you be happy if you tried to connect to a site and had to click to other links or pages and the connection was so slow it took minutes rather than a second? No, you wouldn’t. You would get easily frustrated and want to quit that site and find a new one that can offer a better connection even if it offers less information or less of a service.

While everyone wants top-quality content and to be able to gain value from articles and sites, they also want to be able to connect quickly and flawlessly to the site without waiting minutes for a page. Work on the speed of your connection, and ensure it works great for all devices and browsers.

Choose the Right Web Design Firm

While you may not be a professional at making a website, coding the background to ensure all links are clickable, or even making the look of the site fit exactly what you desire it to be; many have a career in this skill. You could always leverage them, and hire them for advice, or to even make your website while you just tell them what you need and how.

Now your question may come to be, what is the best web design firm for me? Depends on what you are shooting for with your business. If you are just making a blogging business that’s about journalism and making articles, you don’t need the most extreme designer. But say you are a construction company wanting to attract more customers with a new-age feel, you are going to want attractive designs to bring more customers in.

Learn to Use or Leverage SEO Content

In the age of technology, everyone has a website and everyone is posting content wanting to be found via the search engines and viewers of the web. There are many ways to get more visitors to your site, some use paid ads that you must pay per click, some get advertisements from friends or vloggers, and some learn the ways of SEO writing.

SEO writing means search engine optimization writing. This means that when you write an article or post, you are including special keywords that will pop for search engines more quickly than fewer searched words. This allows your posts and site to show up higher on the searches than others. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site without paying for ads.

Follow the Common Layout Standards

Another time to keep it simple is with the layout of your website; If you go to a lot of the popular websites like Amazon, Steam, or Upwork even, you will notice they all follow the same layout design. They have their logo on the top left, followed by their name, and often a search feature that allows you to look for what you want.

There is a common theme among the most popular websites that have popped in this age of technology. And while it’s great to be unique and try your own thing, when something becomes common and used amongst all sites it is seen as homely and comfortable, easy to use, and welcoming to new users. Use a common layout, but throw a little spin on it to make it your own!

Making your Perfect Website

Everyone has their idea of what a great website would be, especially one for their own business as they can picture every detail in their mind. While you may have fantastic ideas that could impress everyone, think about what your site’s purpose is and what you need it for.

When making a website design, try to keep it simple rather than extremely detailed and crazy with overflowing extensions, look at common layouts and see how you can apply them to your own, learn of SEO writing and how you can use it to attract more viewers, or even hire a web design firm if you don’t want the headache of design!

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