5 Desk Accessories to Help Improve Productivity in the Office

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3 years ago

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many people were forced to work from home to ensure their safety. Because of this, they had to dedicate a workspace at home as well as make it a conducive working environment. Now that individuals are easing back to normal activities, a lot of companies are welcoming their employees back to the office.

If you are one of these employees, you know it will take another round of adjustments to make sure you stay as productive as you were before. This can include getting the right desk accessories to make your workspace comfortable and organized. Apart from practical items, select those that reflect your style and inspire you.

If you are looking for some ideas, here are some desk accessories to help improve your work productivity.

Insulated Tumbler

Starting with the most important item on the list is a reliable beverage container to keep you hydrated. With an insulated tumbler, you can keep your drinks stay at the ideal temperature whether you are drinking water, coffee, or tea. If you prefer iced drinks, this kind of tumbler will also prevent the ice from melting quickly. Some even come with matching straws to help you conveniently drink. In addition, tumblers are also better than mugs as they commonly feature a secure lid. So if it accidentally gets knocked over, your drinks won’t spill on your desk and ruin important documents or damage your computer.

Aside from the stainless steel insulated tumblers available in the market today, tumblers can come in different styles and shapes. You can even have custom tumblers made for yourself and others. They can be great welcome-back gifts for your office colleagues.

Small Desk Plant

If you’re looking to decorate your desk, do so with some greenery. Add a small desk plant to liven up your space and enjoy some health benefits while you’re at it. Plants can act as natural air filters, improving the air quality of the office. Keeping a small plant can also make your workspace more inviting and beautiful, especially when planted in an attractive pot. More importantly, a plant is an effective stress buster. Caring for a small plant and seeing it grow provides a way to manage stress.

There are different types of plants that can thrive indoors. Even people who are not gifted with a green thumb can find easy-to-maintain plants such as snake plants. They don’t require a lot of light or water and can survive by getting watered every two to three weeks. Before watering the plant, make sure the soil is dry to prevent the root from rotting.  

Desktop Organizer

One effective way of improving your work productivity is by keeping your work desk tidy. A clutter-free space can help you focus better and reduce the time you need to look for office supplies or documents, which can lower your stress.

To keep all your items organized, store them in a desktop organizer with multiple compartments. You can place your files, notes, pens, and other office supplies in this storage solution. Since it is compact, it won’t take up too much space on your desk—keeping objects easily within reach. If you are thinking about the aesthetic value, many organizers come in various styles. While the common ones are made from steel mesh, you can also get a wooden or acrylic organizer.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Sitting down and staring at your laptop for prolonged periods of time can negatively impact your posture, which can hurt your back and neck. To avoid developing any long-term health problems, getting an adjustable laptop stand just might be the solution.

With this stand, you can adjust the height of your laptop to make sure you are always viewing it at eye level—helping you avoid neck strains. Many stands are made from durable materials and feature silicone pads, which securely anchors its base and keeps your laptop stabilized while you work. They also have ventilation holes to keep air flowing through the bottom of your laptop and prevent it from overheating. Also, some designs can reach a height that allows you to comfortably work while standing up. Doing so will allow you to stretch your legs and accomplish your tasks at the same time.

Desk Lamp

Spending long hours working on your computer can strain your eyes, so it’s best to take regular breaks and limit your screen time. Reading with poor lighting can also harm your eyesight and cause some discomfort that can affect your productivity. If the overhead light in your office does not provide ample brightness, you may need to supplement it with a desk lamp.  

When getting a desk lamp, make sure its head and arm can tilt and swivel in multiple directions. This way you can adjust the angle and position of the light to help you see your work better. Also, you might want to consider getting a lamp with additional features like brightness options that allow you to dim the light or switch it to emit a cool or warm light.

It can be challenging to stay productive in the office after getting accustomed to working at home. While it is not an entirely new experience, you need to make some adjustments like getting some desk accessories. When shopping for these items, feel free to choose accessories that reflect your personal style. This way, you create a workspace that helps you stay productive and keeps you inspired. 

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