5 Cool Ways To Collaborate With Online Business Owners

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2 years ago

It’s hard to grow an online business without help. You won’t be able to hire employees when you’re starting, so start collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs. It’s the easiest way to find success as soon as possible.

There are many ways to work with other business owners, but you can’t use the same methods with everyone. Each person is at a different stage in their journey, so let’s look at how you can tackle the problem.

1. Offer To Help Someone Out

You won’t be able to get help from a successful person without offering them something in return. Too many people are bugging them for help every day. Luckily, it’s easy to offer someone help even if you’re just starting.

Let’s say you want to get help from someone who runs live streams on YouTube. You could offer to be a moderator in the chats, which would automatically get you noticed. You’ll eventually build up a relationship with the expert.

2. Irresistible Collaboration

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to collaborate with someone who has millions of subscribers on social media. Why would they waste time working with someone without followers? You must give them an offer they can’t refuse.

If you’re an expert in basement remodelling, you could offer to renovate their basement. Just ask them to create a video for YouTube. Do you have offline skills that could help you offer something irresistible?

3. Presentations With Your Peers

Try to find around five to six business owners at the same stage as you. It’s okay if someone is a year behind or ahead of you, but make sure that’s the limit. Your new friend group can get together over Zoom once per week/month.

Give everyone a chance to talk about their business, which might take around five minutes. Afterward, each member of the group can share their thoughts. Work your way around until everyone has had a turn.

4. Buying A Product From Someone

Some business owners offer consulting calls for hundreds/thousands of dollars per hour, which is a huge amount of money. If you want to speak to them without paying as much, wait until they offer a product for sale.

If they offer upsells, you’ll usually get an hour on Skype with them for much cheaper. It’s also great when someone is publishing a book. They’ll want to get to number one, so will offer deals to anyone who buys a bulk order.

5. Starting Your Own Podcast

Will you be able to create a podcast to rival Joe Rogan? Most podcasts eventually disappear because there is so much competition, but if you create one on the side, it’s a great way to collaborate with experts.

People will always want to gain new followers, so they’ll go on podcasts to get their name out far and wide. While smart people are on your podcast, you’ll have an opportunity to pick their brains about business.

Don’t Do Everything On Your Own

It’s possible to find success if you do everything by yourself, but everyone will tell you it’s easier with help from other business owners.

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