40 Actions for Ransomware Control by SecurityHQ, White Paper

4 years ago

During 2020 there has been a vast increase in the number of ransomware attacks across the globe. These attacks are not only greater in number, but the sophisticated nature of these attacks has also meant that security measures of organisations have had to respond and adapt accordingly, and rapidly, or face the impact and devastation of a data breach. 

Every business, no matter the size, holds something valuable that an attacker can use to their advantage. Which makes every business, from finance to the charity sector, education to healthcare services, a target to a ransomware attack.

The concerning issue is, when it comes to ransomware attacks, no one knows the true number of attacks, as many victims do not report them for fear of losing money, their business or personal or private data. This means that the number of attacks is actually far greater than those provided by Statista who recorded 187.9 million cases worldwide in 2019 alone.

In a recent Ransomware attack on London’s Hackney Borough Council, the BBC reports how ransomware attacks ‘are a growing problem for public services, from councils to hospitals. In such attacks, hackers take control of computer systems and data and demand payments in order to unlock them.’

In response to these attacks, and after observing a recent and sudden increase in ransomware attacks across the globe, and in every vertical, SecurityHQ have released a white paper entitled “SecurityHQ’s Zero Trust x40”. This paper provides a list of 40 simple, inexpensive and common-sense mitigations that seek to break the adversarial tactics required to successfully orchestrate an enterprise wide ransomware attack, including Initial Access, Privilege Escalation, Lateral Movement and Exfiltration. 

This Paper Includes over 40 recommendations to help organisations safeguard against threats, both future and current. Reasonings behind each recommendation, with real-life examples and analysis of recent ransomware threats. An exploration of the cruciality of “asymmetrical warfare” and an evaluation of the future threat landscape.

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