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Are you wanting to learn more about research ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best research podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Research Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

In Research Of

  • Publisher: William Blake Smith
  • Total Episodes: 64

The show where we watch the 1970s TV show “In Search Of…” and look at possible explanations the producers didn’t consider.

The Research Her

  • Publisher: Dr. Elissia Tenea
  • Total Episodes: 67

Scicomm for you sis! The Research Her highlights Black women researchers and research topics relevant to wellbeing. Essentially, it’s your source for sisterly science. We dive into biology, sexuality, behavioral and physical science, and everything in between. Research Scientist, Dr. Elissia Tenea, is a chemist and science communicator who brings the realness to keep us improving our lifestyle. You’re guaranteed to love it here!

Microsoft Research Podcast

  • Publisher: Gretchen Huizinga, podcast host
  • Total Episodes: 229

An ongoing series of conversations bringing you right up to the cutting edge of Microsoft Research.

Education Research Reading Room

  • Publisher: Ollie Lovell: Secondary school teacher and lover of learning. Passionate about all things eduction. @ollie_lovell
  • Total Episodes: 64

The Education Research Reading Room (ERRR Podcast) brings together passionate teachers and educators with inspiring education researchers and thought leaders for engaging and informative discussion on key issues in the education space.

Radical Research Podcast

  • Publisher: Jeff Wagner & Hunter Ginn
  • Total Episodes: 74

Join hosts Jeff Wagner and Hunter Ginn in a bi-weekly conversation about the inner- and outer-reaches of left-field rock and metal music.

Research Perch

  • Publisher: Massage Therapy Foundation
  • Total Episodes: 57

Research Perch is a podcast designed to help you learn how to use massage therapy research in your practice. Each episode digs into a specific article from the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and unpacks it so you know how it applies to you. Grow your massage therapy practice and serve your clients better with the power of research!

Research 2030

  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Total Episodes: 15

Connect to insights and perspectives from those leading change across the globe. When we launched the Research 2030 series early in 2020, our goal was to share voices and perspectives from an ever-changing global research community. Little did we know how quickly change would come with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic or the new challenges research and academic communities would be asked to tackle, from global collaboration to fight a virus to individual battles of living under lockdown. As we push forward into this new era, the need to share and connect with each other grows. Although this podcast is no substitute for a serendipitous meeting in a conference corridor, we hope it offers a chance to connect to insights and perspectives from those leading change across the globe. Join us on Research 2030, as we explore the importance of societal impact and the role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on research, examine the impact of university rankings, delve into the growing potential of university-industry collaboration, and navigate a changing research culture. Sign up to Research 2030 through or your favorite podcast provider and so you will know whenever a new episode is released.

Research Radio

  • Publisher: Economic and Political Weekly
  • Total Episodes: 28

Our new series will focus on Dr B R Ambedkar, and his mission of achieving “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.” For the next two months, every Wednesday, we’ll learn about Dr Ambedkar’s thoughts and actions from scholars across disciplines— from history, to literary studies and economics. We hope to get closer to the multidisciplinary approach through which Dr Ambedkar viewed Indian society. Most episodes will offer deep dives into his views on Marxism, Buddhism, Brahminism, patriarchy, the Indian state, and his engagement with Periyar, Jotirao Phule, and others.

Research Minutes

  • Publisher: CPRE Knowledge Hub
  • Total Episodes: 152

From the CPRE Knowledge Hub and CPREHub.org. Uniting research, policy, and practice through interviews and discussions around pressing education issues. CPRE is headquartered at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

Happy Market Research Podcast

  • Publisher: Jamin Brazil
  • Total Episodes: 274

Perspectives from Top Brands: The podcast goes deep with today’s top minds in market research including GoDaddy, LinkedIn, and Adobe about tech and industry trends.

Spectrum Autism Research

  • Publisher: Spectrum
  • Total Episodes: 279

Your latest update from Spectrum, the leading source of news and expert opinion on autism research.

The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

  • Publisher: Nicole Dyer
  • Total Episodes: 148

Research Like a Pro is a podcast about genealogy research methodology. Diana Elder and Nicole Dyer of FamilyLocket.com discuss how to take your family history research to the next level and uncover more of your family tree. Learn about research objectives, analysis, locality research, research planning, source citations, report writing, case studies, and more. Diana and Nicole are the mother-daughter team at FamilyLocket.com and the creators of the Amazon bestselling book, Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist’s Guide. Diana created the Research Like a Pro method after becoming an Accredited Genealogy professional through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists. Discover the process that a professional genealogist uses and make progress on your own brick walls.

William Branham Historical Research

  • Publisher: John Collins
  • Total Episodes: 198

William Branham (1907-1965) was a Pentecostal minister from Jeffersonville, Indiana credited by some as initiating the Post WWII Healing Revival. The first of ten children of Charles and Ella Branham, Branham claimed to have been born in Cumberland County, KY and reared in the booming Southern Indiana casino town directly across the river from Louisville, KY. He was also a “doomsday Prophet”, predicting several years that he claimed to be the End of Days. When American Prohibition disrupted the thriving liquor industry of the local area, Branham’s family became poor and destitute. Branham’s father, employed as a driver for Otto Wathen of the R. E. Wathen Distilleries, was arrested for violation of the liquor laws, worsening their hardship. At the time, William was in critical condition in the Clark Memorial hospital after being shot. The Ku Klux Klan came to the rescue, paying his hospital bill and making an impact on his life that he would never forget. Shortly after the Klan was exposed for taking control of the Indiana government, Roy E. Davis came to Jeffersonville claiming to be a Christian evangelist and becoming a choir leader for Ralph Rader. Davis was at one time an official spokesperson for William Joseph Simmons’ 1915 revival of the Klan, as well as a high-ranking member. He was also affiliated with other white supremacy groups Simmons created such as the “Knights Of The Flaming Sword.” Shortly after being appointed as an elder of the Rader Gospel Tabernacle, past crimes of swindling, fraud, and multiple violations of underaged sex caught up with him. Davis was terminated from Rader’s church, and started a Pentecostal church taking several members from Rader’s congregation. It was at this Pentecostal church that Davis claims to have converted William Branham into his first Pentecostal Assembly. According to William Branham, Davis was his mentor, the one who baptized him, imparted the “Holy Ghost,” and appointed him as a minister. Shortly after, Davis was extradited by the Governor of the State of Indiana to the casino town of Hot Springs, Arkansas on charges of grand theft and connection to murder. William Branham seized the opportunity, taking control of Davis’ rowdy church and forming the Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle in 1936. A year later, the 1937 Flood demolished the town of Jeffersonville. The once thriving casino town nicknamed “Little Vegas” that once attracted the likes of Al Capone and John Dillenger suddenly was leveled to a desolate wasteland. Later that year, Branham’s first wife Hope died from a disease she contracted in January of 1936, and his daughter died shortly after. In 1944, Roy E. Davis joined forces with former Congressman William D. Upshaw in an operation under the disguise of a children’s orphanage in San Bernardino California. Soon after the orphanage was exposed for swindling thousands of dollars from the Los Angeles area and being the defendant in a highly publicized criminal lawsuit, Davis introduced Upshaw to William Branham. A year later, in 1945, William Branham began his evangelistic “healing” ministry, and Upshaw (who had witnessed been physically running since 1936) entered one of Branham’s meetings as an “invalid” in a wheelchair. When Upshaw was “healed” from his “bedridden” condition, Branham’s fame in the Faith Healing business quickly spread. By 1947, William Branham had embellished many events of his “life story,” removing the details that would raise skepticism and adding “supernatural” aspects. He started claiming to have had several conflicting “commissions” by God, and introduced a tragic but partially fictional story of his life. Over time, his Stage Persona began to include stories of being born under a supernatural sign, having a prophetic gift as a toddler, fatherless at an early age, and more. Even the tragic death of his wife was embelished to become part of the story. It was such an interesting tale that he became the side show for Little David Walker, the 12-year-old boy preacher. Before long, William and his brother Howard Branham, who ran a Jeffersonville nightclub, started touring the country to participate in the “healing revival”. His new Stage Persona, combined with Upshaw’s “healing,” was very powerful in lifting Branham to the top of the revival. He had a very successful series of meetings throughout parts of the United States and Canada, but his success began to fade shortly after when ministers began to notice many people “healed” were dying or worsening in condition. Roy E. Davis, who had not been (directly) involved with the Branham campaign, wrote a letter to the Voice of Healing publication produced by Branham’s campaign managers to cross-promote Branham’s and his own evangelism. But by this time, William Branham had started distancing himself from many churches, claiming to be the return of “Elijah the Prophet.” Telling his listeners that he had buried his prophecies in his Jeffersonville Tabernacle in 1933 (the church he purchased in 1936), Branham used the grip of fear from the Second Red Scare to create a following that would replace his quickly diminishing listeners. During the birth of the Civil Rights movement, Branham began leaning back towards his Ku Klux Klan roots. He began claiming that Martin Luther King was “communistic inspired,” African Americans should “forfeit their rights” and be “satisfied in the state [they are] in,” and that “hybreeding” (interracial marriage) was an impardonable sin. But he continued the “Elijah” claims as well, eventually convincing his listeners that the “Elijah of this day” [himself] was the return of Jesus Christ. After Branham’s Death in 1965, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s query into the Kennedy Assassination exposed the fact that Roy E. Davis was in fact the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan, as well as a a strong leader, promoter, and supporter of several white supremacy groups. Many who were with William Branham during the early years agree that William Branham’s doctrinal teachings were destructive, and for that reason was constrained to “healing” and not “preaching.” Testimonies from Ern Baxter, Alfred Pohl, Gordon Lindsay, and others refer to Branham’s “message” cult with distaste, and many examinations of the fruits of Branham’s ministry have produced confirmation of its destructive nature. William Branham was directly responsible for igniting the ministry of Jim Jones in Indianapolis. From 1956 through 1957, Branham and his campaign team held meetings with Jones at Peoples Temple and the Cadle Tabernacle, and Branham held private consultations with members of Peoples Temple. There are deep concerns when you compare Branham’s “message” to Jim Jones’ “message.” Branham-focused communes in Prescott, Arizona and Colonia Dignidad have exposed the sexual molestation, abuse and rape that have been hidden behind closed doors. Branham’s “message” cult following has been labeled as a destructive or heretical cult by many apologetics and cult watch groups, such as Watchman Fellowship.

Commodity Research Group

  • Publisher: Commodity Research Group
  • Total Episodes: 144

Commodity Research Group (www.commodityresearchgroup.com) is an independent research consultancy specializing in base and precious metals, as well energy products. Commodity Research Group provides research and general price analysis for these markets, along with advice to companies seeking to construct hedging strategies. The CRG commodity research podcast brings decades of analytical expertise in metals and energy right to our listeners.

Poverty Research & Policy

  • Publisher: Institute for Research on Poverty
  • Total Episodes: 63

The Poverty Research & Policy Podcast is produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) and features interviews with researchers about poverty, inequality, and policy in the United States.

Improbable Research

  • Publisher: Marc Abrahams
  • Total Episodes: 80

Research that makes people LAUGH, then THINK — research about anything and everything, from everywhere —research that’s good or bad, important or trivial, valuable or worthless. Presented by Marc Abrahams, founder of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/improbableresearch/support

The Evidence Based Chiropractor- Chiropractic Marketing and Research

  • Publisher: Dr Jeff Langmaid
  • Total Episodes: 280

The Evidence Based Chiropractor is a podcast created for Chiropractors. Weekly research and marketing updates for Chiropractors. Learn ideas and actionable information which will inspire action, improve your communication, and lead to explosive Chiropractic growth.

AEA Research Highlights

  • Publisher: American Economic Association
  • Total Episodes: 30

A podcast featuring interviews with economists whose work appears in journals published by the American Economic Association.

Research Matters Podcast

  • Publisher: Jason Luoma, Ph.D.
  • Total Episodes: 19

In the Research Matters Podcast, I interview leading scientific researchers in psychology and other social sciences in an effort to understand what they do that makes them productive. This podcast is intended to help graduate students, professors, and scientists learn actionable strategies that can help them in their own research endeavors. I strive to help draw out the tips, tricks, habits, and routines of extraordinarily productive researchers. In these interviews, we cover topics like: How to develop a programmatic line of research How to build a team of amazing collaborators Getting things done Writing productively Grant writing strategies Creating an effective research lab Applying design thinking to research How to develop great research ideas When to turn your research into a book Managing grad students Maintain a balance with other aspects of life, such as health, fun, and family How to choose which projects to invest in How to be efficient And much more…

Quantium Research

  • Publisher: Quantium Research
  • Total Episodes: 85

Get ahead of the game with premarket podcasts with Ryan Kia of Quantium Research. He goes through the biggest headlines and updates, explaining what they really mean for the companies all before the opening bell. Check in throughout the day for extra content releases like premarket+ podcasts where Ryan examines the technical outlook of some stocks by going through an accompanying chart pack which can be downloaded from quantiumresearch.co.uk.

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