20 Best Gymnastics Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about gymnastics ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best gymnastics podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Gymnastics Podcasts 2021

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GymCastic: The Gymnastics Podcast

GymCastic Podcast is a weekly gymnastics talk show. The hosts interview people who love gymnastics almost as much as we do, discuss the latest news, events and offensive leotard fashion.

All Things Gymnastics Podcast

  • Publisher: All Things Gymnastics Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 55

Bringing you analysis, interviews, and opinions from around the NCAA and elite gymnastics world. New episodes out every Monday! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/all-things-gymnastics/support

Gymnastics Growth Show

  • Publisher: Nick Ruddock
  • Total Episodes: 50

Welcome to the Gymnastics Growth Show podcast, brought to you by Nick Ruddock, a performance Gymnastics Coach and consultant to international gymnastics teams and professional sports clubs. In this podcast, Nick and his special guests share the strategies and tactics used to optimise athlete and coach performance from grass roots to gold standard. Tackling all things gymnastics and performance sport, from physical preparation and psychology, to nutrition and lifestyle, this podcast is a must for any gymnastics coach serious about improving results and furthering their expertise.

The Gymnastics Life Podcast

  • Publisher: B.R. Tobler
  • Total Episodes: 29

Everything Gymnastics – Coaching, Business, Mentorship


  • Publisher: NPR
  • Total Episodes: 12

How did Larry Nassar, an Olympic gymnastics doctor, get away with abusing hundreds of women and girls for two decades? Believed is an inside look at how a team of women won a conviction in one of the largest serial sexual abuse cases in U.S. history. It’s a story of survivors finding their power in a cultural moment when people are coming to understand how important that is. It’s also an unnerving exploration of how even well-meaning adults can fail to believe.

Tumbling Along With Betsy

  • Publisher: Betsy
  • Total Episodes: 21

Tumble Along With Betsy! Betsy McNally Laouar is a personal fitness trainer, nutritionist, professional body builder, gymnastics coach and best selling author of two books, Binges and Balance Beams and Gymnachef. She works exclusively with gymnasts, coaches, and families within the gymnastics community to teach about balance in nutrition and fitness through her world renown traveling Betsy Bootcamps. For so long, the gymnastics world has been centered on extreme nutrition and fitness practices. Betsy uses her experiences to connect lessons from both her life and other coaches, athletes, parents, experts and specialists to change the culture of the gymnastics community. Through education we can help to develop better understanding of what our athletes need. Betsy is also the mother of a nonverbal autistic child and will cover topics of mental wellness, positive body image and how the gymnastics community can come together. She’s just trying to “figure it all out” and wants you to tumble along with her!

The SHIFT Show

  • Publisher: Dave Tilley
  • Total Episodes: 125

The SHIFT Show is an educational podcast to help people get the tools, ideas, and latest science they need to help change athletes lives. It is hosted by Dr. Dave Tilley a Sports Physical Therapist, Gymnastics Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach, International Lecturer, and the CEO of SHIFT movement Science.

Bleav in Gymnastics: Chalk Talk

  • Publisher: Bleav Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 33

Get the latest stories and insight on the world of Gymnastics with hosts Taylor Davis and McKenna Kelley!

Olympic Channel Podcast

  • Publisher: Olympic Channel
  • Total Episodes: 212

Inspiration and motivation from the Olympics with interviews from the world’s best athletes. Discover the mentalilty it takes to succeed in one of the planet’s toughest tests: the Olympic Games. Whether it’s wrestling, swimming, figure skating, weightlifting, or gymnastics – the Olympic Channel Podcast will have you living your best life in no time. Hosted by Ed Knowles, past guests include four-time Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles, Olympic champion wrestler Jordan Burroughs, world champion sprinter Dina Asher-Smith, and double Olympic champion cyclist Kristina Vogel.

The Gripcast: Gymnastics Unfiltered

  • Publisher: gymnastunitedinc
  • Total Episodes: 42

Don’t peel off the bar! The Gripcast: Gymnastics Unfiltered is where you find unfiltered, intriguing, and informative dialogue on the ins and outs of gymnastics. Swing by and stick it with us on our weekly Wednesday podcast! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gymnastunitedinc/support

GymnasticsVille Podcast

  • Publisher: GymnasticsVille
  • Total Episodes: 213

Midknight Robin, Remi Marvin, Taqiy Abdullah-Simmons, and Kerry Adderly co-host this weekday gymnastics talk show, joined by regular contributors, analysts, and guests. The show includes weekly news, interviews with sports athletes, coaches, entertainers, and personalities, spirited debates, and an assortment of other topics.

The SYN Gymnastics Podcast

  • Publisher: Steven Hightower
  • Total Episodes: 4

Simon and Steven discuss Gymnastics Strength Training

Changing The Game

  • Publisher: Wondery | USA TODAY Sports
  • Total Episodes: 11

Award-winning sports journalist Nancy Armour interviews icons, Olympians, and trailblazers in this eight-part series exploring how women have revolutionized sports as we know it, and the ripple effects they have on society as a whole. USA TODAY Sports is joined by Laurie Hernandez, Muffet McGraw, Nneka Ogwumike, Doris Burke and more. These women are journalists, coaches, and athletes from a variety of sports, including football, gymnastics, soccer, and BMX freestyle. Each have had very different lives and careers, but every single one of them offers fresh and interesting insight into how women have fought to shape the world of sports, and what they think still needs to be done. From the pressbox to the podium, this is how women are Changing the Game.

Men’s Gymnastics Australia Podcast

  • Publisher: Rohan Kennedy
  • Total Episodes: 15

A digest of the what has happened in gymnastics as it relates to men’s gymnastics in Australia.

The Fitness Movement: Training | Programming | Competing

  • Publisher: Ben Wise: Coach, CrossFit Athlete, ZOAR Fitness Owner
  • Total Episodes: 33

The Fitness Movement is a series of informative rants on the Sport of Fitness. No fluff, no BS, just practical ways to help you improve your CrossFit performance.We’ll deep dive on topics such as Mastering Movements (Double Unders, Overhead Squats, Muscle-Ups), Program Design (Assessment, Creating a Training Year and Training Cycles), Improving Strength (Weightlifting and Gymnastics) and Endurance (Bike, Row, Run, SkiErg, etc.) and anything else that can help coaches and athletes get an edge over their competition. I hope that as a result of this podcast, you can better movement quality and ultimately improve your efficiency and capacity in all types of workouts and WODs, regardless if your goal is completing the Open Rx, competing in the Games or packing on some functional muscle mass. Join me every Tuesday and let’s take our fitness and training knowledge to the next level.


  • Publisher: Tyson Edwards
  • Total Episodes: 16

Tyson is a Guinness World Record Holder for the Highest Standing Backflip, Accredited Gymnastics coach and former competitive Olympic lifter. With a training philosophy to work towards skill acquisition this podcast discusses all topics revolving around optimizing the human body’s potential to perform ALL physical activities.

Life in a Leo

  • Publisher: Rebecca Dengrove
  • Total Episodes: 35

This is 20-30 minute Podcast about all things gymnastics! We want to celebrate athletes, coaches, judges, gym owners, parents and anyone that loves gymnastics! Come join us on this journey about what makes gymnastics so great! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lifeinaleo/support

Kensui Fitness Podcast

  • Publisher: Kensui Fitness
  • Total Episodes: 7

The Official Podcast of Kensui Fitness where we discuss strength training, bodyweight fitness and calisthenics. We create equipment for in gymnastics, calisthenics and bodyweight fitness equipment. Reach out to us at www.kensuifitness.com.

Gymnast Mindset

  • Publisher: Gymnast Mindset
  • Total Episodes: 18

– Win in Gymnastics & Life – We are a gymnastics specific, mindset training program designed to help gymnasts succeed in and out of the gym. This is not therapy. This is not motivational speaking. This is mindset training – strength training for your mind. This podcast will introduce you to concepts that we discuss in-depth and personalize throughout the Gymnast Mindset program. You can find more info and resources at our site: GymnastMindset.com

Champion Gymnastics – Full-Ins & Outs

  • Publisher: championgymnastics
  • Total Episodes: 9

Champion Gymnastics – Always A Champion – Resource for families whose athletes train at Champion Gymnastics in Louisville, KY

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