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Are you wanting to learn more about fraud ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best fraud podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Fraud Podcasts 2021

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Fraud Talk

  • Publisher: ACFE
  • Total Episodes: 109

Fraud Talk is the ACFE’s monthly podcast. In these sessions, we break down case studies, talk with the industry’s leading experts and give you more tools to spot, fight and prevent fraud.

Fraud Fighter Podcast

  • Publisher: Robert Nordlander, CPA, CFE
  • Total Episodes: 31

Hosted by a former white-collar criminal investigator, this weekly podcast seeks to find the best tools, practices, opportunities, and people to answer your questions about fraud and forensic accounting. Every week is a conversation with an expert in the fraud or forensic accounting industry who has a story to tell, ideas and wisdom to share, successes to inspire, and failures to confess. Where can you find the right credentials for your career? Where can you find the right training for you and where you want to be? What opportunities exist in the anti-fraud industry? What software or technology is available to help you in your career? If you are asking these questions, this podcast is for you.

Great Women In Fraud

  • Publisher: Kelly Paxton, CFE
  • Total Episodes: 31

Great Women in Fraud is a podcast to help those working in fraud. Hosted by Kelly Paxton, Certified Fraud Examiner, Private Investigator, and Pink Collar Crime Expert. Kelly is a former special agent turned investigator specializing in embezzlement and workplace dishonesty cases. Great Women in Fraud interviews outstanding fraud professionals so you can continue to move forward in your career. Origin stories, tips, resources are just some of the amazing fraud content you will hear each Tuesday. Be sure to check out www.greatwomeninfraud.com for even more information.

5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud

  • Publisher: Kount
  • Total Episodes: 39

Discover the latest news and trends in cybersecurity and fraud prevention in the Kount 5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud podcast. Each week co-hosts Lacey Briggs and Emily Valla will bring you the top five headlines with insights from industry experts on how to protect your business from eCommerce fraud, payments fraud, bots, account takeover and more. Join us every Thursday.

Medical Fraud Fighters

  • Publisher: Angel Evans
  • Total Episodes: 27

You don’t have to pay anything, until you understand everything about your medical bills

White Collar Crime and Fraud Podcast

  • Publisher: Gene Tausk
  • Total Episodes: 7

An exploration of fraud and white collar crime. Your host is Gene P. Tausk of The Tausk Law Firm in Houston, TX. We will discuss various aspects of fraud and white collar crime involving fraud including: legal, historical, the personalities involved, law enforcement responses and the victims of fraud. Inquiries for future podcast subjects always welcome. Introduction and exit music: Dark Hallway (clean) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Ruin a Bad Guy’s Day Radio – Fraud Prevention Podcast

  • Publisher: Ruin a Bad Guy’s Day Radio – Hosted by Skip Myers
  • Total Episodes: 26

Fraud Expert Skip Myers discusses the best fraud prevention solutions and strategies to protect your identity from hackers, reduce chargebacks, enhance your fraud prevention team, and how to prosecute criminals.

The Fraud Cast

  • Publisher: The Fraudcast
  • Total Episodes: 29

Football and vibes

Fraud Eats Strategy

  • Publisher: Scott Moritz
  • Total Episodes: 34

Join us to hear about crime families, penny stock boiler rooms, international money launderers, narco-traffickers, oligarchs, dictators, warlords, and kleptocrats. The Fraud Eats Strategy series is the distillation of Scott Moritz’s experience forged over thirty-plus years, whether it’s an accounting scandal, arrests, search warrants, loss of market cap, or all of those things at once – one thing is sure. Failure to consider fraud and corruption risk can upend your strategy and lead to disaster.  

Fraud Busting with Traci Brown

  • Publisher: Traci Brown
  • Total Episodes: 45

Traci Brown is the Fraud-Busting Body Language Expert. She’s spent the last 20 years reading people and uncovering secrets hidden in plain sight in crimes, politics and billion dollar business deals. This podcast reveals the real and unpolished truth about fraud and threats to your bottom line. Episodes include conversations with notorious criminals, people who’ve uncovered fraud and victims of it. From their jaw-dropping stories you’ll learn what to do to spot fraud and protect yourself from personal and business losses.


  • Publisher: Kate and Chris
  • Total Episodes: 85

We’re a couple who talk about the Duggar family and other famous fundamentalists, despite not being on board with most of their political and religious beliefs. Follow along for recaps of the latest episodes of Counting On, discussions on Duggar news, and more!

Real Life Regulators: Financial Fraud

  • Publisher: NASAA
  • Total Episodes: 4

Podcast by NASAA

The Online Fraudcast with Brett Johnson & Karisse Hendrick

  • Publisher: Brett Johnson and Karisse Hendrick
  • Total Episodes: 67

Brett Johnson and Karisse Hendrick are both anti-cybercrime experts. But, with very different experiences. Karisse has worked with hundreds of the World’s largest e-commerce and mobile companies to help them prevent payment fraud and other threats to their bottom line and customers. Brett, started his journey as an online fraudster, creating the first darknet forum for buying & selling credit cards and was responsible for creating the criminal enterprise that commits identity theft, credit card fraud and many other online scams. But, after landing on the Secret Service’s Most Wanted List and serving his time, he’s been reformed and now dedicated his career to helping consumers and online companies prevent fraud from people he used to be.

The Fraud Technology Podcast: For Modern Fraud Fighters (Sponsored by Bouncer)

  • Publisher: Matt Vega & Will Megson
  • Total Episodes: 7

The Fraud Technology Podcast is the new digital fraud prevention podcast that was created for modern fraud fighters and is brought to you by Bouncer, a world leading fraud prevention technology company (www.GetBouncer.com).The Fraud Tech Podcast brings together world-class counter-fraud industry leaders, experts, technologies, best-in-class industry vendors, industry executives, chief technology officers, and fraud strategists to dive into the world of ecommerce fraud, digital payments (CNP) fraud, cyber-fraud, and the counter-fraud Intelligence fields. | We ask the hard questions to give modern fraud fighters the most up-to-date industry information, trends, cutting-edge tech, reviews, and the global impacts from the industry’s best and brightest. | The Fraud Technology Podcast was created by two counter-fraud technology leaders, Will Megson and Matt Vega. Matt Vega is a triple board-certified digital fraud strategy industry leader, a former joint U.S. Army Electronic Warfare + NSA-Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) specialist, has built some of the best fraud prevention strategies for multibillion dollar tech companies, and is now the Head of Fraud Strategy for a large world-class international payments company. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vegaintel/ | Will Megson is a former big-tech Product Manager, a former Fortune 500 Digital Counter-Fraud Product Manager, has built world-class counter-fraud technology frameworks, helped develop the fraud product management strategies at tech giants like Lyft, and is now the Co-Founder of Bouncer (GetBouncer.com), a best-in-class fraud prevention technology company that provides innovative solutions to screen + authenticate high-risk card not present transactions, while improving conversions, reducing friction, and while creating card present levels of security for card not present merchants + mobile apps: https://www.GetBouncer.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/will-megson/ | Interested in joining our next episode? Email us at: [email protected]

To Catch a Fraudster

  • Publisher: Merchant Fraud Journal
  • Total Episodes: 12

To Catch a Fraudster is a podcast for eCommerce merchants and enterprise security professionals who dream of vengeance on the thieves, hackers, and con artists stealing their revenue and customer data. Merchant Fraud Journal interviews the entrepreneurs, fraud experts, and corporate leaders on the front lines of the war against fraud. Join us to hear their real-world stories about the weird, the bold, and the infuriating of fraudster attacks. Learn from the mistakes of others and implement the tactics, strategies, and technologies you need to secure your store or protect your corporate systems from attack.

Profiles in Digital Leadership: Fraud vs. Friction

  • Publisher: Ekata
  • Total Episodes: 2

This podcast is focused on interviews with global leaders in the battle against identity and transaction fraud. Every episode, we sit down for a challenging and thought-provoking conversation with some of the most dynamic leaders and forward-thinking executives in the digital transaction and security space – join us!

Healthcare Fraud Shield

  • Publisher: Healthcare Fraud Shield
  • Total Episodes: 13

Healthcare Fraud Shield’s fraud, waste, and abuse platform – FWAShield™  – is an integrated solution consisting of AIShield™ (AI driven anomaly detection), PreShield™ (pre-payment), PostShield™ (post-payment), RxShield™ (pharmacy analytics), CaseShield™ (case management), and QueryShield™ (ad-hoc querying tool). In this podcast we will discuss the latest trends and news in the fraud, waste, and abuse industry.

Discussing on Election Fraud

  • Publisher: Ben
  • Total Episodes: 2

This first Podcast episode my Dad and I will be discussing about the fraud of this year’s election and other political subjects that are happening right now.

The Bill Jennings Breakdown – Finance, Fraud and Forensic Investigations

  • Publisher: Bill Jennings
  • Total Episodes: 4

From an art thief writing a best-selling novel in prison to an email getting an employee convicted of conspiracy, Bill Jennings has seen it all during his 40+ years as a Forensic Accountant. Each episode Bill welcomes on a guest to talk about current cases that are similar to ones they’ve worked on in the past and provide insight on how to handle these cases from multiple perspectives.

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